Building of the 100 Stories ~ Kowloon



There’s a collaborative building project happening in Kowloon. A 100 story building has been constructed, with a variety of avatar tenants who’ve each installed a room.

Magnum Yoshikawa, the sim owner and project manager has created this wonderful activity that’s enjoyable to visit, and also in which to participate.

There were a few changes since the building began about two weeks ago, and the space has filled quickly. The “floors” were purchased, and coordinates were given to stack one on top of the other. Available Li ran out, and the original 22 Li floors were updated to a 10 Li version.

An avatar can walk up all the stairs in the back, some of which have been personalized.

Flying is allowed, and one can be selective of which floors to further explore.

The textures inside can be changed, and with one click. reset.

There’s a good number of bars, lounges, and snack rooms. Some holiday season decor is included, and even a welcoming space for vampires. There are at least two corpses in the building last I checked.

The protocol was fairly easy, – purchase a floor, click on a sign to request admittance into the group, wait for the invite, and rez the floor on top of the last one. Many of the notices during the changes had English instructions, as well as Japanese; Google translate worked great.

Numbers have been placed on the side of the building at each 10 stories to help with getting bearings. There are 102 floors as of right now.

My floor is fairly close to the ground. I put some art pieces I’ve made, and then removed one to help with the overall primmage.

This build will come down sometime in mid-January, and then another will go up for those who couldn’t participate this time. More information can be found on the Kowloon blog, which has a post in English text, as well as Japanese.

Wanderlust Art Park & Cafe Nov – Dec

The current exhibit at the Art Park, and Wanderlust Cafe and Art Park Expansion remains open through the end of this month, then makes way for the next two month exhibit.

Digital art, from left to right, by Klaus, LiL Mint, and Elle Thorkveld.

Left to right, by Elle Thorkveld, Myra Wildmist, and Quinn.

Virtual photograph by Kate Silver.

Photo by Mango Lassi. Wheedle made a poster; a free copy can be picked up.

By Pearl Grey, Wheedle, and Klaus.

On the left, updated Destination posters, next to a virtual photograph by Veyot.

Grauland Chair photos I captured.

By Amy Inawe, and a digital art piece containing a timely essay by Klaus.

Giselle Seeker’s exhibit is on the  ground floor of the gallery on the Cafe parcel.

We’ve done six exhibits this year; appreciation to the contributors, visitors, and to the generous parcels owners, Quinn Leilani and LiL Mint for offering space and Li.

Wishing you all a blessed 2020.

Riding Horses in Elvion


This autumn season has had no shortage of beautiful and interesting sims to explore. I’ve collected landmarks, and made quick trips to various places, at which some I’ve lingered. What first attracted me to consider Elvion was a mention in a blog post about riding horses.

Elvion does indeed have a soft beauty. I noticed the textures rezzed more quickly than many of the places I’ve visited lately, and I like the more open spaciousness of some of the areas.

Curiosity led me to do some research, and I learned Elvion had recently moved to a Homestead called Secret Forest, and used to be much more of a fantasy sim.  It’s Adult rated.

There are some fantasy elements remaining. The land description indicates that besides riding horses, it’s designed for couples and photographers. Indeed, during my visit there were other avatars about so I didn’t venture into every area.

I can see why it would appeal to photographers as well. We enjoyed riding the horses, and I hope to return.

Signal Jam by Elle Thorkveld at InterstellART


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The November AiR at InterstellART is Elle Thorkveld. Her exhibit Signal Jam is open through the end of this month.

“Signal Jam presents individual stills from experimental video art. Many of the images shown are a form of glitch art based on manipulation of the source video. Original videos were created using generative processes, machine learning or machinima.”

“They were modified using video processing software in creative sessions, often set to music and captured in real-time. The selected images reflect my love of color and form. They capture fleeting moments in playful creation.” ~ Elle Thorkveld

About Elle Thorkveld ~

“Digital artist who works in a variety of media including: video, generative art, glitch art, music, virtual worlds art, sculpture and installation. My art focuses on the use of color, novel combinations, movement, randomness & unpredictability.
I have exhibited in numerous Second Life galleries and festivals, in Open Sim and in real life venues.”

