Burn2 2016 Final Weekend




I hope you’ve had an opportunity to visit Da Vinci’s Workshop at Burn2. This year is especially inspiring.  Above is shown the Center Camp.burn2_001

During the week the camping area has been filling up. There was camping equipment provided and many brought their own gear.burn2_005

The photo above is of me ascending to the upper level of the build by Caro Fayray where I picked up the gift of a parachute. The sim can be quite laggy at times but it’s well worth the effort to see.  

The Artist Camp Information page with direct SLurls to the builds can help you return to an area you may wish to see again. burn2_007

My photos can’t do justice to all the colorful, moving objects and the ambiance of Burn2. Above is a view of Da Vinci’s Toy Chest.burn2_010

The Roguery Campburn2_012

Here I’m thinking like Da Vinci in Da Vinci’s Backyard by Veyot and Kim Von Barbarossa.

Blynn’s Home ~ Halloween


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Just off Robin Loop on the Atoll is Blynn’s Home in Minoa. The G rated destination shows the humorous side of Halloween and there wasn’t a bloody corpse in sight when I visited.


The land description seems to stay the same year round; the home changes seasonally.

“Welcome to my house- open to everyone – swim, piano, readable books in library, battle picotto, billiards game (2nd floor front porch); click phone by front door for pizza delivery; microwave for popcorn; PG fun only please”


The music stream is haunting and there several places to sit and chat. There are books to click on delivering stories to local chat and animations and activities.minoa-3

Out in the yard is a small army of animated creatures. And inside are many collections of interesting objects.


Blynn Heron also has a couple of gacha resale places across the road, looking in the direction from off this porch. One is right on the road, the other is in a beautiful blue building set back a bit. Be careful going from one to another; there’s a building between them with a security orb set for 3 seconds.minoa-7

Almost every area of the house has something amusing or interesting, even on the roof.


Da Vinci’s Workshop ~ Burn2


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burn-2_1Opening on Saturday, October 15 at 10:00 a.m. SLT with the Lamplighter Opening Procession, Da Vinci’s Workshop, the theme for Burn2 2016, runs through October 23. The theme sounded challenging and the builders and all involved have made a wonderful, creative place.burn-2_2

Above is shown The Inner Child Camp. There’s a wishing well; you can touch it to wear a wish or you can add a wish.

The architectural elements of the builds look quite at home in the desert. Mixed in with them are rest and hangout areas where you can get coffee, water and whatever you might need for your avatar’s comfort.burn-2_3

The textures change on Da Vinci’s Curiosity by Slatan Dryke.

The Burn2 Event Calendar can be found here.burn-2_4

Da Vinci’s Parachute by Cica Ghost.

About my photography: I use the Lab viewer, don’t derender and usually keep my draw distance really low.burn-2_5

Vitruvian Man by Fran Gustav.

Da Vinci’s Workshop is listed in the destination guide: “……set for October 15-23, echoes the spirit of the High Renaissance with contraptions of wood, canvas and rope gyrating, undulating and vibrating to music around the dusty playa. The festival will be brought to a close after the Burns of Virtruvian Man and Temple.”burn-2_6

Inside the Temple


The balloons for the tour are awesome.


Da Marbles of Da Vinci by Planoman.


Wanderlust Bench Art Park ~ September and October


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This round at Wanderlust Bench Art Park and Cafe is going by quickly.  There’s still a couple of weeks to see this collection by various creatives. Above, left to right, are pieces by Art Oluja, ChrysTeRox and Klaus Bereznyak.  oct-1

The park and cafe are also pleasant places to hang out and watch a sunrise or sunset.

The picture on the left is by Klaus Bereznyak; click on for a notecard with some thoughtful writing. The lighthouse photo is by Kimika Ying.


The photo above from right to left shows work by Elle Thorkveld, Saul Goodie and Quinn. You can see there’s a space for your art.   oct-3

Continuing past Quinn’s picture, from right to left is art by baker Bloch, Wheedle and Muse Beck.


The park also has destination photos with LM’s and info plus pieces by RMarie Beedit, Isadora Alaya and me. oct-5

On the park side, there are posters for a gallery, exhibition, a reading room and a cocktail and conversation group. There’s also a travel poster for the park made by Wheedle.


Saul Goodie has some work on the wall. More of the kind can be found at his Steampunk Cafe in Wyrd.


It was an honor and fun to be spotlighted in the Kultivate Magazine October issue, beginning on page 88. Thanks to John Brianna for making that happen.


The open area near the cafe displays sculpture by Elle Thorkveld and The Twig Oracle by Klaus Bereznyak which I blogged about here.


Terra D’ombrA


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Terra D’ombrA is another virtual destination I visit when I want to feel restored with a sense of stability.  It’s actually a store location but it’s a beautiful place to wander around and spend time.


