Waiting for a Pod


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Waiting for a Pod in Serpentata

Real life and virtual life calls for resilience and hopefully graceful adaptation to change.

My learning of the suspended operations of the YavaScript Mainland Pod Tours was received from Inara Pey’s blog, and Second Life Newser, after I’d noticed chatter in the Pod Riders group. In the photo above I’m sitting by the road on a Linden bench in front of a newly constructed parcel in Serpentata that a friend and I are renting from Xiraz.

Waiting for a Pod in Rosieri

This weekend I’ve done a casual photo shoot of mainland parcels where I create spaces, almost always in collaboration with others, focusing on parcels on Pod routes. There is often seating near the road/tracks/water from which to leap up and jump into a passing Pod.

The Rosieri parcel belongs to a land group owned by Kate Silver.

Waiting for a Pod in Shipton

All these parcels were selected with travel in mind. The Mainland is where I first began to find value in, and also to feel more safe in the virtual world. Traveling on a route, I’d pick up landmarks to places that looked worth exploring, or I’d stand up and poke around immediately.  The Shipton Rest Area by the SLRR is owned by Vera Ruchames, and created by Klaus and me.

Waiting for a Pod in Jiminy

This route is in the snowlands on Amundsen Road. When we were alert enough, we could hop in a passing Pod from this distance. Sometimes we’d have to fly to catch up or teleport the other avatar. Fortunately, there’s a rez zone in front of this parcel.

It’s easier to type conversation when riding.

Waiting for a Pod in Aglia

Most of these favorite parcel locations were found while traveling via YavaScript Pod. Here, the trains were often noisy enough to hear them arriving in the area. Aglia Station is nearby, so we can still rez a trolley. Sometimes other avatars will catch a ride in trains we’re driving.

Waiting for a Pod in Hookton

For years the 2Girly Shop in Quentin was located close to the road where the background buildings in the above photo are now. There were two old rocking chairs out front. I’ve rented a tiny Markland parcel nearby, and rezzed two chairs. A notecard can be found in the telephone with landmarks to mainland destinations.

When collecting the pics for this “album” I was amused to see that a lovely fresco I’d  made several years ago has now been tagged.

Waiting for a Pod in Erzulie

Sure, we can still ride horses, or wearable or rezzed vehicles. I enjoy that, and sometimes it takes too much energy and attention.

Waiting for a Pod in Baddest

I love the mainland. As a friend has reminded me, not everyone wants to live on Bellisseria, and spend all their time in clubs or shopping. In my more cornered moments I would add or “dating”, or supporting the art careers of others non-reciprocally, or being distracted with Straw Men after expressing an opinion.

Waiting for a Pod in Sedge

When a topic of conversation would come to a natural end, it was fun to leap off this rooftop onto a passing Pod. There is a nearby YavaScript station that was operational on Friday, and I believe they will continue to be functioning.

Checking the land description on this parcel, there is evidence that the graffiti on the front of the villa, in a place we were unlikely to see it, has been there since July.  Exploring the Mainland this weekend, we noticed a quite a bit more tagging, and I hope this does not end badly.

Waiting for a Pod in Crameri

The Crameri parcel is a Markland rental where I set up a park on the ground and an exhibit of Hilma af Klint art in the sky. There were Pod routes going in both directions.

Walking through the Wandaland Port across the road in Alcis, I could sip champagne outdoors and wait for a boat going by in either direction.

Waiting for a Pod in Montara

The 512 plot under the Hooper Bridge had just been listed for sale as Kate Silver and I rode by in a boat. In addition to boats going by in both directions, there were routes on the bridge road just a few steps away.

Waiting for a Pod in Spini

There isn’t roadside seating on my small rental (Xiraz) in Spini, but vehicles can be rezzed on the parcels on both sides. I haven’t noticed the improvements in sim crossings yet; I’ve experienced substantial crashes and lag the last few days which might be my internet connection.

Waiting for a Pod In Wetas

I respect Yavanna Lianfair’s decision to choose her health first. As someone who lives with neurological and fatigue issues, I tend to believe in simply taking someone’s word for it when they say they need and want to take better care of their health.

The rental (Xiraz) in Wetas has a seat cushion near the road, as well as tai chi balls (transparent) in the yard.

Waiting for a Pod in Taeniatum

Elle Thorkveld’s Cultured Goats Gallery is close to the High Mountain Road in Taeniatum, one of my favorite roads for horse riding. And sometimes Pod riding. I exhibit some art there and Klaus and I have also set up a Last Drop Cafe.

Waiting for a Pod in Spike

Pod watching seating in Spike took a bit more work to construct. The vehicles would pause for the sim crossing in front, giving an avatar a few seconds more time to scramble.

Waiting for a Pod in Ambulyx

The boats would go by in one direction here, the direction where it was easier to notice them arriving.

I don’t multi-task well, and when I’m sitting and working on something I sometimes get incoming IMs in which the conversation takes some time to conclude. A pleasant solution is often to hop into a Pod to entertain the other part of my brain not involved in the chat.

