The Haze


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This past week I’ve enjoyed several explorations at The Haze by Silas Merlin and CK Ballyhoo. At the landing there is a signpost indicating the direction to the installation. You can pick up a map and The Haze Torch. It’s recommended to keep the windlight, which I did. These photos are cropped only, except for a few I also softened a little.

“A collaboration between Silas, CK and Cybele, incorporating mesh sculptures, sketches, paintings, textures and storytelling to create a sim wide experience.”

Cybele Moon recorded the story by CK and you can hear her lovely voice whispering as you wander the sim. You can hear the chapters when you are near the small, round story signs. (Have sounds enabled.) Clicking on the signs, you can collect the chapters. You can also read the story on CK’s blog post here.

“There are additional stories in the other round signs, giving a bit more depth to certain Haze characters.”

The sign post at the landing also has teleports to a souvenir shop and to CK’s Gallery which has a personal collection of work by SL artists. The souvenir shop offers work by CK and Silas, including some of the builds seen in the installation.

After wandering around the village, you can ride a Petrified Dragon to fly further up for some wonderful views. Touch the Dragon rezzer, turn off your AO, sit on the invisiprim on the Dragon’s back  and type “start” in local. Avatar flying is allowed too.

There is more color in some places in the sim wide installation.

The Haze is located at Storybrooke which is adult rated.

It’s rewarding to explore all the nooks and crannies of the buildings.

Silas made the suggestion to CK to use his new builds and sketches to form a story.

More from the invitation notecard:  “Darker than anything they’ve either done before, the story turned into a nightmare. A nightmare for Elle, the main character who you may know from the previous stories and installations ‘A Watercolour Wander’ and ‘The Forest Beyond’.

Using Silas’s new digital sketches and the ruins and creatures he has created, a world started to form. Slowly the scenes that would play part in the little girl’s nightmare came to life. Dream Trees were added to show the inspirational sketches. And, in the way that makes a co-production so amazing, the story led to new builds, characters, sketches and paintings to be created by Silas and CK!”

There is a Flickr group for photos taken here.



Exodus ~ A Trip for Life


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Round 13 of Linden Endowment for the Arts is ending December 31 and I’m making time to see some of the installations when I’m able. The current installation at LEA 24 has drawn me back several times. At the landing, there is a notecard available with viewing instructions. I did increase my graphics and draw distance but the recommended windlight is not on the Lab viewer. I chose something in the environmental editor; some of these photos are dark but you can likely locate some pictures that show the sim as the artists intended.

Exodus A Trip for Life, by is by Kicca Igaly and Nessuno Myoo; the first set of photos here is of Myoo’s installation.

Nessuno Myoo:

“At the origin of this new installation, called Exodus, there is a vision, small but powerful,
that which I have always had before my eyes every time I found myself listening or assist to debates
that in my judgment deal with the immigrant’s not easy question, or about immigration in general,
incorrectly mode and sometimes even instrumental mode.
It almost seems that all the evils of our society, unable to find effective solutions
to the problems that which from time to time appear to him, they have found the perfect scapegoat
in the dark threat of the foreign invader. The most grotesque reference and contradictory
that remains the huge amount of money that this real traffic of human beings generates,
and that filling the pockets of criminals who organize these crazy crosses of death, and criminals who
at the table with the “democratic” institutions they plan a lucrative welcome,
deprives of all fundamental rights and personal dignity…”

I like the colors (on my viewer), the shapes, the composition and the sense of substance here. There is an ongoing narrative, one we are all creating because the issue of immigration and refugees affects us all.

Like in many arenas of life, now and throughout our history, there are those who exploit the circumstances, pain and suffering of others.

I personally believe that those countries who find a way to include and value immigrants, which is a complex process, will be better poised to thrive in the future.

The photo above and the rest in this post are of the installation by Kicca Igaly. There is an openness to contemplate and explore one’s own views.

The more fifth dimensional we are becoming, the more I’m appreciating shape, form and narrative, a sort of boots on the ground approach to moving forward.

Kicca Igaly:

“After a life of suffering and persecution, after a long and horrible trip paid at a very high price and with the ever-lurking death that has already taken many of them, they, rich only of their own want to survive, they came to the beaches of an unknown land. They have gathered them in reception centers that, in line with an optimistic prediction, have quickly become too narrow and suffocating to hold them all. And other places of welcome are not enough or will ever be enough for the biblical exodus that takes them to the civilized West. But even the West goes into crisis, seeks alibi, can not fully understand what is happening in the Mediterranean and fights to find impossible escape. The shift politician inaugurates the new reception center and boasts of the little that others actually have given. Meanwhile, refugees and immigrants are moving towards a long road that will lead them to an unknown future, seeking relatives or friends, or simply a job that allows them to survive again.”