From the land description: “Exquisitely detailed, accurately textured, perfectly accessorised, Terra D’ombrA produces the elegance of Italian design.” The large central building has clothing, mostly formal, for both men and women.


There’s also a section for decorative items. I found the sim when searching for a vine I first saw at Ville de Coeur.


The designer, Maizon Rayon, also has a markeplace store.

I really like the architecture; the buildings are too large for my land but I like to imagine how I’d set some of them up.


The above photo shows some of the wall paintings inside the lighthouse which is a large building in one corner of the sim.


There’s no flying so there’s shots I would have liked to take but couldn’t. These are intended to show some of the beauty of the place.


Many of the buildings, the trees and vines can be purchased.

This sim was a pleasant balance to all else going on in RL and SL during the last few weeks.


Besides being a lovely place to hang out, it looks to be a great place for photographers.

The I Don’t Know Who I Am Gallery, Metis


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the-i-dont-know-who-i-am-gallery_007Earl Dinkin, prolific artist and writer of quatrains, has an eleventh gallery in Metis, The I Don’t Know Who I Am Gallery. It appears to be the most recent, about three months old.  Anyone who travels the mainland widely and often, has likely seen one of the galleries, all unique but with his recognizable work. the-i-dont-know-who-i-am-gallery_001The galleries are usually spacious, running out of land impact availability before room to display art. I’ve never seen Earl Dinkin on my map yet he apparently maintains his spaces well. I wouldn’t even dream of trying to interview him; his Second Life RL bio and his website both state that he doesn’t like to talk. the-i-dont-know-who-i-am-gallery_003The land description states that he’ll have about 90 paintings at this location eventually, adding them as he makes them.  This Canadian poet/artist’s work can easily be found online by searching the name Epic Dewfall.the-i-dont-know-who-i-am-gallery_004A few of the pieces in this gallery are framed and large; much of the art here and in his other galleries are displayed in smaller form as shown two photos above.

I’ve looked at many of them and collected a couple, one for the image and one for the words.the-i-dont-know-who-i-am-gallery_005Most of the work comes from lucid dreaming. I’ve gathered that the dreams have ceased for quite a while, yet he continues to work.the-i-dont-know-who-i-am-gallery_006There are what appears to be catalog pages of stamp sized pieces here and in some of the other galleries. At first they look to be numbered by years; the numbers go to 2034. the-i-dont-know-who-i-am-gallery_001Art is displayed on trees at this location but they can more easily be seen elsewhere.the-i-dont-know-who-i-am-gallery_008Many of the galleries, including this one, are near water. I intend to post about more of them in the weeks and months ahead. The white pillars seen above have changing quatrains floating above them.

In the upper right of the above photo is the POST/Skyline Drive – Retro Cantilever House by Van Auster, one of the few times I’ve seen it in use in the places accessible to me. Here, it’s part of the gallery and open to the public.the-i-dont-know-who-i-am-gallery_010It’s been made into a flat for the ghost of Emily Dickinson to live in.the-i-dont-know-who-i-am-gallery_011The LM for the gallery, as shared in Mr Dinkin’s profile feed, will have you arriving here in the flat. It’s a pleasant place to sit and do some work, such as blogging.  the-i-dont-know-who-i-am-gallery_009

Venta Silurum



vs-2I’d intended to have a quick look around Venta Silurum and instead found myself lingering, looking at the variety of areas.

“Venta Silurum was a town in the Roman province of Britannia or Britain. Today it consists of remains in the village of Caerwent in South east Wales.”vs-1There were several info boards at the landing, a couple appeared to be links to a store or event; the third was in regard to a photo contest with linden prizes, ending the 30th of September. Signposts offer the group joiner and the guidelines to the sim.

I was encouraged to move along by the boisterous sounds of farm animals.vs-3Given a choice of directions to explore, I went to the beach first and then climbed up to the ruins. I kept the region light setting but lightened the exposure on these photos. There are no teleport helpers to the various areas because the sim creators want avatars to wander on foot. Fortunately flying is allowed which I often find necessary for photography. vs-5After enjoying the ruins, I walked through the cave shown in the first photo here. There are indeed a variety of areas to explore and with the high traffic the sim is experiencing it didn’t feel crowded at all. The guidelines state there are estate managers to assist with any problems and they were in attendance the several times I’ve visited.

Past the traveler caravans I arrived at another area of ruins which looked lovely in this setting. vs-6This is the sort of landscape my physical alt enjoys being in, in her world.

The flying helped again when I got stuck under some rocks attempting to navigate the steps above the statue in the waterfall.vs-7 I found a camping area amidst the remains of an old, downed plane.   

