Wanderlust Art Park ~ July and August 2019


by Wheedle, Klaus

The current exhibit at Wanderlust Bench Art Park is available to visit until the end of August.

by Veyot, Pearl Grey

The outdoor park setting has on display, virtual photography, digital art, the beginning of a graphic story with a link to a Tumblr blog, and a Dream Tea Machine that dispenses cups of tea.

by Lil Mint

As usual, there was no theme although sometimes suggestions are given for those who like prompts.

by serra Qendra, Elle Thorkveld

Some of the contributors change their art every month, most are on a two month refreshing cycle.

by MBeatrix

The story begun in this graphic page can be found in its entirety on Tumblr. Since then, the creator has completed another enjoyable graphic read set in Innsmouth in SL. The Index can be found here.

by Amy Inawe, Klaus

An essay is notecarded in the piece on the right.

by Pixel Crescendo

Some of the pieces can be purchased, or copies picked up for 0L.

by Myra Wildmist

The piece by Myra, in the left of the photo above, changes appearance from different angles and in different lights.

by Seraphim Placebo

At the adjoining parcel, Wanderlust Cafe, there are 3D pieces in the courtyard from private collections as well as art by Wanderlust Bench members.

by Giselle Seeker

Giselle’s work is located on the ground floor of the gallery.

by serra Qendra

And serra has an installation inside the cafe.

Visitors are welcome any time.







Hallway Lingerers at Undertones


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Hallway Lingerers is a unique installation at Undertones in Catocala. Five artists have set up connecting spaces for several months.  There will be a new group of artists in the future, and you’re welcome to visit the current exhibit, then explore the 10,528 m parcel.

The land description: Undertones by Art Oluja. Hangout, Art Gallery, Audio studies, Prim/mesh tests, live performances, yardsale, Rez Zone and free artwork. All friendlies welcome!

Elle Thorkveld @ Undertones

Elle chose a space looking out into the parcel.

Klaus Bereznyak @ Undertones

Klaus has created a space to linger and write or sketch.

Pearl Grey @ Undertones

I’ve set up a space for dreaming.

Serra Qendra @ Undertones

Some of Serra’s 3D pieces happen to be placed outside, and can be seen from the window of her hall.

Veyot @ Undertones

Veyot has creatively complimented the view of the parcel across the water.

Upon leaving the Hallway Lingerers exhibit, you’ll find a fascinating sim of architecture, landscaping, spaces, and art.




6 Ways to Upcycle a Bottle @ Ecoscape


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6 Ways to Upcycle a Bottle, an installation by Art Oluja, has recently been added to the 3D Eco Art pieces at Ecoscape, InterstellArt.

“6 Ways to Upcycle a Bottle” is an non-literal experiment that I created by “upcycling” textures I had made from previous works, including deliberately misused uv textures and stripped alpha layers from my lenticular works.”

“The idea of this piece is to consider that as humans we have a part to play towards our planet, as overwhelming as it may seem that we have a role in what has become of it, and what might become of it (the good and the bad). But there are little things that we can do, collectively, consciously. Sometimes its the little things that make the biggest difference. So maybe upcycle a bottle or two, but more importantly, coexist with nature thoughtfully, approach life creatively, treat the world and its inhabitants kindly.. Perhaps upcycling our inner natures may be the most important part we play towards caring for mother nature?”

“Click the Bottles and walk around the green “waves” to hear the audio. I created all the music / sound effects using Endlesss (an iOS beta platform), by blowing into water filled bottles and mixing the recording with some rhythms and textures I made to layer on top. Happy to share more information about that creative process and how to join the beta program, contact me if you’d like to talk.” ~ Art Oluja

The clickable sea flower near the installation holds a bio of the artist and a boxed, mini version of the piece. The rezzed art is unlinked so as to keep the scripts working.

6 Ways to Upcycle a Bottle is a wonderful addition to the Ecoscape project.

The Man Who Lived in the Future


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“After 500 years…..following in Leonardo da Vinci’s steps.” The current exhibit at The Edge Gallery, owned and curated by Ladmilla, marks the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci.

