Everywhere and Nowhere by JadeYu Fhang at LEA 15


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Everywhere and Nowhere by JadeYu Fhang is one of two installations at LEA 15.

There’s an exquisite, looping, toning sound on the sim, most noticeable near the landing and fading as you move about.

There are various convenient poseballs on the ladders. We like to photograph our avatars in Second Life; it’s also great for those who cam around. I chose to fly around the installation. (I found no spiders!)

At the landing of Split Screen Installation Space, LEA 15 you will see several boards. Two are teleports to the installations. (You can teleport from each installation to the other.)

Another board has a slideshow of previous Split Screen Installation exhibits. “The Split Screen Installation Space is a curated place for artists to develop large installations, often not possible in the physical world.”

“Dividni Shostakovich has been curating exciting 3D installations by a variety of Second Life artists at his Split Screen Installation Space since Dec 2010.”

These photos are cropped only, raw photos.

Yesterday I posted about the other exhibit at Split Screen Installation Space, The Games We Play by Krystali Rabeni.





The Games We Play by Krystali Rabeni at LEA 15


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The Games We Play by Krystali Rabeni is one of two exhibits at LEA 15.

At the landing of Split Screen Installation Space, LEA 15 you will see several boards. Two are teleports to the installations. (You can teleport from each installation to the other.)

Another board has a slideshow of previous Split Screen Installation exhibits. “The Split Screen Installation Space is a curated place for artists to develop large installations, often not possible in the physical world.”

“Dividni Shostakovich has been curating exciting 3D installations by a variety of Second Life artists at his Split Screen Installation Space since Dec 2010.”

I turned on Advanced Lighting Model. The music selection goes very well with the exhibit. There’s a bio near the landing.

“Krystali Rabeni is an accomplished traditional and 3D digital artist and author in RL and SL, winning various awards and taking part in charity and awareness events around the world. When she isn’t glued to her computer screen or canvas she enjoys spending time with her family and writing. She hopes to one day graduate from the ‘University of life’ and live out the rest of her days on Planet X!

Krystali’s work can be found in myriad of public and private art collections both in RL and SL and has been seen in numerous exhibitions worldwide. She currently lives and works in the UK.”

Tomorrow I will post photos of the other exhibit, Everywhere and Nowhere by JadeYu Fhang.


Wanderlust Art Truck at Sunset Garden, Wyrd


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The Wanderlust Art Truck made its 10th stop about two weeks ago, this time at Sunset Garden in Wyrd. The welcome area is at nearby Wyrd Watchtower.  The exhibit will be available for about another week or so. 

Each exhibit on the tour, which has included parcels on four continents plus Caledon, has been unique. This Sunset Garden location has been partially curated by the project creators, myself and Klaus Bereznyak. Additional pieces have been added by creative friends of the host, Veyot.

Marcus VanDouser made a Youtube video of the grand opening called Wanderlust.

There’s a Flickr group, Wanderlust Art Truck Fans, just created; you’re welcome to add your snapshots of yourself at this location.

There are other things to check out in the area, the previously mentioned Wyrd Watchtower, Saul’s Place Cafe and Library of Landmarks. Sojourners Ground is down the road in Erzulie. Wyrd and Erzulie are on Route 8B on Satori.

There will be at least one more stop for Wanderlust Art Truck before it retires.



Route 10 ~ Silvercreek to Lill Burn Valley


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Beginning where I last stopped on Route 10, Jeogeot which I blogged here, I crossed this bridge which was not nearly as long as I expected. I approached the bridge in Silvercreek and walked off it in Aberhart.

There are some very noisy gulls around the bridge which weren’t nearly as challenging as the security orbs while I was snapping photos.

Not much further on is this small bridge over a dry gully in Cambrian.

Trees and shrubs are very sparse along this stretch of road. There is Linden foliage mixed with resident purchased trees and shrubs a little ways off the road shoulder.  I didn’t investigate as the first bridge took much longer to photograph than I anticipated.

