Another Town, Pahto


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At the beginning of August, I’d posted about Another Coffee Shop in Pahto, in a small town in the sky, which also had “rooms” decorated by Beatrix, NodesOfYesod, ChrysTeRox, Dawnie Macarthur and Laserskater. Those rooms remain.

Another Town has grown, with more rooms added, plus an exhibit in the  coffee shop.

room by Klaus

I am delighted to see the participation. From the land description:  “17 rooms with views and a coffee shop, friends, art, grunge, storytelling”

The residency gives us space to show our art, create a space to hang out and work, make spaces for visitors to take photos, to write or blog. Road trips have been, and will be, offered.

room by Bijoux LeFevre

Sometimes you can find the residents on location. I like to stop by at least every other day.

room by Neeva Torok

Another Town will be available through the end of October; we can change our rooms as we wish.

room by Pearl Grey

I like to do some of my blogging from here. In the photo above, Veyot and Klaus have stopped by for a chat.

room by Elle Thorkveld

It’s pleasant to spend time pixel-face to pixel-face instead of simply fielding multiple IMs and multi-tasking.

Another Town is in the sky in Pahto, rated Moderate, and the parcel is 4352 sq m.

greenhouse space by Senka Beck

This is the list of participants:

Aemeth Lysette (Cake)
Bijoux Lefevre
Chrysterox (Roxy)
Dawnie MacArthur
Klaus Beryznyak

Neeva Torok
NodesOfYesod Soothsayer
RMarie Beedit
Rottingface (Arrrden)
Senka Beck
Serra Qendra

room by serra Qendra

The exhibit in the coffee shop is called Something Blue and will be up through September.

You’re invited to visit and spend time here.











Goodbye to a Long Time Mainland Landmark


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I’d been vaguely aware of it for years, while I was learning about the SL Mainland. One of the pod routes on Sansara travels through Coniston, changing into a boat in Port Langdale; I’d explored the area several times over the years. And I’d also seen the Wheedle for Governor signs in Calleta.

I am writing of the Wheedle Gallery in Coniston, as well as Wheedle’s home next door. They have been available for the public to enjoy for years, and will be closing in a little over a week from now.

The gallery exhibits art by Wheedle, which is affordable for collectors, as well as some freebies, including a boxed Zorgone Nation Starter Kit.

A press report was submitted to the Greater Coniston Courier, the monthly paper for the area:

“The Wheedle Gallery in Coniston is Closing

Sadly, Wheedle’s gallery in Coniston will be closing. Wheedle stated two reasons for closing the small art gallery. First of all, his ongoing campaign for Second Life Governor has been taking up more and more of his time. It is surprising how demanding the campaign trail can be. His second reason for closing the gallery and moving out of the adjoining cottage was that the commute to and from His main art gallery in Calleta was just getting impossible with all the lag. The rumor that Wheedle was abducted by aliens is totally false and was possibly spread by someone in Governor Linden’s employ.

The cottage known and “The Wheedle House” and the Wheedle Gallery will be abandoned sometime in late September. All are invited to visit both locations before that time. Wheedle assures everyone that his gallery in Calleta and the mission in Baileya will continue to stay in business.

Wheedle expressed his appreciation to his wonderful landlord Rey and stated that it was a delight living and doing business in the area.’

I am including photos of Wheedle’s open house for documentation. What do I observe? He likes to read, his home is tidy and good use has been made of the Li allowance. Art and plants brighten the living space.

Fresh pizza is available; a celebratory picture is on the wall. Wheedle is shown in the left of the picture.

He is a private and productive avatar, who has been a consistent participant at Wanderlust Bench Art Park. He is also currently participating in the Another Coffee Shop Something Blue art show and the Another Town residency.

Mysterious crates provide some furnishings; there’s a clean recycle bin by the door, under a cross-stitched Rental, sweet Rental piece. There’s a pleasant view of Port Langdale.



The Girl Who Cried Wolf by Cica Ghost


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Opening today, Cica Ghost’s The Girl Who Cried Wolf is described as “a modification of Aesop’s fable, The Boy Who Cried Wolf.”

As always, the sim windlight is important; the music stream is perfect for the installation.  My photos are cropped, the exposure lightened for this post.

There is indeed a wolf; the sheep’s eyes are very expressive.