“Venta Silurum, is an open sim created for adventure and photography. We hope you enjoy your time here.”

There is a Flickr group and there may be events held from time to time to help fund any slight alterations to the landscape or adventures the sim creators would like to make.

Unwriting 1: The Twig Oracle


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the-twig-oracle_001The Twig Oracle, by Klaus Bereznyak, is currently on exhibition at Wanderlust Cafe in Quentin.  From the notecard obtained by clicking on the white info piece:

The series currently holds 8 naturally-occurring glyphs, taken from the forest floor and scanned on a flatbed scanner to create the image.

1. Divided Way
2. The Bow
3. The Sickle
4. The Third Way
5. Tau
6. Fe
7. Waw
8. Dancing Figure

Clicking on each photo delivers a notecarded oracle. My personal favorite is The Sickle. One approach could be to first select the image most compelling and then to read the others for their added wisdom.

The images are available for a modest price that makes collecting the set very affordable.the-twig-oracle_002“Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth. They do not teach learning and precepts, they teach, undeterred by precepts, the ancient laws of life.” ~ Herman Hesse


Art in Virtual Worlds Exhibit ~ Metaphor Reflections


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cvl_001 The Community Virtual Library in Second Life presents an exhibit of art work in virtual worlds during the fall of 2016.

The Grand Opening of the exhibit is Monday, September 12th from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. SLT, when some of the artists will share about virtual world art in either text or voice. It will be held at the CVL Exhibit Space, Bradley University.

The photo above shows art by Eleseren Brianna.cvl_002

Some photographs by Alex Avion are show above with an animated piece by Elle Thorkveld to the right.

On Saturday, October 8th at 9:00 a.m. SLT a second presentation by some of the participants will be given.  The exhibit runs from September 12th through November 15th.cvl_003There are two levels of the exhibit space with navigation between the levels via rope climbing.

Wearable Art Celebration Party
Wednesday October 12th 6pm SLT
“Wear something artistic and join us for a celebration of virtual world art. Network with other artists, educators, librarians, and friends to connect and share art with virtual world communities.”cvl_004

Art by Indea Vaher shown above.

Participants include: Eleseren Brianna, Alex Avion, Derry McMahon, Lucia Tophat, Sheba Blitz, Camellia (captainofmysoul), Aradia Aridian, Capcat Ragu, Bryn Oh, Uleria Caramel, JolieElle, Johannes1977, Sparky Mandelbrot, ZeniaBastet, Ceakay Ballyhoo, Hana Hoo, Marly Milena, Pearl Grey, Indea Vaher, Asmita Duran Jaya, Professor Bimbogami and Dancoyote Antonellie.

There are links to galleries, websites, LEA installations, Flickr accounts and other trails to follow.

Valibrarian Gregg is the President of Community Virtual Library.



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arranmore_027Recently I made a second, more thorough visit to Arranmore. At the entrance landing I was offered a rules and info notecard and an Arranmore flashlight. There were the usual avatars standing in place and some running around but it wasn’t as crowded as my first visit. arranmore_003After first noticing it’s a kind of sim I like to explore and photograph, I noted that I experienced less lag than I usually do on mesh-heavy designer sims. Some things in the house did become blurry and distorted but came back into focus when I moved around.arranmore_005The info notecard gives some tips for settings on the Lab viewer and Firestorm and also for use of the flashlight. The flashlight is one of the best this avatar has received in a while.

There is a group that can be joined for a reasonable fee to temporarily rez objects and also a Flickr group to share photos of the sim. It’s recommended to turn the sound up, which I did, and that adds greatly to the experience, especially the sounds of someone running rapidly up behind me.arranmore_007Newbies are finding their way here and look quite effective in the new fantasy starter avatars. I got a little startle when some of them moved or started running after seeing some of the rezzed characters such as the man by the carriage in one of the above photos.arranmore_009There’s a great backstory included on the info card. This is a place which sparks the imagination to create one’s own story. There are sheep and several fires on the island showing evidence of life.

From the land description: “Photogenic coastal island, Lovecraft, creepy, vintage horror, haunted house, halloween, Silent Hill, Fallout ,urban decay, abandoned, carnival, kids, neko, romantic public hangout, popular, photography, photos, roleplay”. 

I’m going to guess that machinima is allowed, although according to the ToS it isn’t automatically allowed everywhere as is photography.arranmore_014There are several buildings outlying the mansion to explore. I climbed the stairs of the lighthouse to enjoy the view and it’s a great photo set for the selfie takers.arranmore_018The sim creator is Lauren Bentham, who also created Baja Norte, Everwinter and Netherwood.arranmore_026Some of my favorite touches were the flashes of lightening and the sounds of an impending storm outdoors and the old phone ringing in the mansion.arranmore_028