Waiting for a Pod in Patagonia

Here we could drink and socialize, then go for a ride if we got restless.

Waiting for a Pod in Rosewood

In Rosewood the Pods would go by very fast and more often than other places, sometimes aiding an altered sense of time. There’s a coffee shop on the ground, and an art gallery in the sky exhibiting the works of Hedda Sterne and William H. Johnson. This land is rented from Markland.

Waiting for a Pod in Eschen

My friend and colleague Klaus and I created a small roadside park in Eschen for salsa dancing and hanging out. An avatar can currently walk down the hill over abandoned land to SH Tutti Creations gallery. It is a short ride to and from Rosewood.

This “album” of very current photos showing the importance of mainland traveling to my virtual life has 19 pictures! This is in addition to all the spaces made by friends, acquaintances, and strangers that I can arrive at by means other than via teleportation.

I’m unable to foresee when this will be resolved. I’ll continue to enjoy my favorite projects, engage with my good, kind friends, and explore the interesting, heart-warming and sometimes ridiculous parcels on the mainland.










Wanderlust Art Park ~ July and August


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The current exhibits at Wanderlust Bench Art Park continue through the end of the month. Zia Branner has a delightful selection of her artwork in the Wanderlust Cafe, and on the cafe rooftop.

The surrounding parcels have stabilized for the time being, and the cafe and park are a pleasant summer destination.

Owls watch over the outdoor dining area, including a digital art piece by Klaus, and a collage by Pearl Hyacinth.

One of my collages is exhibited next to a drawing by Wheedle in the park.

Colorful pieces are propped up against the wall – an animated digital piece by Amy Inawe, and a digital image containing an essay, by Klaus.

A photograph by Art Park owner Quinn, and a trompe l’oeil by Veyot are on the fence at the parcel border near the tango club.

All kindly visitors are welcome, and there is room for more art to be exhibited. Above from left to right are pieces by Klaus, Minty Vanilla, and Elle Thorkveld.




The Witch’s Brew Tea Rooms and Apothecary, Rosehaven Laudanum



The Witch’s Brew Tea Rooms and Apothecary 2

Located in Rosehaven Laudanum, The Witch’s Brew Tea Rooms and Apothecary is a very detailed and atmospheric establishment.

The Witch’s Brew Tea Rooms and Apothecary 1

Eden Heartsong is the proprietor.

“A friendly drop-in offering a wide selection of naughty bakes, wicked coffees and magical teas.

All welcome!”

Witch’s Brew Tea Rooms and Apothecary 4

Tables and booth seating are available in the ground level tea room.

Outdoor seating is available near the back entrance.

The kitchen has all manner of interesting and necessary items.

The Apothecary and another Tea Room are upstairs.



Serinea’s Boat Dock and Visitor Center; Hikuelo


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Serinea’s Boat Dock and Visitor Center; Hikuelo

Hikuelo is a region in the continent of Sansara. Serinea’s Boat Dock and Visitor Center is a pleasant, minimalist build open to the public on the water with a 5 minute autoreturn.

It’s especially convenient for waiting, before setting off on an excursion with several avatars.

The Center is set up by Serinea Askold. The land description reads: “Visitors and suggestions welcome.”

The build is Pergola Pavillion by Abiss. Most of the parcels in the area are private residences, some of which have been here for a long time. Nearby is the SL Coast Guard, Hikuelo, and next to that is a wedding shop.

The Linden Road above to the right, is simply called Protected Land. It’s quite winding, looping around on itself with sometimes high hills to the side.

Nearby is another rez zone that will also let you access the road.

Scraps ~ Collage Art by Veyot at Montara Bridge Works Gallery


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Scraps is a series of collages made in the physical world by Veyot, and is on exhibit at Montara Bridge Works Gallery.

The abstract collages are made from scraps of junk mail, old calendars, magazines and newspapers. Veyot prefers to tear random shapes instead of carefully cutting around an object.

When I saw one of the collages on her Tumblr, I invited her to exhibit them July – September at the gallery.


Wanderlust Bench Art Park May – June



It’s been a lovely spring season at the Art Park and Cafe next door. The Wanderlust Cafe courtyard has a collection of 3D pieces on display by various artists.

by Veyot

The park itself has a variety of media displayed.

by Pearl Grey

These pieces can still be seen through the end of this month.

by Wheedle,Klaus, Lil Mint

by Elle Thorkveld

by Quinn

by Amy Inawe, Klaus

by Lil Mint

Lil Mint has graphic art exhibited on the top floor of the gallery building next to Wanderlust Cafe.

by Zia Sophia

There are beautiful paintings by Zia Sophia in the cafe, and on the roof top. All kind avatars are welcome.




The Happy Hat, Mangyeong


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Well over a month ago I was traveling through the Chilbo area on Jeogeot with a friend. We came across three parcels owned by Rah Rehula.