The sky is gorgeous and fast-moving. I enjoy the accessibility of Cica’s work, as well as hunting for details, such as a bee on a flower.

There are some poses and also sits in out-of-the way places for those who want to linger. 

A wise sheep has taken refuge on higher ground. Birds are watchful.

There are shiny sparkles in some of the trees and rocks.

And Second Life being Second Life, my friend and I noted how we looked there. The light really picked up aspects of my dress, as it did hers, her hair and accessories.



[Eclectica] A New Dawn


I couldn’t help but noticing the Flickr photos of [Eclectica], even with the minimal time I am on the site. I went to look around for myself and found it to be a beautiful sim. It’s rated Moderate.

From the land description: “Eclectica is back and its A New Dawn! Wind your way through this magical, enchanting and eclectic sim, with secluded romantic spots for dancing or romancing, and wonderful photo opportunities. Bask in the turquoise waters of the Fijian inspired beach.”

It is indeed, wonderful for photography. There are lots of flowers and trees, which are dense in some places. There are open spaces as well, with places to linger.

Many places I visit are sparsely populated; there were lots of avatars at [Eclectica] when I was there and I soon put my camera away.

There are Asian and fantastical aspects to the sim. I was most delighted by the old submarine and ended my visit spending time there, chatting with a friend. I hadn’t seen this submarine in several years and took a peek at the creator’s offerings on the MP.

I took a few more photos.

It’s a beautiful sim, very popular now. I enjoyed sitting and listening to the music stream. Very well done.



Intensity by Elle Thorkveld


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Intensity, a 2D and 3D installation by Elle Thorkveld is showing at Surreal Tower Art Gallery until October 18.

The installation features generative art modified using tensorflow machine learning.

There was an opening party, August 18, with Vj Quantum, particles and a fog machine. I snapped a few photos at the very beginning, and knowing my machine wasn’t up for capturing the event well, simply enjoyed the rest of the show.

When you arrive at Surreal Tower Art Gallery, walk inside, click on the teleporter in the middle of the floor and select the tp to the Blue Gallery.

Red’s Mystery Shack ~ Route 8 Nagarjuna


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A delightful place to spend some ending-of-summer time, for those of us in the  Northern Hemisphere, is Red’s Mystery Shack. Just off Route 8 in Nagarjuna, on the continent of Satori, it’s an imaginative sim for travelers to hang out.

There’s a lot here, but even with my poor internet connection and low-end laptop, the textures loaded and I was able to move around. The parcel is rated Moderate and there is a 60 minute autoreturn.

“Thank you SO so much for visiting the Shack!

I built the shack as an homage to the roadside attractions I’ve visited over the years. Normally much less mysterious and much more “tourist trap”, these places still always held a certain charm and novelty for me. I hope you feel the same! Please feel free to make yourself at home, go for a swim, do some fishing, even just sit and enjoy the atmosphere. If you take any pics, feel free to share on on our flickr. ”

“Souvenirs are available in the shop for super cheap. My effort at some of the silly little gifts that you can buy at these attractions either as a memento or as something to take home to a loved one. If you are interested in a souvenir and unable to afford one, drop me a line and I would be happy to send it to you. The price isn’t about making money to me–just a way for people to say they “bought” a souvenir.”

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the donations people have provided. Every linden goes toward the 35USD a month land use fee for the Shack. But please know that, donation or not, what means the most to me is that people enjoy what I have created (and continue to work on) for them.”

❤ Willow

From the Land Description: “Experience the Mystery of the Shack! Gravity Defying, Mysterious, Amazing! Stop by our One-Stop for a souvenir, a snack, or to top off your fuel. NTBI, GFS, RoxOil, gtfo,7 seas, fishing, weird, roadside, tourist trap.”

I enjoyed the nature sounds; crickets, birds and such added to an amusing, immersive experience.


Daydream by Cica Ghost


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Cica Ghost’s newest sim installation, Daydream, opened to the public two weeks ago today. This is my favorite installation by her in quite some time; I’m pleased that I’ve not only been able to visit several times, but I’m able to post about it before it closes. I am guessing it will be open at least two more weeks.

The windlight is beautiful; there’s a restful, soft, surreal atmosphere, accented by brightly colored flowers and delightful characters.

