“Sometimes I get sad… but then I think about yarn and everything is fine :)” ~ Cica Ghost.

Knitland opened Sunday, April 14 at Dragonash. Near the arrival, instructions for best viewing are posted. I use the LL viewer, and these photos were snapped without the Sun + Moon Projectors.

Also near the arrival is a gift of yarn ball avatars in five different colors.

The knit creatures are delightful. During my visit, uplifting mambo was on the music stream.

Cica’s installations are usually around for about a month.


Wanderlust Art Park Third Anniversary


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It was during mid-April three years ago that I was offered the opportunity to care for a small parcel in Quentin, on Sansara, where avatars of all levels of experience could show their work. When I was asking around to learn who might enjoy participating, Lil Mint offered to purchase the adjoining parcel; Wanderlust Cafe and Art Park Expansion has been around for the almost three years as well.

The digital art above is by Klaus Bereznyak, and contains a timely, written piece on a notecard.

There is a collection of destination posters with landmarks, most are places located on the mainland. The projected was curated two years ago, so the posters have dwindled; an updated set is under consideration. The art photo is by Veyot.

The pieces above, from left to right are by Pearl Grey, Wheedle, and Klaus. The exhibits change every two months, and several of the artists change every month. Wheedle rezzed his poster the beginning of March, and I asked him to leave it through April too, to allow more people to pick up a free copy if they so wish. It is a full perm poster.

From left to right, by Lil Mint, and serra Qendra. Both are active with other SL projects, as are most of the creatives participating.

The digital art on the left is by Elle Thorkveld, and the photo is by Kate Silver.

Wheedle’s new piece for April.

This exhibit is running until the end of the month, and we’d enjoy having you visit.

The decorative screen is by Lynette Trinity, and the digital art by Amy Inawe.

There are several 3D pieces on the way to the Cafe. The two-sided one above is by me, the others are new from private collections.

Photography by Seraphim.

Vase by Lynette Trinity.

Serra Qendra has a photography exhibit in Wanderlust Cafe.

A colorful exhibit of digital painting by Giselle Seeker is located at the ground level of the building on the Wanderlust Cafe parcel.

And upstairs, new graphic art by Lil Mint.

Bench Art Park 





Handwood Aquarium ~ Taeniatum



The Handwood Aquarium is located near the SLRR in Taeniatum. For those who haven’t been in the area for awhile, it’s located across from I J Designs Depot, a unique gothic build that has been there for years.

There’s an area displaying fossils. I really like the ones on the wall and spent time looking to see if they are for sale anywhere, and it appears that they are not.

The building takes up most of the 6320 sq m parcel. Behind the coffee shop is a wooded area, and there’s a small park next to the aquarium on one side.

I’ve not seen a building like this before, but I can’t imagine it being modded to hold the elaborate aquarium. It was created in 2013 by Doctor Zimberman.

There are pixel fish swimming in the tanks, with information plaques nearby. Benches are conveniently located, and there’s a selfie opportunity area.

The land description: “Come see fish and marine life as well as some reptiles. Come explore and enjoy”  The parcel is owned by M & G Land Holdings.

The stairways into other areas aren’t obviously apparent. Walking through the aquarium is a subtle immersive experience; I could easily imagine the slightly chilly, damp air.

The gift shop appears to be a work in progress. At my most recent visit, there was 136 Li left to work with.

Attached to the aquarium is a reptile conservatory, with crocodiles in the water.

Walking under this creature isn’t so unnerving in a virtual world.

Outside the conservatory is a small park with a bench to watch the koi and ducks. It’s nice to be “outdoors” again after the enclosed spaces of the building.

Coffee, tea and desert are available in the shop next to the park. There’s another building next to this that looks to be empty at first, but it connects to the aquarium and I soon got my bearings inside the building.

I enjoyed my visits and consider this a fine addition to the region.

1Biennale 2018 ~ opensim ~ part 6


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The photo above was taken in Metropolis last autumn of Eye pavilion by Venus Adored on the left, and People pavilion by Cica Ghost on the right.