~ by Ladmilla

Gone are the castle and cathedral used for at least two previous exhibitions. The look is Tuscan, with some appropriate-to-the theme 3D pieces in the grassy center of the group of buildings.

~ by Patrick Ireland (patrickofireland)

The research, care and passion behind the renderings of 2D art is apparent.

~ by Kapaan

A party will be held on Saturday, July 27 from 12:00 — 2:00 pm SLT with Dj Avalon Boa.

~ by Lily of the Valley (sadi8)

On Saturday, August 3, another party at 12:00 — 2:00 p.m. will be held with Dj le Ouf.

~ by Juro ( Juriso )

The exhibition is open until August 20. Purple Haze is an adult rated sim.

~ by Rachel Magic ( larisalyn )

The focus of Rachel Magic’s exhibition is on the model Cecilia Gallerani who posed for da Vinci.

~ by Jaz ( Jessamine2108 )

The pieces by Jaz are a fascinating experiment. Wanting to make a tribute to Leonardo from another culture, far from the European Renaissance, she studied his style and interpreted the Indian life with his colors, framing and composition.

The 2D art, and the presentation is beautiful. The sim also holds pieces of Ladmilla’s work, some with words by Eli Medier.

The Edge Art Gallery



Au Contraire My Darlings


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Au Contraire My Darlings is the current exhibit at Montara Bridge Works Gallery in Sansara. The art includes mixed media watercolor, pencil drawings, digital art, and digital photography.

“The woman or man you’re becoming will cost you people, relationships, spaces, and material things. Choose her or him over everything.” ~ Unknown

The exhibit by Pearl Grey — that’s me! — runs through the end of August.

Near the gallery landing is a teleport down to the beach below where the public is welcome. There are places to read, life preservers for splashing around in the water, a meditation pillow, and pods go by in both directions, both on the water and on the Hooper Bridge above.

The parcel is a 512 sq m piece of Mainalnd.

Ecoscape ~ An Environmental Art Project


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Armageddon in the Biosphere by Melodie Heart and Eriko Lecker

Ecoscape is an environmental art project at InterstellART. Opened in March 2019, it displays 3D installations by various artist contributors in a desert setting.

The Tree Hugger Trail by Asmita Duranjaya

New installations replace some previous ones at intervals. The Tree Hugger Trail is de-rezzed at the current time, A notecard with info and pictures can be obtained. All installations will be included in a book that can be purchased for 0L and worn as a HUD.

The book can be obtained at the info area. The large pages exhibited, display an introduction, The Early History of Environmental Art, The Emergence of Land Art Installations, Considering the Environmental Impact, Environmental Art as Eco Art, and Contemporary Environmental Artists.

The Disappearance by Lalie Sorbet

There are teleports at the installations, and a glider with instructions can be obtained at the info area. And of course, an avatar can stroll in the sand.

Overpopulaton by June Clavenham

The installation by June Clavenham also has a colorful area expressing a pristine earth.

The Day on the Beach by Kala Kaiuwa Kuveni

The photo above shows one of the scenes that can be rezzed via clicking on a multi-scene changer.

No Ark in Sight by Elle Thorkveld

There are spaces for new installations that are being created now, and return visits are suggested.

Energy is Precious by Claude Belgar

Energy is Precious is an animated piece that is one of the newer installations.

Toxic Threads Inc by Pearl Grey and Klaus Bereznyak

I welcomed the opportunity to collaborate on this project with Klaus. The subject of clothing fibers found in fish, plus other damage from the fast fashion industry had been a topic of discussion between us for some time. Clicking on the posters will give notecards with links to videos with more information about the impact of fast fashion.

How Now Brown Cow by Betty Tureaud

A colorful, methane producing cow.

You Decide by Duna Gant

“This work is a small personal homage to Lucio Munoz (1929 – 1998) Spanish informalist artist who used natural materials such as wood and paper in his works.”

A previous installation titled How to Survive the Time After by Silas Merlin and Asmita Duranjaya can be seen in the book.

InterstellART is owned by Asmita Duranjaya.