The ground is sprinkled with daisies, mushrooms, and fantastical creatures. There are poses and animations to aid avatars in including themselves in photos.

There are some familiar favorites; cats, birds, a materials-sparkling dragon can be found with a thorough exploration.

I’ve seen enjoyable photos on various media of this installation. A favorite is a Vimeo called A Lucky Day at Daydream, by Veyot, just a little over two minutes in length.



Depth of Field ~ Film Photography Exhibit


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The current exhibit at Montara Bridge Works Gallery is Depth of Field by Klaus Bereznyak. It features real life film photography.  The poster near the landing offers a notecard about the exhibit.

The ground level of the gallery shows landscape, color photography; all but one were taken in the wild.

Upstairs, black and white photos show both outdoor and interior scenes.

“The discipline of photography is an invitation to “Seize The Day” and an allegory for the kind of life that has the patience to wait for an opportunity, the eye to see one and the spontaneity to take it.

I use 35mm film in vintage cameras to try and capture the moment. I do not use any post processing or digital editing so what the camera saw is the final piece.”

The exhibit runs through October.


Wanderlust Art Park ~ July – August 2018


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Even with the summer slow down and a rapidly changing world, almost all the art at Wanderlust Bench Art Park is new for July and August. There’s about two weeks left to visit before the refresh happens the beginning of September.

From left to right above, pieces by myself, serra Qendra and Wheedle.

There’s never a theme and I always look forward to seeing what avatars choose to exhibit and how it always seems to come together in my view.

Horses by Klaus Bereznyak and landscape by Veyot.

The 512 parcel in Quentin has been exhibiting works by various artists for almost two and a half years! From avatars who make one 2D picture every two months, to more prolific creators, exhibiting at the park and Wanderlust Cafe is an alternative or addition to other types of galleries.

From left to right, screen by Lynette Trinity, digital art by Lil Mint and Elle Thorkveld.

We have a video, a short story slideshow set at Tralala’s Diner by Tralala Loordes. Photographs and story by Klaus Bereznyak.

A first time exhibitor at this outdoor gallery, Amy Inawe has a gorgeous painting called Splash, in the left of the photo. The image next to it by Klaus Bereznyak, contains his written essay, Out Loud.

The photo taken in The Birdhouse shows two levels; upstairs contains a hideout with a digital piece I’d made for another project; downstairs a 5 panel story, photos I took with text by Klaus.

A colorful floor vase by Lynette Trinity.

Photographs by Seraphim Placebo.

The ground floor of the Wanderlust Cafe Gallery shows paintings by Giselle Seeker.

Upstairs, graphic art by Lil Mint.

The installation I put together on the roof of Wanderlust Cafe was inspired by the banlines from the correctional facility next door.


Rusted Farm


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I’ve revisited Rusted Farm several times since it opened July 6th. It’s the latest installation by Terrygold and has an ecological theme. Environmental damage and pollution is a serious subject. The installation is beautiful though and I was delighted to find the use of prims.

The arrival point is an underwater tunnel where you can adjust windlight settings according to suggestions received by clicking on a British flag for English or the Italian flag.

I use the Lab viewer, and kept it on region setting. I happened to take these photos at night; they’ve been cropped and the exposure lightened.

Opposite the settings info, is thanks, in English or Italian, for friendship and collaboration on the project: Melania (melaniabis) for photos and articles on environmental degradation, Vincenzo Daxtor for translation of texts, Jill Agresti for the script, Solkide Auer for help and encouragement, and Annalisa Mullaina for photos and organization.

Mutant creatures, appearing to be made of trash, swim in the tunnel just past pictures and info on oil and plastics degradation to our world.

Further on, you walk past rusty barrels with blobs of oil on top of the water. A ladder to the field is at the end of the tunnel.

The field looks great in any light; there are small brightly colored flowers among the grain stalks. At night, the glowing lights of some of the creatures are very effective.

There are pipes in the field; animated and flying rusted forms are scattered about the landscape.

The installation is located at SOLO ARTE – Arte e Cultura di SL in Casvian Caye, a Moderate sim. The land description:  “Solo Arte is an initiative for the encouragement, diffusion and promotion of art in Second Life.”

Walking up a pipe near the back wall, there’s a door that leads into a behind-the-scenes, industrial polluting area.

Again, a serious subject and the composition, constructs, lighting and textures are beautiful.