Exodus: A Trip for Life by Kicca Igaly and Nessuno Myoo at LEA 24, open through December 31.

Route 2 ~ Emmelia to Manduca


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Continuing my Route 2 journey on Heterocera Atoll near where I left off here, I begin again where the road makes a sharp turn to the left in Emmelia.

Not to much further the Jota Rezzing Area is found on the left of the road.

There are many ferns and shrubs along the road as well as a few barrels and old telegraph poles by Garden Mole. Through Algira there seems to be a lot of ranching and farming going on.

There’s a rest stop on the right in Algira.

A little further on the road begins to hug the coastline more closely. The above photo was taken in Togata.

Bridge in Togata.

The road changes a little further on.

There’s a rez zone in Togata. Pods stop here.

In the photo above, you can see a bench to the right. Perhaps to ponder whether you want to enter the tunnel or not.

The road paving changes again. On the left of the road, more signs warn of deep water.

This is what it looked like above the tunnel.

Entering the tunnel, I found myself in Moma. There were huge spiders. I soon found my self in Tiger when I exited.

There were several lights and a bench along the road.

The wood plank road curves around the land, still in Tiger.

There’s a guardrail made by Bloomin Mole and set up by Garden Mole on the right. Very briefly, I took a few steps in Congrua.

A few steps further on, in Manduca, there’s a rez zone. This shot is looking back the way I just walked.

Until next time.

Virtual Artefacts by Elle Thorkveld


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Virtual Artefacts is the November exhibit at interstellART AiR Gallery. it’s a wonderful collection of generative and glitch process art by Elle Thorkveld; some of the pieces are animated including parts of the 3D sculpture shown in the photo above.

The region light is shown in the photo above and perhaps you’ll find it the best to view the art. I chose sunrise setting on the Lab viewer for the purpose of blog photos.

The exhibit opened on November 5th when I believed it to run through the end of the year. I am disappointed to learn that it is closing sometime during the last week of November.

“Virtual Artefacts is a colorful exploration of creative 2D and 3D digital work produced using generative and glitch processes. Many artworks were created by iteratively using multiple techniques on the same file. Some works were further processed using Dreamscope software which uses AI techniques to create interesting artistic effects.”

“Generative art is a form of art which relies on an autonomous system for some of the artistic decisions. In this case, using computer software to develop the art and to randomly select some of the features of the work. Glitch work focuses on the introduction of error for creative results.”

The pieces are grouped in different sections, some for sale and some not. I am hoping some of these works will be seen again.

“About Elle Thorkveld

Artist focusing on generative and glitch digital art. Enjoys creating SL sculpture, installations, experimental machinima, video and music. SL and RL photographer. RL mixed media artist.”

One of the most striking pieces is the 3D animated “walls” shown in the photo above. I filmed a 2:33 minute vimeo to document the piece which you can see here.

New Toulouse Spectral Activity Survey


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Hunting in New Toulouse is an activity I enjoy and look forward to and The Spectral Activity Survey going on right now through December 5 is something I made time to participate in.

“Following a sharp rise in reports of local hauntings, a fresh survey of ghostly activity is taking place in New Toulouse Parish.

The Spectral Activity Survey will continue through December 5, so be on the lookout for any haints, spooks, wraiths, phantoms, specters, poltergeists, or other apparitions. Citizens who register 20 ghosts with the Beacon Spiritualist Institute will gain access to gifts organized by the Taloo Boosters Society.

‘The ghosts of this parish, among them the oldest inhabitants of the area, have for too long been without a voice,’ said Richard Mains, a recently deceased candidate for New Toulouse mayor. ‘Since many ghosts are housebound, we call upon the living to find us and tell our stories.’

The most recent survey of this type was undertaken in November 1914, when 2,720 spirits were reported in this parish.

To get started finding ghosts, visit the Beacon Spiritualist Institute at 23 Nightingale Street, New Toulouse, and pick up your “Ghost Hunter’s Kit.”

Upon arriving at the Institute to pick up the kit, you’ll get a HUD with 20 spaces to collect ghost sightings and an instruction notecard with the landmark for the first stop.

If you crash a lot, you’ll want to remove the HUD several times and then add again to save what you’ve been collecting. Fortunately, I didn’t crash once and enjoyed the Hunt in one visit.

This is a wonderful way to explore New Toulouse. Many of the haunted sites are near each other so if you’re familiar with the area you can easily walk to the next place.  There are established locations and I discovered some newer places as well.

I usually don’t do well with Hunts for a combination of reasons and don’t feel I have time or patience to bother with them. Most of the prizes these days don’t interest me.

