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The 1120 sq m parcel, Art STIM, is located on the side of a sheer hill overlooking the Uli Peninsula on the subcontinent of Sansara Volcanic Sims.


The open cave in a huge boulder, with a view of waterfalls and Mount G’al, is a quiet place to do some work or talk.


A gallery is situated on top of the boulder.


From Second Life Wiki :

“This is the largest of all volcanoes and probably the oldest of all. It lies in Sansara, inside Mahulu sim (but also stretches into nearby sims). Maximum altitude rises to 179 meters, making it higher then many other continents. Its cauldron of liquid lava is large and dangerous. Do not try to enter there, it is deadly. Health drops instantly from 100% to 0%.

The cauldron is asymmetric, with a higher peak on one side, a great spot for photographers. From the other direction, lava is flowing down the cone, creating two rivers of fire, that in the end merge and enters back into the volcano to be reheated.

The volcano is important also from another point of view. This is the central piece of Sansara Volcanic Sims, a Subcontinent with a lot of history. All mountain ranges are formed from the volcanic cone and also this is the central point for the hydrological network (all rivers are formed at the bottom of the volcanic cone and flow to the ocean).”art-stim_004

The discs seen in the photo around the volcano are Skydancers made by Spotlight Promotions. The river and the waterfall area are accessible to the public; there are some banlines about.


The gallery holds a collection of of 2D and animated 2D works from Art Oluja’s Metamorfaces, an LEA sim the second half of 2015.

Wanderlust Bench Art Park and Cafe ~ November & December


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We’re pleased with the art on exhibit at Wanderlust Bench Art Park and Cafe for November and December. If you’ve not visited since after mid-month November, there have been additions and several artists have rezzed new pieces at the beginning of this month.

After we got the additional prim allowance, which makes a big difference in small parcels such as this, a large birdhouse was added to give more wall and installation space as well as providing a cozy hangout. The birdhouse with its two levels can be accessed via teleporter.

Jade, an animated cylent by Art Oluja, is currently installed here.bench-nov_dec_007

On the Cafe side is Decayed Maps, an exhibit of nine pieces by Klaus Bereznyak. You can click on the info notecard for the story of how the maps came to be.hive-2

Over the Cafe is “Hive Horizon Shownight 12bit (Final)” referring to the club event at which it was first debuted and tested. This one has about 30 textures in it which can be replaced by an owner for their club or event. The hive canvas was made by Emma and the scripting done by Isadora Alaya. There’s a pre-loader in it and I believe it will be available for purchase eventually. I enjoy having it here, especially on midnight setting.setting-up-the-go-devilI invited Kimika Ying to rez a display model of her Babbage Go-Devil which I recently blogged.   wc

We enjoy having avatars visit the park. Some like to chat a bit and others simply to look around. Near the event posters is a chair with info and LM to the Chair Conservatory. A gacha machine with art inside has been added.bench-nov_dec_006

There are three digital pieces by Seraphim Placebo (Chris Attwell) plus an info card with LM to Seri’s Placebo Gallery. I got to see some of the WIP of these pieces on Chris’s blogbench-nov_dec_001

On the park side, left to right, is a note carded quote inside a piece by Klaus Bereznyak, a lovely photo rezzed by Kimika Ying and two Gridism art paintings by [a.e.meth] which are available for purchase.bench-nov_dec_002

Not to be missed is a book titled Trilby’s Frankenstein. I  rezzed my copy which I’d gotten as a party gift on the occasion of Mary Shelley’s 300th birthday on August 30th. The party was given by Trilby Minotaur. The party was fun; I made a 1:15 vimeo of the lab. My friends and I really enjoy the book.  bench-nov_dec_003

Fold screen section by Lynette Trinity, 2D art by Elle Thorkveld and baker Bloch.

bench-nov_dec_004Myra Material Face by Myra Wildmist contains links to converting a photo to “materials” and Myra’s Flickr feed. Photographs by ChryTeTox, Muse and art by Wheedle.bench

The destinations are being updated as posters instead of framed photos.

If you’d like to show your work, please contact Pearl Grey (pearlgrey resident) or Mr Kaplan (quinnleilani resident).

Cricket’s Comfort, Jiminy


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Cricket’s Comfort is a 512 plot in Jiminy off Amundsen Road in the snowlands of Sansara.