The exhibit contains a wide range of colors, composition and forms. It’s difficult to choose favorites. I am more drawn to the warm colors at this time.  When you’re done enjoying the Signal Jam exhibit, there’s plenty of other interesting art on the InterstellART sim.


Inspire Space Park Nature Reserve Roadside


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Recently I was travelling on the road in Shinda below Inspire Space Park. It had been awhile, and so I don’t know how long the current public places have been set up as they are.

I grabbed a LM and returned a few weeks later, beginning near a sign by a caravan.  I explored nearby, and then moved further on to Area 51 which is quite noticeable from the road. Huge boulders can be seen bouncing up and down, and there are a couple of animesh aliens lurking about.

There are a few signs scattered along the road indicating the public is welcome. Vehicles can be rezzed near the large balloon. The land description says:  “Inspire Space Park & surrounding neighbors have joined together to create an enchanting & magical land filled with flowing streams, waterfalls, ponds, lush forests, tropical retreats, gorgeous beaches & so much more!”

There are teleporters to get to specific areas; some are for the sky locations. It had been quite awhile since I’ve encountered a one-day-old avatar, but this one didn’t walk into me repeatedly so may have been an alt.

“Explore a part of Inspire that will completely enchant the senses & imagination. Visit our all new Steam Punk themed park with flowing rivers, waterfalls, romantic beaches, nature & more! Relax & enjoy!”

The 8192 parcel has been owned by Virtual Life Media since 2011.

Part of the Roadside Nature Reserve has items from Mindgardens Creations.

“Mindgardens Creations _ Fantasy Landscaping Trees, Grass & More, Butsu”  With some sleuthing, one could find a shop or marketplace for the creations.

The different parcels blend nicely, and the land descriptions seem mostly up to date. I was unable to find an original art collection mentioned, but enjoyed exploring the area.

There’s more to see across the road from Inspire Space Park Nature Reserve Roadside.

There are places to linger near the water at Papa Primbee’s Diner. And there’s another crash site.

Wanderlust Art Park ~ September – October



The autumn season exhibit at Bench Art Park and Wanderlust Cafe and Art Park Expansion holds 2D and 3D art, writing, and posters for events and destinations.

The previous box/collection of destinations from May 2017, had 6 of an original 18 landmarks remaining current, which is good in SL. A new, updated box of posters is available, with a folder of the posters/landmarks in a free box, or individual posters from the wall.

Myra Wildmist contributed a photo using projectors.

Digital art by Amy Inawe and Klaus. A timely essay is on a notecard in the piece by Klaus.

Elle Thorveld

By Wheedle, Klaus, and Lil Mint.

By Veyot and Pearl Grey.

The Reverent Fear is a story by MBeatrix set in Innsmouth. The book links to the story on Tumblr, and a collection of photos is exhibited nearby.

By Seraphim Placebo

Wanderlust Cafe is holding photos by Melusina Parkin from a private collection. There are 3D pieces on the roof and in the courtyard of the cafe.

The ground floor of the gallery has an exhibit by Giselle Seeker. Lil Mint is showing digital art on the floor above.

You’re welcome to stop by and enjoy the art, park, and cafe.






Moon Stew Cafe, Patagonia ~ October and November


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Moon Stew Cafe in Patagonia is open and welcoming all the times. For October and November, the establishment is decorated for the season.

“Welcome to Moon Stew Cafe, where we are celebrating the music of Dr. John (1941-2019) through October and November.

Also known as Mac Rebennack, Dr. John was a well-loved, sometime controversial, larger-than-life practitioner of all things New Orleans and, in particular, his gumbo of syncopated piano shuffles.”

