Eiko Catnap at Pi Gallery



If you like to look at real life oil paintings in the virtual world, as I do, the current Pi Gallery exhibit is of art by Eiko Catnap.

“Catnap’s abstracts follows the style of the lyrical abstractions. It is part of the French modern art movement that reflects the style of American Abstract Expressionism – expressive, spontaneous, reacting from within.”–Gallery 24 in Second Life Blog, 2016

I have enjoyed looking at these pieces up close and from across the room. There are many of them I like; the paintings with lots of oranges, and the ones with subtle, neutral tones I especially like.

The Pi Gallery in Marybank is owned by Pietro Eberdardt.

When I stopped by Blush Response in Basilisk recently, and spoke with Pi, (Pipilotti Winslet), complementing her on the impressive exhibit, I learned she was “unaware I have another gallery.” ūüôā Apparently I hadn’t been the only visitor who was confused.





Bellefleurs has been on the SL Photogenic Destination Guide for quite some time by now. Months ago, I was asked to go with a friend who wanted to visit, and I took a lot of photos. Photos pile up, and I delete many, but I lightly processed these and have been unable to discard them because I find them restful to look at.

I’ve returned a few times for some moments of peacefulness; I usually like the music stream too.

The house is huge, and interesting to wander in, but it’s the grounds that I enjoy.

“Bellefleurs was first built in 1591, and has been the seat of the Duchesses of Ominum ever since. Built in the High English Renaissance style, it has been a crossroads of history and played a unique role in a secretive past. As befits its “backstory”, Bellefleurs houses a collection of art and portraits from various periods, some rare, some personal. The larger, Bellefleurs estate is also home to the Canning Circle or the House of Sakura Courtesans. A nearby sign offers more information and a TP.”

“Bellefleurs offers a variety of public events, such as it’s legendary Salon Music series hosted on Sundays, dances, lectures, and other gatherings. Details about the history of the estate, the mysterious duchesses of Omnium, and the origins of the Canning Circle may be found in the book in the entrance hall.

Please enjoy your stay, and wander the house and grounds. Try to catch a glimpse of the elusive duchess, fence at our En Garde game, or dance with a friend by the sea.”

The sim, at Twist of Fate, is rated Adult.

The poppies are my favorite area.

Contemplating Overlapping Realities


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The installation, Contemplating Overlapping Realities, is made up of four 2D digital art pieces, nine written contemplations, and seven written articulations. Opening in late September of last year, it has been extended to show throughout the rest of this month.

“Contemplating Overlapping Realities came about when Elle Thorkveld invited Klaus and I to create something for the space in the gallery that had previously held a Resistance exhibit.

Creating a flow from that, I began with something closer to the micro level, regarding change. More than merely whining, or passive-aggressively directing at someone, I examined areas of sharing where fresh air and upgrades are being called for.

The meditations, if you will, are softened by the visuals and ambiance of the gallery and the parcel it is located on, Elle’s Artlot.

You are invited to spend time here while you consider an aspect of your reality where you are overlapping with that of another, in which you would like to have it become healthier and more grown-up. This awareness often begins with a negative view and with a little imagination can be spun into more positive words and outlooks.”

~ Pearl Grey ~ September 16, 2018

“Articulations are slower than dialogue: what I might say with the benefit of contemplation that is so seldom present in the moment of an interaction.

They cannot always be said out loud in linear time, but I see this exhibit as an moment for ‘speaking nevertheless’. Words matter, and when we lock them in they can rot in us.

My own contemplations in this space have led me to see that, in any human relating, it is the unsaid that often contains the greatest power to harm and heal. Not being heard is diminishing. Perceptions that are not checked out loud against reality can be so very wrong.

On the other hand, there are sublime things for which we can rarely find the language, good things that open us up like a flower when we acknowledge them.”

~ Klaus Bereznyak ~ Sept 2018

When you arrive at Elle’s ArtLot, you’ll see pages spilling out of the exhibit room. The poster to the left of the door contains two notecards, one about the installation, and the other with the collection of the articulations and contemplations.

The vibrant, animated art to the right of the door is by Aneli Abeyante. There is much more to see on this parcel in Rivulet.


Happy Holidays and a Blessed 2019


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This is likely my last post of 2018. I had wanted to share more about what I like in our world during the last few months. Shown in this post are some simple, cropped photos taken yesterday evening at Art at Home Sceneries, a space recently opened at InterstellART.