One of the artist cubes exhibit in Eye by Venus Adored (Netherlands) was The Hive by Cherry Manga (France).

A static photo cannot do justice to the changing lights and movement of the immersive installation.

I was assisted by Elle Thorkveld as her Metropolis avatar, showing scale in the photo above.

This installation is shown in the machinima, Touching Reality by WizardOz Chrome, mentioned in previous posts in this series.

Cherry Manga has created installations in Second Life and FrancoGrid.

The animated figures following a question mark are part of the People pavilion by Cica Ghost (Serbia).

Walking inside, there is a choice of two entrances to immerse in Isometrix by Gem Preiz (France).

Again, Elle provided a reference in the photo. She is standing on a clear walkway.

Gem Preiz is a fractal artist and has created many installations in Second Life.

Isometrix is beautiful and disorienting as the fractals can be seen in every direction.



1Biennale ~ Opensim ~ part 5


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This post contains photos of the artist cubes of two more of the participants in 1Biennale 2018, SecondHand Tutti and Tryad Destiny. The first set of photos is of the Tea Time With Tutti installation.

This is one of a few of my favorites from this project. Made entirely of prims, I love the use of color and design.

Walking down a hallway, I saw photos of the installation on the wall.

Entering the room, I saw teacup trees, cups with tea spilling out, and spoon characters.

SecondHand Tutti is in Ireland; she is known by the same avatar name in Second Life.  She is prolific as a creator in SL. I have seen her work at Raglan Shire ArtWalk, Kultivate, Burn 2, and galleries across the grid.

I enjoyed her July – December 2018 LEA 17 installation, The Tarot Garden, which was “a virtual analog of Niki de Saint Phalle’s sculpture garden in real-life Tuscany,” I liked it so much that I managed to collect all 22 days of Winter Gifts, no easy task during the busy holiday season.

She includes a small, animated blue character in each of her installations, which is not evident in these photos. She even finds time to post occasionally to her blog.

Perhaps replicas of some of the 1Biennale installations will find their way into Second Life.

This artist cube was housed inside the Pavillion created by Bryn Oh.

The second set of photos is of the paintings by Tryad Destiny (England), in an exhibit called Mensch.

An avatar is shown viewing the paintings. Other 3D figures in the exhibit had swirling color surfaces, which can be seen in the machinima, Touching Reality. The link is included in the previous post.

Tryad Destiny’s human alt is Paul Stephen Dixon. Some of his works are on Saatchi Art.

This artist cube was in the Pavillion by Uan Ceriaptrix, (Mexico)

He calls the Pavillion a green singularity device.

“Singularity as a technological goal of the century, plants, animals, fungi and other living beings as a priority for the conservation of our own species in a potential world of love and wealth for all beings that populate the earth.” – Uan Ceriaptrix.

The landset for the Pavillion is by co-curator, Juliette Surreal-D.

1 Biennale ~ Opensim ~ part 4


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Today I’m sharing my photos of two more of the cubes by the artists who participated in 1Biennale in opensim Metropolis. The first set of photos are of Just Talking a Bit by Moewe Winkler, representing Germany.

This is an installation that is best seen inworld, and second best in film. It needs to be activated by clicking on a prim; sound, movement and light make up most of the piece. I needed assistance by having someone rez the cube so I could take photos and also film.

And about the location – I received an e-mail that Metropolis was migrating to a new system. There were instructions about maintaining inventory during the move, which I had no time to deal with. I’m guessing I still have my avatar account, but regarding locations or anything else that you might need to know when visiting 1Biennale in Metropolis at this time, I don’t know.

I had more detailed information about this project in previous posts, the last of which was on October 25th of last year.  The 1Biennale curators and managers, Art Blue and Juliette Surreal-D are already looking forward to, and working on 1Biennale 2020.

The first few photos in this series were taken at the beginning of the sound and movement sequence.

In the left of this photo is the cube to click on to run the installation, and an avatar is standing near it for an indication of scale.

I filmed a 3:22 video inside the installation.