The first parcel, closest to the road in the direction we were traveling was The Happy Hat. 

“See Rah’s latest hats! Kick back and enjoy…There are often changes to the sound, the scenery and the inventory to suit Rah’s mood ;-)”

I went inside the Hideki Forest Cabin, a build I really like, and found welcoming spaces plus Rah’s art.

I’ve very recently returned to make sure these parcels still exist, and noticed the differing windlights which aren’t evident in these photos.

Close to The Happy Hat is Movie Time. “A flick place.”

It has the amenities for watching media.

I was impressed with the variety of the animal kingdom on the properties.

There are rabbits, pygmy goats, and an animated great horned owl among other creatures.

This parcel is called The Home of Imagination. The shared environment light is lovely, and quite different than what is shown here.  When I took these photos around the end of April, I thought this light lovely.

“The Storyteller Manor became Rah’s home quite some time ago. Please enjoy time spent here. Relax. Meditate. Read. Write. Snap some photos. You may find some crazy stuff…”

I poked around in every nook and cranny and believe I didn’t miss anything.

I didn’t stay as long as that reader though.



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~ Pearl Grey

Plant-ish is the current exhibit at Montara Bridge Works Gallery.

~ Elle Thorkveld

Plant-ish is an exhibit of digital art by Elle Thorkveld, myself, and A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). My work began as watercolor renderings.

~ Pearl Grey

The notecard in the poster near the landing contains artist statements about this show, and information on the software and techniques used.

~ Elle Thorkveld

The exhibit is open until the end of June.




YellowDots Cafe


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YellowDots “Chatty Cafe” is a friendly, social establishment for avatars including new and returning residents. It’s located on a 3072 sq m parcel in Stanlee at the end of the West Coast Road on Jeogeot.

The open air cafe is in a park setting and rated Moderate.

“Welcome! Seeking friendly people? Like to chat? We want to meet you. Stop in! Join YellowDots group: Rez objects, set home to here. Sandbox, Changing Rooms, Hobo, Lonely, Friends, Coffee, Tea, Old, News, Art, Help, Returning, New, Date, Games”

The Cafe owner, Ann Forbes is currently working on the website, and also finds time to keep up to date with available tours, discussions and events.

There’s space for art exhibits on the fence. Currently there are pieces by Fau Ferdinand shown.

Pods travel by the area, and there are bike rezzers withing a short walking distance up the road at Jonson Springs in Ezquerra.


Wanderlust Bench Art Park 4th Anniversary



Eggs by Klaus

It was a very different world four years ago on April 17th, 2016 when Quinn Leilani obtained a 512 parcel in Quentin, Sansara with a new, bargain, three month Premium membership. He offered the use of the land to some artists who’d been exhibiting work in the old motel at Lollygaggers, as long as I was willing to take care the project.

springtime dream by Veyot and The Authentic Girl Collage by Pearl

I invited a few people to participate and was delighted when two days later LiL Mint (SAULGOODIE) bought the parcel next door and set up WANDERLUST Cafe and Art Park Expansion.

by Wheedle, Klaus, and LiL Mint

It was a lab experiment in exhibiting art, intended to be relaxing, and to encourage avatars to keep creating and showing their work. We wanted to forego the parties and events, and instead hope that the group members would take an interest in the creations and activities of each other.

by Elle Thorkveld and Quinn

Elle Thorkveld has one of her colorful digital art pieces for this round and Quinn chose a photo of the neighboring parcel on the Cafe side. Many neighbors have come and gone during the last four years. I miss the lighthouses, but not the banlined Correctional Center.

The Tango Club next to the park is quite lively, and often filled with dancers.  The landscaping next to the Cafe is restful, with Monkeypod trees and a beech forest. Perhaps the Quentin region will be somewhat stable for awhile.

by Amy Inawe, Klaus, and Myra Wildmist

Many of the group members appreciate the Mainland, and there are posters with landmarks to their cafe’s, galleries, and other public parcels.

For those who like to read, a brief, timely essay is available on a notecard in the piece Klaus props against the fence, as shown in the middle above.

3D collage by Pearl Grey

We began by changing the art every month, then realized it was more sustainable to show the exhibits for two months. Many of the artists have been consistently exhibiting for the entire four years.

Pulsar sculpture by Elle Thorkveld.

Part of the experiment had to do with changing the  “curator” role. I consider myself to be more of a park ranger, and an initiator instead of a “leader’.

LiL Mint has created a very pleasant space with the Cafe, and the courtyard which can hold 3D pieces and other installations. There’s a gallery on the parcel too.

by Zia Sophia

New, and very welcome to Art Park, and exhibiting in WANDERLUST Cafe is Zia Sophia (Zia Branner).

by Giselle Seeker

Giselle’s colorful works are on the ground floor of the gallery, and LiL Mint’s graphic art is on the top floor.

Real Life and Second Life are both unpredictable. At this point, I am planning to have another exhibit for May and June at Wanderlust Bench Art Park.