I had wanted to do posts on two LEA sims before they go away at the end of the month, The Tarot Garden at LEA 17, and Echoes, Metaphysics of Frequencies at LEA 24, which now has a bonus level in the sky, if you haven’t been since the few weeks after it opened.¬†¬†

Most of the artists who exhibit at InterstellART, have created a scene, each with different style decor, showcasing one of their works. There are some lovely gifts to pick up, plus teleports to galleries where each artist exhibits.

Those who know me, will recognize this as the sort of project I like, and in which I like to participate. During the past year I’ve had the pleasure of participating in Veyot’s Another Town and co-organizing Wanderlust Art Truck 2018. Also, I am a caretaker at Bench Art Park which has been exhibiting the creativity of various artists for over two and a half years.¬†

People get involved in the Second Life art world for all different reasons. Some of them chat with me sometimes, and I’ve heard it mentioned that avatars don’t buy art because many don’t have, need, or want, homes. Some of us are collectors and support the arts in SL.¬†

I’m not up for investing in whatever it would take to be included in the SL art scene, whatever that may be. I remain a believer that it’s crucial to treat others with kindness, to appreciate those who DO support one’s work as best they can, and to find healthy outlets for frustration and bitterness.

The scene shown above is by Sanjeewa and Sujeewa Kumara, whose gallery exhibit is well worth visiting.

Other scenes and/or teleports at this location are by Celestine Ghiardie, Fluer Heartsdale, Ilyra Chardin, Wintergeist, artandsoul Constantine, Jaime Poutine, Ramsa Luv, June Clavenham, and Claude Belgar.

I intend to keep posting to this blog in 2019, although I am going to run out of free space at some point. I want to finish my Route 2 virtual infrastructure series.  LEA is on hiatus, and there are great blogs and other resources informing us about some of the things happening inworld.

I have three, more focused blogs which I’ve collaborated on during the past year. Two are public, and the third is an art blog which is private for now.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed The Trip in a Virtual World, which is about travelling around the mainland. Then, in late August I was invited to participate in the Blue Orange Library; it’s open for a few more months and I want to write about soon. A link to a website or blog was requested, and thus Pottering While the World Ends began.

Then there’s my human’s Real Life. It matters. What each of us think, say, and do, matters.

I appreciate my regular readers, and those who stop by occasionally.

Happy Holidays and have a Blessed 2019.





Bench Art Park ~ Nov & Dec


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It appears to be sunny, early autumn at Bench Art Park for November and December. The various artists had an optional prompt for this two month exhibit, a quote by Kurt Vonnegut.

The image on the lower left in the photo is by Klaus and contains a notecarded essay on Devicefication. 

The Vonnegut quote refers to November and December as “Locking Season”.

From left to right above, by LiL Mint, serra Qendra, Lynette Trinity, Elle Thorkveld and Kate Silver.

“One sort of optional thing you might do is to realize that there are six seasons instead of four. The poetry of four seasons is all wrong for this part of the planet, and this may explain why we are so depressed so much of the time. I mean, spring doesn’t feel like spring a lot of the time, and November is all wrong for autumn, and so on.

Here is the truth about the seasons: Spring is May and June. What could be springier than May and June? Summer is July and August. Really hot, right? Autumn is September and October. See the pumpkins? Smell those burning leaves? Next comes the season called Locking. November and December aren’t winter. They’re Locking. Next comes winter, January and February. Boy! Are they ever cold!

What comes next? Not spring. ‚ÄėUnlocking‚Äô comes next. What else could cruel March and only slightly less cruel April be? March and April are not spring. They‚Äôre Unlocking.‚ÄĚ

~ Kurt Vonnegut – from a collection of essays and speeches, “Palm Sunday: Bits of the Collage” (1981)

From left to right above, by Elle Thorkveld, Kate Silver and Quinn.

Art by Pearl Grey, (moi), Wheedle and Klaus.

A winter photo by Veyot on the right.

The park has had a lovely remodel by our gardener, Art Oluja.

Elle Thorkveld created something for the Locking theme, and there are different digital images on both sides.

Digital art by Seraphim Placebo.

Vase by Lynette Trinity.

LiL Mint has done some landscaping around Wanderlust Cafe next door.

Piece by Klaus, There are also some sculptures from Elle Thorkveld’s 2018 Burn2 installation.

On the roof of the cafe is a¬†Locking¬†themed 3D piece I’ve done, once again inspired by somewhat camouflaging banlines from the correctional facility next door.

The ground floor of the gallery contains a vibrant exhibit by Giselle Seeker.

Upstairs, digital art by LiL Mint.