“Not unlike Sun Ra, the patron saint of Moon Stew Cafe, Dr. John lived by his own rules and was partial to a flamboyant outfit. When he died in June this year, USA Today described him as ‘a living symbol of New Orleans and its vast musical heritage.’ ”

“There are things to do, so please feel free to immerse.

– The Doctor is on the parcel stream; you might need to toggle it to get it going.

– The two media panels are showing live footage of Dr. John in concert. You’ll need media turned on and then click the panel (sometimes twice) to load the videos.

– Play Boogie Woogie on the piano! If you sit at the piano and click on the decorated panel in front of you, you’ll be amazed at your boogie-woogie powers. Click it again to stop the music.”

“- Get a prescription from the Doctor. Touch the crystal ball on the bar and check local chat to hear from the man in his own words.

– Watch out for alligators!”

“The staff at Moon Stew hope you enjoy the music and feel a little closer to him here.” ~ Klaus





The Love Shack and Voodoo Bar, Bayou Chat Noir


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The Love Shack and Voodoo Bar is a hangout in a virtual south Louisiana bayou in Bayou Chat Noir. There’s blues on the stream, and a collection of voodoo dolls on the wall. Since most of these photos were taken over a month ago, a few skeletons have been recently added along with an animesh zombie man singer.

The establishment is owned and managed by Kitty (Vinje) who previously had Kitty Love’s Shack in Bayou St John, which I blogged about over three years ago.

The details are very well curated.

There’s booth seating for dining, a bar, and ample room for dancing. There’s also seating outside near the water.

A very atmospheric place to enjoy your time virtually.

Thanks to Klaus for some of the photos used.


Myra Wildmist at Elle’s ArtLot, Rivulet


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Virtually Feminine is the name of the photography exhibit showing currently at Elle’s ArtLot in Rivulet. New photos by Myra Wildmist are on display, as well as a few retrospective pieces by her from Elle Thorkveld’s collection.

I really enjoy seeing art in outdoor settings, which is something that can be easily implemented in a virtual world. There is much to see on the rest of the grounds at ArtLot, with teleporters to more areas in the sky, after viewing Virtually Feminine. 

Elle curated the exhibit, selecting some photos from Myra’s Flickr.

Myra Wildmist has exhibited her work in many virtual locations. She has generously shared what’s she learned, including in Kultivate Magazine, and on her own blog.

I enjoyed decorating inside the gallery, and watching the process of the exhibit unfold. One of Myra’s earlier photos, from about four or so years ago, Q is for quiescent mind, is displayed indoors, shown on the right in the photo above.

Pixel Crescendo, a friend and virtual photographer, was commissioned to help document the exhibit. All the photos in this post are his work.

You are invited to view Virtually Feminine by Myra Wildmist at Elle’s ArtLot.

BAR W, Tamsi


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It was delightful when I was first shown BAR W on The Atoll. I have returned several times, usually sailing there from Catocala.

“A drinking establishment on the beach. Please set your windlight to an evening windlight to enjoy the ambiance the way it was meant to be enjoyed. And thank you for not making us ban you! No nudity allowed.”

The nature sounds are soothing and I really like the music stream.

The lighting is indeed beautiful, when using an evening or night setting.

I especially enjoyed the use of the art collection in this setting. The decor details are spectacular, although not all textures would rez on my weak graphic system.

There are gorgeous pastries in the bakery in the back, and avatars can wander around the kitchen.

I recognized a unique item that a friend had made, began clicking on objects to see the owners, and realized I am acquainted with some of the avatars involved, not including the owner, Johnnie Wilde. So I contacted one of the group to learn about the background.

“Yeah, very relaxing place, coffee cake place in the back or bar up front. It’s like a reverse mullet — business in the back, party up front.” ~ Kitty, owner of Kitty’s Love Shack and Voodoo Bar  

Bar W is participating in the MadPea Summer ’19 Fishing Tournament which runs until September 15, and so fishing avatars might pop in and out.