In Sien Lok I saw a bench by Garden Mole. The description promises (naughty poses!).

On the other side of the road, close by is a guard rail.

In Dalhousie the road paving changes.

I continued on through Crowfoot and arrived at the Route 9/10 Intersection Rez Zone in Quenloo.  There was an avatar standing by the side of the road, perhaps waiting for a passing POD.

There are trees, bushes and flowers near the intersection. The crossing beacons are by Garden Mole. The large tree is an 11 Li sculpt also by Garden Mole. These trees are constantly moving which is very noticeable  from quite a distance away.

Across the intersection, continuing Route 10 in Deltide, the paving changes again.

There’s another rez zone in Hangflame Ridge. Next, in Quiet Mile, the name of the road changes to Protected Land, Quiet Mile, then back to Route 10 in Blue Hound.

Route 10 continues through Badly Moor, Trumbull, Auriga, Wollendilly and Lill Burn Valley. (I especially like the names Badly Moor and Wollendilly.)

What stood out for me on this stretch or road was the very sharp edged terrain on the shoulder. This photo was snapped at the rez zone in Trumbull.

I ended this part of my journey in Lill Burn Valley at a bridge by Mighty Mole.  It’s possible that by riding a POD through the area you might learn info and history in local text that is offered on many POD tours.

These photos were taken on September 12, 2017.

Last Chance to See Fairy Tale


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On Friday, September 15, Fairy Tale by Cica Ghost will close; if you haven’t been, you have about half a day left to see it as of this posting.

”Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”

C.S. Lewis

I went to visit very early, a few hours after it opened and wandered all over the ground area for quite awhile in the vague human fear of missing something.

One of my favorite areas was near the dragon eggs. They are gorgeous and the effect doesn’t show in this photo.

But high on a hill covered in flowers is a sweet little house.

The sweet little house appears to be overrun and ruled by cats.

But sometimes one must leave the sweet little houses and ventures out and down to the shadows and dragons, if only for a while.

We can dream of us all living happily ever after.


Pockets of Light at Wanderlust Cafe Exhibiting Now Through October


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Pockets of Light, ten photographs and ten poems are on display at Wanderlust Cafe in Quentin now through October. Most are on the ground level with the outdoor cafe seating; several are on the rooftop of the cafe accessed by outside stairs.

The project began in the spring of this year, the photos done first, of images taken in Second Life during moments of reflection on peace and sustainability for a just future in the real world.

The beautiful, thoughtful poems, one for each photograph were written during the summer.


This surface this lattice of molecules
Will not betray you
This matter cannot go back on its word
This is the truth that doesn’t need defending
A geometry not up for discussion
And the mundane manipulation
Of things in space
Taking cutlery from the drawer
Or hanging a picture in place
These cannot be faked
Against such, even the spoken breaks
Start here and stay until you know
Your skin is the same stuff
Caress for instruction
How you carry it and
Where it goes
Is beyond dispute
Not one day has the ground
To your feet proved false
Unless too long at sea
You forgot all else

(KB – June 2017)

In a Mist

In a living mist
Spilling up the valley
As far as the fence line
Comes the sweet bitter of
Pine needles, sycamore and
Poplar leaves turning

Infused by the lungful
This aromatic vapor bearing
Extracts of memories
Flung spray, blown spume, sea-gulls crying
Asks no permission but
Is gentle

Below the stone house
In the orange orchard
Through the ruined arch
Lays eiderdown on wildflower
Carpeted meadows in milklight
Red points and yellow splashes

Watercolors out the scratches
In three primary
Colors of green
Holds a shushing finger up
To time and
Stills it

(KB – June 2017)



Route 10 – Jeogeot; Falkor through Silvercreek


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Shown above is a rez zone at Route 10, Falkor. It meets Route 9 here on the continent of Jeogeot.

Very soon one arrives at Route 10 Bridge in Ninereeds.

Linden Road and Waterfront, Ninereeds. The public part of the waterway in this view seemed narrow.