Open Book Gallery


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The Cisthene Open Book Gallery sits on a 512 parcel off Route 5. There are six Open Book Galleries, three in Sansara, and three in The Atoll. The unique buildings resemble open books, and most are elevated onto viewing platforms. The current building is by K & H Store.On the top level of the viewing platform in Cisthene are a couple of chairs, a fire pit, and a heron to share the view.

{Note — there is currently a problem with the SL Map recognizing the SLurls, except for the Spangle location which is the last one listed in this post. This happens occasionally and usually sorts itself out. The landmarks are in a folder which can be obtained inworld.}

Many of the galleries are close to roads, train tracks, or waterways with Pods passing by. A bicycle can be rezzed in Cisthene. The project is by Pearl [pearlhyacinth] and her partner Thistle Sifter. The parcels are between 224 — 512 sq m at excellent locations.

There’s a map like the one above at each location that can be bought for 0L. It can be rezzed, then clicked on to receive a folder of the six landmarks. I intend to place one on the posters wall at Wanderlust Cafe and at some of the parcels I maintain.

The current art exhibit in Cisthene is by Melody Owen (RL), titled Actresses and Insects. The pieces are hand cut collages in prim frames. The collages are well curated into a set at each location. Five of the locations offer one free collage, well worth the visit, while the other pieces are very reasonably priced.

Actresses and Insects by Melody Owen.

Most of the locations have indoor seating with drinks, as well as outdoor seating on the viewing platforms.

The Grindlewald Open Book Gallery is also on a 512 sq m parcel.

I really like the collages.

The Minna Open Book Gallery is also on a 512 parcel, close to The Ivory Tower of Primitives.

The Mokualii Open Book is on a 416 sq m parcel near water.

Another heron shares the view in Sweetbay.  The 496 sq m gallery near train tracks looks to be another great location from which to set out exploring the mainland.

Last, but not least, I was unable to get inside the Spangle Tiny Open Book. It’s located on a 224 sq m parcel in another great area.

I enjoy this project, and am pleased it’s been created for us on the mainland.



Gallery Hopping ~ Four Current Exhibits


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Piles of Stuff by Rachel Breaker

It’s summer in the northern hemisphere, and I’ve been feeling the laze. Artists keep creating virtual pieces for us to look at, and I’ve been making time to gallery hop so as not to miss too much. These four exhibits deserve their own post, of course, and perhaps some of the many fine art bloggers have done that for us.

The first photo shows part of an installation by Rachel Breaker called Piles of Stuff. It’s located at the G.B.T.H. project, and is the first installation opening there since they moved to a full sim. Opening on June 30th, it’s located at exhibition pavillion # 3.  The entrance is in the back of the room at the  teleport landing. The poster states: Piles of Stuff: Depression, Hoarding, Nostalgia, Escapism.  (I took in the whimsical, creative aspects of the installation.) There are fascinating notes on the wall about the techniques and influences. A side room off the landing area houses a gift shop, and I was delighted to be able to take a piece of art home.

by Paula Cloudpainter

See Stars in the Clouds is an exhibit of new paintings by Paula Cloudpainter at Visions of Beauty Art Complex. I especially liked the pieces pictured above. A gallery party was held on June 26.

“Paula looks deeply into the world around her & sees order in the universe as she looks upwardly. Observation and connection to her source supplies a flow of images & concepts brought to life with watercolor, graphite and digital paint. She extracts vision from her surroundings as she looks into the natural pallet of the sky.”

landscapes by Myf McMahon

A series of landscapes by Myf McMahon is on exhibit at Club L.A. and Gallery. I like the choices of subject.

Refuge by Vihma Kass

On June 28th, a new installation was launched at Flossify Gallery.  The three story gallery has been transformed by Vihma Kass into a “Refuge” for nature.

“We are making this transformation in acknowledgement of the UN’s 2019 report on the ongoing 6th Extinction, one of the largest extinction events in the last half billion years… created by humans.

We are spreading the word and showing you how you can take action.” ~ Joss Floss & Rachelle Tremmor

The nature sounds are lovely; you can ride the elevator to the different floors, or fly.

These have already been open awhile; best not to wait too long.