Out of the 20 locations on this Hunt, I found only two to be difficult, but not impossible. There is an option to join a group for help.

It’s best to use the region light setting. It’s not only gorgeous but makes it easier to spot the ghosts. I lightened these photos for this post.

My favorite part of this Hunt was collecting the ghost stories submitted by avatars, one for each location. I found them to be entertaining and well written. One of my favorite prizes is the book from the Beacon Spiritualist Institute that when clicked, offers a link to a web page with the story collection. Being copyable, I have rezzed a few at some of my locations on the grid for avatars to read when they stop and no one’s home.

I also very much like the radio that plays Jelly Roll from Quelques Choses (which I co-own and operate) and some art prints and textures from Weeds Vegetarian Public House. Some of the other rewards are the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this uniquely themed Hunt. It’s a lovely tradition.

Sujeewa Kumari and Sanjeewa Kumara at interstellART


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by Sujeewa Kumari Mixed Media on Paper

Opened at the SanSuJee Gallery at interstellART on Oct 23: “This gallery is dedicated to Sujeewa Kumari and Sanjeewa Kumara, a Sri Lankan artist couple, creating pictures full of fantasy, dreams and colorful beauty … ”

by Sanjeewa Kumara

Notecards with extensive info are available by clicking the notice board near the landing.

The 2D pieces are displayed on the outside walls of the gallery too.

The works can be purchased and look much better inworld than these photos can indicate.

Currently at La Maison d’ Aneli, Virtual Holland


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by Theda Tammas

The current exhibits at La Maison d’ Aneli opened October 26 with the next exhibits opening November 29.  At the landing, upstairs, is the vibrant 3D installation shown above.

Across from Tammas’ work is a multi-level installation by Xirana Oximoxi which requires a fair amount of time to take in properly. It focuses on historical and current situations regarding Catalonia with relevant reminders about human rights, Civil and Political Rights, A Global Inventory of Organized Social Media Manipulation and the importance to THINK before you post.

by Holala Alter

Also near the landing is an hommage to HOLALA Alter ( March 8, 2008 — October 20, 2017) by Duna Gant with a couple of animated works by Alter.

Moving downstairs are the real life paintings of VanGogh Rembranch on the left.

Photographs by Kalijah Chrome on the right.

Also on this level, in a large, white room,  are a 3D and  2D works by Morlita Quan.


Tete de L’Art at Orangerie Valpennac


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When I received a group notice about an exhibit at one of my favorite stores, Never Totally Dead, I went with a friend as soon as possible.

“We are happy to announce that, for the first time, l’Orangerie de Valpennac will host an art exhibition.

“Tete de l’Art” by Djedge Freschi will be visible in this new Gallery in November and December 2017.”

The 15 works of art are called paintings, look like collages, and can be purchased separately or as a collection for 50% off. I found them to be amusingly offensive.

Never Totally Dead has classic old manor homes, historical items, many haunted  pieces, antique furniture and curiosities.  I enjoy the group gifts.

The collection is well suited for their L’ Orangerie de Valpennac and would be wonderful to stumble across on a grand estate.

I chose this piece for some ruins that chickens roam in at Shoshin Acres in Sedge.


L A Gallery, Amaro


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Recently I’ve visited the LA Gallery several times after new exhibits have opened. I’ve been aware of the place since about February of last year but it has only been during the last few weeks that I’ve been able to check it out.

Opening earlier today is Visions by Kimeu Korg at Gallery Level 1 South.

Part of the artist statement:

“There you will see my own Vision about how i understand the world and life of Photography. From me a good picture have to tell a story, a flash of Life, a moment in time and space, can be done in so many ways and Second Life is an excellent platform from create moments.”

Across from Korg’s exhibit is Transitions by Myra Wildmist which opened on October 22.

From Myra’s artist CV:

My art primarily explores the freedom online communities, specifically Second Life, provide, allowing you to set aside your cultural roles and explore other roles. Real life cultural roles are necessary for a functioning society, but they are often extremely confining, almost forcing people into pigeon holes of expected behavior. Second Life gives us all the opportunity to slip out of our pigeon holes and be almost anything we can imagine.

My work is done entirely in-world using SL Windlight, effects, settings, and filters.

Second Life is my medium.”

Above Myra’s exhibit on Level 2, is Photography by John Brianna which has been open the longest. The artist bio contains info on his other exhibits and links to follow his work as do the bios of the other photographers.

Information about Fuyuko (wintergeist) and her Club L A and Gallery can be obtained at the landing.  Walking through the gallery and out the back, you’ll find a peaceful park and then an office/studio space with a catalog of Fuyuko’s work.