The second set of photos is of In His Dominion by Vagabond Wanderer.

The artist cube is located in the Barry Richez Pavillion.

Vagabond Wanderer is in Australia.

Wizardoz Chrome has made a 12:20 video called “Touching Reality” machinima 1Biennale Santorini-Immersive 2018.

I have many more photos to share, hopefully in a reasonably organized manner.

Wanderlust Bench Art Park ~ January and February


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left to right – by Veyot, Pearl Grey

This exhibit in the park and Wanderlust Cafe next door remains open through the end of the month.

by Kate Silver, Wheedle, Klaus

Some of the artists and photographers change their work every month.

by Lil Mint, Lynette Trinity, Serra Qendra

Lil Mint has established a club; the landmark can be found on the event poster wall. She also has a Cat Cafe nearby. Lynette Trinity has a gallery down the road, which I discovered on a late evening wander. Serra’s piece is one in a series, the rest of which are in Wanderlust Cafe.

by Elle Thorkveld

I requested that Elle leave her 3D Locking piece from the previous round rezzed; it looks perfect for the setting.

by Quinn

Quinn is the owner of the 512 parcel, and can sometimes be persuaded to contribute a photograph.

by Amy Inawe, Klaus

Amy has returned with art that works perfectly in the setting, and would almost anywhere. There is a thought-provoking essay on the notecard written by Klaus in his digital piece.

by Seraphim

Seraphim has set up a satellite gallery; the location can be found in her picks.

by Lynette Trinity

Lynette’s vases and pots often have matching room screens which can be found on the park fence.

by Lil Mint

Lil Mint’s work is on the upper floor of the gallery building. She owns the Wanderlust Cafe and Art Park Expansion.

by Giselle Seeker

On the event poster wall, you can find a landmark to Giselle’s exhibit at Visions of Beauty.

by Serra Qendra

Serra also has a landmark giver on the  poster wall for her live-in studio on Nautilus. The installations there have been changing often.

The Art Park and Wanderlust Cafe and Art Park Expansion have outdoor seating. We love having visitors.





Route 2 ~ Satellite Market to Snout Point


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This will conclude the series of infrastructure posts about Route 2 on Heterocera. Route 2 is one of the more interesting mainland roads. I began in Epione on November 5, 2017. The last post was on October 1 of last year, when I arrived at Satellite Market.

The Satellite Market Square Rez Zone has a 2 minute autoreturn. “You can rez your vehicles and goods here.”  When you right click on some of the items in the market, you’ll find you can take a copy, including a 14 Li pink flamingo by Eric Linden.

There are palm trees, as well as the cypress trees shown in the photo above. Bushes and grasses are scattered about the area. Copies of the fence, shown on the left, can be picked up too.

I jumped the fence to look at the train station and benches which are part of the infrastructure. An old copy of Mole Times has been left on one of the benches.

There are some publications in the station, a travel magazine and a Moley Bible.

I jumped back over the fence, then continued walking. There are businesses, and ad signs close to the road. Just before arriving in Snout Point, I snapped a photo of the wall, letterbox and lamp.

The sea is on the left of the road. A picnic bench is on the right.

A little further, another rez zone with a bench, trash can, sign and lamp.

Another convenient rez zone on the road is located near the warning signs.

Finally, we arrive at the end of Route 2, or the beginning, depending on which direction we’re going.

Moving closer to the water, and looking back, these are the steps leading to and from the dock.

There’s a five minute autoreturn.

This completes Route 2 infrastructure on Heterocera. I’ve also posted an infrastructure series of my traveling Route 10 on Jeogeot beginning here.

Blue Orange Library


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The Blue Orange is a bohemian club for music and art lovers. (They’ve been known to go on sailing expeditions too.) The gallery is curated by Ini Inaka, and I appreciate that they also have 3D installations. The current seventh month long exhibit opened last year around the end of August.

There is likely about a little over a month left to view the huge collection of art; this post is about the Blue Orange Library. Sometimes the landing point is fixed to different places, but today I landed right in the library area. Sometimes, the landing is in a subway tunnel, and you’ll need to find your way down a hall, pass through the club area, and take a left into the Art Corner.