There’s protected land between Cricket’s Comfort and the road. A rez zone and a couple of the snowmen from the Linden Department of Public Works are near the road which is in Scorze. Pods go by in both directions.


The land description reads: “Cozy hangout and reading nook for thinking hobos.”


Boris, is a little old and clumsy and might shove you a little. He’s also sweet with a cute face.


The nearby stove usually has something cooking on top and something in the oven.


Waiting for dinner.


La Digue du Braek, Muppets Island


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la-digue-du-braek-3Now open, La Digue du Braek is a beautiful destination for exploring and photography.

“Inspired by La Digue du Braek, a 7km long road near to Dunkerque, flanked by a beach on one side, and heavy industry on the other – a perfect tension between nature and and the machine age.”muppets-island_001The sim is Adult rated. There’s a free to join group for event announcements, likely being held on Wednesdays and Sundays.muppets-island_006The area is wonderfully detailed and is sure to become a favorite with photographers. Part of the scenery, donation jars are scattered about the area and as always are an important part of upkeep and showing appreciation for creative spaces.muppets-island_010The Flickr group can be found herecatThe virtual La Digue du Braek is the creation of Serene Footman and Jade Koltai.muppets-island_014

The industrial areas are as enjoyable as the natural areas for exploring and photography.muppets-island_019

I happened to learn of this new sim when taking a much needed little break which turned into a delightful part of my day.



Ying Industries, Babbage Palisade


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ying-6When I made a return visit to Ying Industries a couple of days ago, I found that snow had fallen in New Babbage since my previous visit.

From the land description: “Manufacturer of vehicles, and sundry inventions.
Established in New Babbage Year 4 (2010).”ying-10

This photo was taken while standing on a shed in the Shipping and Receiving Yard. Then I went inside the building as it was quite chilly, passing by the opportunity to deploy a pirate ship on this particular visit.ying-1The space seemed tidier than on my last visit. I was delighted to find boxes of free Martian rocks and sand seamless textures. (I’m enjoying using the textures on faces of the recently acquired Nancy Redgrave Building by Huckleberry Hax.)ying-2The work spaces reflect a safety conscious and industrious shop.ying-3I kept my distance from the various mechanical contraptions scattered about, including up near the ceiling.  ying-5In the center of the ground floor is the main reason for my visit, Kimika Ying’s Babbage Go-Devil sled. I was so intrigued after seeing photos of it on her Flickr feed as she began working on a new version, I asked her to rez a display model at Wanderlust Cafe in Quentin.  The textures are beautiful.

The script is still being worked on as of this writing. Here is a 1:25 minute vimeo of the Go Devil being tested.

Some history on the original 1913 Elbridge Go-Devil.ying-7After looking around the office and the rest of the first floor I climbed the stairs to the second.ying-8I saw a clean and tidy workspace. Someone had kept the fire lit.ying-9

I kept climbing until I was on the roof and took in the views of New Babbage. The air was quite brisk and I promised myself I would return at least once before spring.

Ephemeral ~ LEA 10 ~ Friday, December 2 Event


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Bufje’s Ephemeral; Never Ending Work in Progress continues to exhibit through the end of this year at LEA 10. On Friday, December 2 at 1:00 p.m. there will be a performance by a musician who was in the Lucio Dalla Band. The stage, which holds a piano and cello, and the event is being arranged by Livio Korobase. The performance is to be a tribute to Lucio Dalla who passed away in 2012 and a selection of his songs have been chosen.lea-10-1

At the Ephemeral landing, you’ll find a great free avatar. I’ve photographed and filmed a friend using this avatar in several projects.


From the land description: “Time to reflect the purpose of my art, to serve longevity or fragility?

Windlight setting and audio stream are fundamental part of installation, please push Play button of viewer.”


The audio stream is indeed an enjoyable and fundamental part. On the LL viewer, which I use, I keep my quality low most of the time and opt for speed, especially with all the lag and challenges I’ve been having lately. Returning recently to take these photos I moved the scale to higher quality and the windlight magically arrived for me, looking differently than what I’d been accustomed to seeing here.


There are cubes where you can pose and you may also dance.


If you haven’t visited since it opened, there have been some changes. “Never ending work in progress.”


In one area, loud purring can be heard.


The deadline to submit applications for the next round at LEA is nearly here and announcements will be made around the 15th of December.