The art park and cafe have been operating in Quentin for over two and a half years. You’re welcome to stop by to view the art, and enjoy the view and the music streams.



The Mysterious Old Man in Kowloon [game/event]


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A mysterious old man has been reported invading a room in Kowloon, and there’s a game event which opened December 2, in which you can attempt to repel the intruder. It doesn’t take long, isn’t too difficult, and you can win a cool prize.

The board near the landing has instructions in Japanese and English. You select a weapon. The “weak” weapon is free, and works fine but takes longer to repel the mysterious man. The medium weapon is 3$L, and the strong one¬† is 10L$. Select your weapon, wear it, and teleport to the¬† room.

I got out my camera and attempted to stay out of the way as my traveling companion prepared to battle the intruder. He used the free weapon, and the intruder kept arriving at a reasonable pace, through the window, fireplace or door. After a predetermined number of hits with the weapon, (stand within 1 meter from the intruder and right click), the prize is received, and you can exit through the door. Please bring your sense of humor with you.

The prize is a high quality, animesh micro robot. It has a dedicated HUD that allows for color change, and controls to open/close the canopy. It can be attached to a miniature avatar. It’s amusing to watch running around; the sounds are well-done too.

If you need a miniature avatar, there is a micro rabbitroid available for purchase for 30L$. (I was unable to locate the avatars via the SLurl provided in this blog post.)

Exploring Kowloon has always been enjoyable for me.

Deliberare Humanum Est at G. B. T. H. Project


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Deliberare Humanum Est (Because Pretending We’re Not seeing it is Diabolical) by¬†Marina M√ľnter, is open until December 12 at G. B. T. H. Project. It opened November 11th, prompted by a recent election in Brazil. The setting is a favela. Near the landing is a cart, with a folder including a notecard about the installation.

“Deliberare Humanum Est (Because Pretending We’re Not seeing it is Diabolical) actually brings more questions than answers. Inside, there are two rooms: one with a possible reproduction of a home in the favela and other with laptops open with a few real reports in English about Bolsonaro, the military and some of the real damage caused by them.”

The room with clickable laptops for news reports.

The G.B.T.H. Project, (Grab By The Horns), is a concept gallery curated by¬†Marina M√ľnter and Megan Prumier. The installations change monthly.

“We believe that Second Life is a powerful creative platform and try our best to make use and learn at our own path the tools available in it.”

Deliberare Humanum Est is¬†Marina M√ľnter’s fourth solo exhibition. An artist bio is included in the folder available from the cart near the¬† landing.

Symbolic Decay


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The Symbolic Decay exhibit is of Generative art, a contemporary remix of tribal symbols, with added rust and decay. It is the November AiR exhibit on the InterstellArt sim. 

The digital art is by Elle Thorkveld, an artist focusing on generative and glitch digital 2D and 3D works. Elle says she enjoys creating SL sculpture, installations and experimental machinima. She is a SL and RL photographer, and a RL mixed media artist.

Her work focuses on the use of color, novel combinations, movement, randomness & unpredictability.

I enjoy Elle’s work and am especially drawn to the pieces in this exhibit.

There will be an opening reception this Sunday, November 11 at 10:00 a.m. SLT.

The exhibit runs through November.

Black Bayou Lake


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One of my favorite getaways at this time, is Black Bayou Lake in Gainesville. It’s a Louisiana swamp, based on a real place. I’ve not been to the real life place, but I grew up near the Mississippi River; I know a little about the crawling, biting, slithering things in river water.

The sim opened the first week in October. I was fortunate to hear of it then, and took these photos when there were few people around. The windlight is beautiful. These photos have had the exposure lightened for the post, and don’t show the sparkling water and beauty of being immersed in the sim.

My favorite thing about Black Bayou Lake is the outstanding music stream. I also enjoy the birds and other wildlife. They often add a pop of color. There is, of course, a Flickr group. 

Photos in the Flickr group show a variety of light being used.

There are shacks and a houseboat, and plenty of seating for hanging out. I am laying in a hammock, listening to the blues, while I type this post.


The sim was created by Serene Footman and Jade Koltai. It is rated Moderate. The real Black Bayou Lake is located in Ouachita Parish in Louisiana and is part of an 800 acre nature reserve.

You can read more about the inspiration for the sim on the Furillen website.

There’s a guestbook near the landing, but no tipjar or planned events. I don’t know how long the sim will be available, but it won’t be for long.

I’ve found it to be an effective antidote to some days in real life.

You can hear nature sounds as you move around the sim, and also safely wade into the water with your camera.