You can catch a glimpse of the hallway leading to the club in the right of the photo above. I’ve lightened the exposure, and cropped these photos. There are chairs available to sit and read.

But you’re likely to end up reading on the wall. Many of the books are props, but click on some, and you will be led to some wondrous writings of SL avatars.

From the notecard by Ini Inaka:

“A bit of info about the library at Blue Orange.

Idea about surreal library came to head while was watching one of my favorites classical movies. *Colors of pomegranates*
Armenian movie directed by Sergei Parajanov. Masterpiece! Artistic, unbelievable deep and unbelievable surreal, so visual and… and and and….!..
In the movie is one scene where people squeezing wet books with stones pressing on them down and later trying to dry them… After seeing such picture you just have no words…

Decided to invite people who are masters of words and learn to express themselves in poetry, novels, satire, essay, short stories or anything like that what smells as literature. And was sure that in SL we can meet such people. 🙂 Have sent the notice out and few brave agreed to share their websites or blogs.”

“Yes, main rule was to have own blog or website as a bit more of secure feeling when talk goes about copyrights.

Each of the active books contains a notecard from the author, and a link to a website where the work is hosted. Just click on a book, accept the notecard and go to the webpage! Depending on your settings, you may see informational text when you hover you mouse pointer over active books. If not, click around and explore! You’ll find active books floating in the air, as well as in the center section on the floor near the wall. So grab a cup of coffee or tea, and sit down and enjoy!

I am not a writer by myself and not even English… not for me to judge, but you can judge by cover or not :)”

There’s more info on Sergey Paradjanov and the film on the notecard. A copy is available by clicking on “Library” inworld, as shown in the second photo of this post.

As with any collections of writings, I like some, and others not so much. Participating writers include:

Moewe Winkler, Lyrikmaschine, Prole (prole pinion), Stella Maris (arsmemoria), Kara Mellow (kara frakture), Storm Nordwind, Cassandra (Cassandra Ushimawa), Ernie Farstrider, Chraeloos, Eva Harley (evaharley), GoSpeed Rasere (gospeed racer), Chemsia, Lisa Figueroa, R. Crap Mariner, Callie Novelli, Elbe Lisle (elberouge), Huckleberry Hax, Uxia Barcelos, Ash, Karima Hoisan, Anan Eebus, Pearl Grey and Klaus Bereznyak

Ini was intrepid in approaching the sometimes insular world of writers in SL. Some of the participants are well known inworld, and had websites established.

I was invited to participate because of something that was mentioned in my Picks: “clicking on the upright black journal on the typography shelf will give you The Coniston Letters, semi-fictional correspondence between the two friends and business partners at the Press.)” So, unread by Ini, I said yes, if I could invite my collab partner, Klaus. I hastily put together a blog, while Klaus was traveling with sporadic internet service. We have posted something once a week since, although some are previous works we’ve used elsewhere in SL. My intended point being, with the apathy that can be prevalent in Second Life, and the exclusivity in some places, it’s a joy for this avatar to see others creating opportunities and making room for creativity in our world.

I invite you to visit The Blue Orange Library before it closes, and collect some websites and blog links for reading.



The Forgotten Railway Station



The Forgotten Railway Station is located on a 1152 sq m rental parcel in Bhaga. It’s been there for a little while, and will likely be around a little longer. It’s an interesting place to hang out and to use as a base to travel from, being close to the tracks.

“Weeds have taken over this abandoned station. A rusted train car and some structures built by wanderers stand beside a small pool which has attracted some rare wild cranes.”

Besides the cranes, there are goats, a cat with a rat friend, and a touch of fantasy.

Even though the station is called forgotten, it has been cared for. With fresh bouquets of flowers, a lovely art collection, and places for wanderers to rest, it is inviting. There are a couple of books to read as well.

The watchtower also offers a comfortable place to rest with great views.

The trains are close by, and there are other public places in the area.