Wild Cards ~ Tarot Card Hunt in New Toulouse


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nt-hunt_001Once again I’ve enjoyed the annual hunt in New Toulouse. I don’t participate in many hunts; I find them difficult and I don’t have time. The hunt in New Toulouse reminds me I enjoy the occasional visit there and I appreciate the sense of community.

From the land description: “Welcome to New Toulouse, a private estate community based on the American city of New Orleans, Louisiana, and its surrounding environs in the first 25 years of the twentieth century (1900-1925).”nt-hunt_002

At the landing you’ll see a lavender colored poster on the welcome wall to click on.

From the destination guide: “Madame Celestina can’t tell you what’s in the cards, because she’s missing some of them! Wearing your HUD, follow the clues and find all 20 cards. When your HUD is completely filled, return to hunt HQ to collect your rewards. This Basin Street Irregulars event takes place in New Toulouse, an early 1900s-themed Louisiana community celebrating its 8th year in Second Life. Event ends Dec. 7.”nt-hunt-1When you collect a card at a location you receive a landmark for the next stop.  There were several I got stuck on for a while so I looked around for a lavender poster and skipped ahead, going back to the challenging ones later. ( Not all places with posters have a card to search for.) Some of the stops have an “observant feline” which will give you a clue when clicked on.nt-hunt_003Like with every other hunt I’ve ever participated in, not all the prizes suit me but some I really like and am using. The modifiable skybox is being used as a workshop/studio.hunt-giftsI especially like some of the art prizes. I rent a small room in Port Langdale in the Coniston area of Northern Sansara for when I want to escape to the English seaside and I’ve redecorated there. The amusing lamp is also a prize.

The Flooded Basement Gallery, Lemon


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the-flooded-basement-gallery_001Another one of Earl Dinkin’s eleven galleries, The Flooded Basement Gallery in Lemon is located between the ocean and a road.the-flooded-basement-gallery_002Most of the art displayed here is indeed located in a flooded basement. The pieces are small as are the ones I wrote about in The I Don’t Know Who I Am Gallery.   the-flooded-basement-gallery_003Above the flooded basement is a spacious area with lots of natural light overlooking the sea. There are a few 2D pieces scattered around and a couple of small areas of seating with plinths displaying a series of quatrains written by Earl Dinkin.

“A flower to lift your spirits up.
As bliss orbits the woes.
And in a universe all that stops.
Pushes all that knows.”

the-flooded-basement-gallery_004Much care has been shown in setting up all the galleries and from what I’ve seen in the past most of the prims had been used up. Being on larger parcels of land than many mainland galleries, there are now interesting numbers of extra prims for Earl Dinkin to play with.the-flooded-basement-gallery_005I had teleported to The Flooded Basement Gallery from a profile pick and nearly missed more displays higher up on the strip of land next to the road.

Shop 14 Kowloon


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For small business Saturday I’ve selected to post about Shop 14 in Kowloon, which is creatively set up as a destination in its own right. The shop, owned by RMarie Beedit is an excellent showcase of doing a lot with a 192 sq m space. shop14-kowloon_003

More than half the shop is allocated to a restful space with a lovely meditation shrine.

shop14-kowloon_004Across the alley is another small shop where you can pick up an old barrel, spools and delicacies such as rat kabobs.  :Dshop14-kowloon_005The remaining portion of the shop contains a receiving and unpacking area for a few products which are available for purchase.shop14-kowloon_006RMarie also has a MP store, Galerie Shotgun, which includes New Toulouse style items.shop14-kowloon_007

Here’s a shout out for small businesses in Second Life in the midst of reports of the decline of our world.


Art & Weird Words, Wyrd


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art-weird-words_003Just behind Saul’s Place Cafe, off Route 8B on Satori, is Art & Weird Words. The studio space displays blackout poetry art and a couple of cylents; it’s a bright and pleasant space for writing and conversation.

blackout poems and other word art

blackout poems and other word art

Jade and Rose

Jade and Roseart-weird-words_001An outdoor space is great for planning and pizza breaks.a-ww_001

The rooms in the tree house hold books, art and have seating in quiet nooks for writing or daydreaming.


The sounds of birdsong and playful puppies can be are posters with links to current places to visit including LMs to other spaces by the Art & Weird Words creator, Art Oluja.