North Brother Island


“The last unknown place in New York City.” This is the subtitle of the book about North Brother Island by Christopher Payne, and also in the land description of the brilliant, virtual North Brother Island which just opened yesterday, June 29.

The sim is the latest in a series by Serene Footman and Jade Koltai based on real life locations. I have enjoyed all the virtual places they’ve created, and don’t want to take them for granted because there really is nothing else quite like these sims that I know of.

In one of the ruined buildings there’s a projector showing slides on the wall of the historical island. For more information on this project and the history of North Brother Island, please refer to the Furillen blog.

When I arrived on the island, the first thing I noticed was the lush nature sounds, especially those of birdsong. The foliage is dense with old growth trees and underbrush, all very well placed. There’s a surprising number of buildings than it seems at first, and I’m not sure that I found every one. Following the broken paving seems like the best way to navigate.

The sky is gorgeous. I’ve lightened the exposure on these photos, and cropped them; otherwise they are just as what I saw on my viewer.  I enjoyed immersing myself in the sim, and snapped lots of photos.

Many of the builds appear to be custom made for this creative project. I was pleased to see a version of Hackberry Hall by Never Totally Dead.

I can’t imagine the scope of research and planning that goes into creating these sims, but in addition to that, the creators surely must be master shoppers. 

Some of the best photographers in Second Life photograph sims such as these, and it’s interesting to see the variety of images that avatars make. Some of them will be collected in the newly created North Brother Island Flickr group.

North Brother Island won’t be around forever. Some of the Furillen sims are around longer than others, and they’ve all deserved multiple visits.

The sim is atmospheric, and the authentic feel of it is maintained even with the hangout places that avatars expect and enjoy. There are some groupings of comfortable chairs, and someone left lit candles.

Sessy’s Grassland of Contemplation ~ Fox Paradise



My first visit to Sessy’s Grassland of Contemplation was prompted by seeing photos such as the one above, which was taken near the landing. It’s a beautiful setting, with tai chi and meditation activities near the tree.

I was content to spend quite some time exploring, and a few days later returned with a friend to collect some photos. The lighting in the water was gorgeous too, and I found a nearby cave that I was too tall to walk into.

I don’t recall enjoying the look of red mushrooms anywhere else as much as I did here.

From the land description: “Fox Sanctuary: Welcome to fox sanctuary, part of the fox sims! everyone is welcome here, furs, humans, whatever you like to be in sl, it’s the home of Daesa’s fine art studio, none better anywhere.”

I never did find the fine art studio, but I saw what looked to be a glass walled media room perched on the side of a mountain. Crossing over this bridge, I wandered uphill on a path that led to a sunlit area.

There were ruins, floating trees, and crystals over a pool of water. When I cammed down, I could see a club underneath the area, but couldn’t find a way to enter from this location.

The five different sims have different names, with different land descriptions.  “Fox Grove a place of ruins, a place of mountains and caves, for some a place to relax, for others a place of exploration, for a few a place of spiritual commune, but in any case a lovely place to be and come to; all are welcome!”

I found the cave entrance to the club, “In Heat”. There are signs outside so it isn’t really hidden. “A club for everyone! Furs, humans and anything in between! Unity is the name of the game here, good music, good friends and good fun, all night!”

There’s a music/party room behind the area with the game tables.

Higher up, there are autumn trees, and views from the mountains. I fell through some of the areas, but my friend teleported me out. It isn’t a problem really, and these sims are way less laggy for me than I find many to be.

The sims are created by Victor Kenzo and Sessy Karu. There were a few other avatars around during the times I visited, but I had plenty of space and peace.

Fortunately, flying is allowed. There was someone inside the mountain cabin both times I visited, so I haven’t been inside yet.

“Bridge of Sighs, Fox Landing ahh fox landing, a place of heights and valleys, a place to take in the mountain air and relax with a loved one or climb the ancient hills.”

“Fox Hollow Welcome to fox hollow the volcanic tropical zone of the fox sims; there are a few caves and other things to explore here as well as the other five sims.”

Sessy’s Grassland of Contemplation and the adjoining Fox Paradise sims were a pleasure to explore and photograph.