Moving on, the road goes through Fymatigue and Fyre Maven.

There is a small bridge in Fyre Maven. I have kept my draw distance down and focused on the infrastructure for these photos. There are quite a few buildings in this area.

This is the road paving and ground texture for the sims covered in this post. You can see the speed bumps in the road. These photos were taken 9 – 9 – 17 and I repeatedly sunk down into the paving as I was walking. The photo above was taken in Black Drake.

Route 10 continues from Black Drake through Chapala, Applewood, Lynnwood, Pinemont, Grimm, Glenmore, Templegreen and Taravista.

The photo above was taken in Martindale. Further on is Oakfield, Cedarbrae and Flint.

There’s an underwater tunnel in Flint.

Fortunately it isn’t very long because it’s closed in.

When I exited the tunnel in Silvercreek, I flew up, turned around and snapped the photo above.  I continued on until I came to a large bridge, still in Silvercreek.

The trip continues here.

Virtual Mainland Infrastructure


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I’m introducing a new category to my blog, virtual mainland infrastructure, which will include what seems to me to fit. I don’t really give much attention to tags and categories but I want to gather a type of post I intend to begin in some sort of better order than usual.I enjoy the creativity of avatars on the mainland and will continue to post about places I like there as well as continuing my usual art coverage, the occasional designer sim or event.

I’m using random photos from my collection in this post, no SLurls. The picture above was taken in North Keswick in Coniston, Sansara. 

I have been considering doing this for years. The bridges, the types of roads, different terrain, roadside foliage, signs, rest stops and such, things I’ve not heard many people mention.  The photo above was taken while driving in Ribeata.

I recall searching online for photos of the bridges in Second Life and finding little info. There is an abandoned 10 year old Flickr account with no SLurls and I recognized very few of the bridges. The photo above was taken in Anma.

The posts will be mostly photos, names of sims and some SLurls. I won’t be looking at the Wiki or doing other research. Wandering the mainland is a balancing sort of therapy for me. It’s a relaxing distraction that aids my fundamental creativity.

Some photos of bizarre land formations may be included.

The above photo looks like it was taken on Heterocera.

I don’t have any sort of schedule in mind; there are simply so many things to do.  I have used up 69 % of this free WordPress account; the future is very unpredictable as we all know.

The first post is scheduled for tomorrow, beginning on Route 10 in Falkor, Jeogeot.

Here’s Looking at You Exhibit Open Now Through October


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Recently opening September fifth, Here’s Looking at You by Quinn is the exhibit at Montara Bridge Works through October. The second floor, shown above, contains Quinn’s earlier works, some from when the elusive corvid was still an egg.

The ground floor of the gallery exhibits more recent photos from his travels.

Quinn is the owner of the 512 parcel in Quentin where Wanderlust Bench Art Park is located. He generously offered it during an experiment with a premium account in March 2016 and the space is still thriving. Many of these pieces have been exhibited there one at a time.

He moved his birdhouse to Wanderlust some months after the park and Saul Goodie’s adjacent Wanderlust Cafe opened. The birdhouse is currently showing art by serra Qendra.  

Quinn has also experimented with black and white photography.

He wanted the exhibit to be titled “Here’s Looking at You, Roadkill”, which is the title of one of the works. As curator, I vetoed the idea since it doesn’t reflect the whole body of work.

Quinn participated at Art Farm, an LEA sim in the latter half of 2015.

Le Reve de Jaques Cafe, New Toulouse


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Less than two months old, Le Reve de Jaques Cafe is a wonderfully detailed, welcoming public place located on a street corner in New Toulouse.

The ambient background sounds of New Toulouse, with the occasional rain and the streetcar passing by add much to the carefully selected and placed decor.

There is a small side room for 1920’s New Orleans stoners.

There are treats and a few board games.

There’s plenty of seating and a backdoor with a view of water and the trees of the bayou.

The Cafe is on a 512 parcel with more than the usual Li allowance.

Vintage paraphernalia.

Early sunrise in New Toulouse.