Moon Stew Café Revolutionary Cook Book


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Early this summer, The Moon Stew Cafe Revolutionary Cook Book was published in Second Life. “Comforting Foods for Discomforting Times”, the 10 recipes include Sun Ra’s Original Moon Stew, which was a major part of the inspiration for the Café in Patagonia.

The plant-based recipes are healthy, and fairly easy and economical to prepare, and best of all, they were contributed by fellow food-loving avatars Elle Thorkveld, Haveit Neox, Marie Beedit, Veyot and Zoe Foodiboo.

You can pick up a copy for yourself for 0L at Moon Stew Café in Patagonia. There is also a reading copy on the bar near the large giraffe.

The cookbook was set and printed at Cricket’s Comfort and the North Keswick Press in Jiminy. “Visitors are welcome here at Cricket’s comfort where The North Keswick Press is established, producing a range of books, posters and prints.”

The press was originally located in North Keswick in the former Coniston area.

You can also pick up a free copy at this location.

I took the photos for the cookbook, shot in various Last Drop Café locations, Wanderlust Café, Weeds Vegetarian Public House in New Toulouse, Moon Stew Café, and some of the wonderful food and dining scenes at ACC Alpha.

The project was fun, and we persisted through the ink shortages, paper shortages, and waiting on delivery delays due to driver shortages, and new drivers on new routes.

“Keep creating!”

There are reading copies displayed at various locations. The one above is in the reading room at Shipton Rest Area.

Meemaw’s Mainland Rest Stop


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Meemaw’s Mainland Rest Stop, just off Route 8A in Aragonese, Satori, is welcoming avatars.

The 976 square meter parcel was claimed September 1st, 2022 by Mrs Grumpypants.

Land Description: “Organic everything, Beans and Leaves Cafe, small baby chicks, Event and Explore info, Public restroom, Forever tourist, Meemaw’s Bicycle hire, Gifts, Art, Everyone welcome, 7seas fishing game, Respect always luvs!”

The current art exhibit is upstairs, above the cafe. The pieces are available for purchase, and are very affordable. Information about the art and artist is also available.

I learned of Meemaw’s Mainland Rest Stop when visiting Forbes Art Garden Cafe by Ann Forbes, which is well worth a visit.

The Cafe at Meemaw’s.

“Slice” at Elle’s Art Lot


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The seasonal refresh at elle’s art lot is well under way. A new exhibit, Slice, is installed in the greenhouse.

A variety of artist’s have exhibited during the past several years; this current group of  2D pieces are by Elle Thorkveld herself.

The restful grounds hold 2D and 3D art collected and curated by Elle, as well as elements of nature. Near the greenhouse is a two story gallery accessed via teleport button on the outside wall.

The art in the boathouse has recently been updated as well.

It’s also a two story building.

The parcel is in harmony with the surrounding landscape, and is a pleasant place to visit with friends.

Elle’s Art Lot is located in Rivulet on The Atoll. You can see Second Life landmarks in the background of the above photo.

Last Drop Cafe and Ballet Studio, Haman


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Just off Route 9, the Last Drop Cafe chain has another location in Haman.

At the back of the parcel is a ballet studio where you can dance or do tai chi. There’s also an aerialist hoop.

Springtime has arrived in Haman, and flowers from the greenhouse have been planted around the property.

“You are always welcome here. Visit the Art Portal Park next door too.”

Veyot is the proprietor of Last Drop Cafe and ballet studio.


Ecological Histories of a Synthetic Future by Poppy Morris


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Ecological Histories of a Synthetic Future is an installation that you may have seen at SL18B in June. It was one of my favorites. Our world here is of an ephemeral nature, and we can miss out on many things. I was delighted to point friends in the direction of the build while it was rezzed.

Now, I’m happy to share that the creator, Poppy Morris, has been invited to set up the visual and audio art installation once again.

The location is in the Maryport region of Sansara, a visitor and newbie friendly area with some long established parcels.

Poppy built the bunkers that holds her 2D art pieces.

“As an artist, I am concerned with the interplay between class, economics, and environmental collapse. Thinking about our place in history and our possible future trajectories, I consider our relationship to freedom and our submissions to the controls over our time while the environmental casualties pile up around us. Since the period of the Industrial Revolution, our modes of labour and production have radically transformed the way we relate as humans, to each other and the land. I think it is of critical importance to observe the differences between competition and mutual aid as it relates to the organization of societies while considering ourselves in community with the natural world. “
“The music heard on the parcel are the recordings of the real life artist behind the avatar Poppy Morris. These recordings are from two albums being released in the summer of 2021. The sounds are created using contact microphones and effects pedals on a weaving loom and spinning wheel as well as vocals, and light activated drone machines built by the artist (drone machines can be heard on the track titled Persistence Beyond All truth). Poppy Morris performs in world using an exact replica of her weaving loom and effects pedals built by Bounce Greggan.
Debut album FORMS released in 2019 was voted number one on the top ten noise albums of 2019 list by Magnet Magazine.”
The link to the artist’s bandcamp can be found on the notecard from the nc giver on the parcel.  The guestbook is located next to the weaving loom.

I had the pleasure of attending an inworld performance July 3rd on the rooftop of Infinite Art Gallery in Bembecia where the artist exhibits her work for sale.

“Poppy Morris is an avatar representation of a real life Canadian artist beginning her art career working in paint and has since expanded her practice to include textiles, new media and sound. Exhibiting and performing internationally, she currently exhibits installations featuring textile, sound sculpture, and video and performs live as a sound artist. In her practice she looks at the human’s relationship with technology through employing early technologies such as weaving and dying with plants, to building machines using electronics and micro controllers, to most recently developing an interest in creating worlds and machinima in the virtual world.”
A zipline runs from one of the bunker tops to the park-like setting below. The parcel is owned by Prokofy Neva.
I especially enjoy that the installation is located on the mainland.  There are other places of interest in the area.
The hangout area with the campfire is especially lovely at night, with the parcel’s ambient nature sounds.


Cozy Vibes Forest Park- Montlaur


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Cozy Vibes Forest Park is a new mainland public destination less than a month old.

The park is located In Montlaur, just off Route 8C, on Satori.

The 2432 sq m parcel is very close to Last Drop Cafe in Montlaur, and to another pretty park, Birdies Nest, which has just been constructed, and at this point appears to welcome visitors.

An abundance of seating, and spaces for dancing are available. A group can be joined for announcements of events.

For those who enjoy mainland sunsets.

Pine Hill Coffee, Fivepenny



_Pine Hill Coffee Fivepenny_003

Pine Hill Coffee has had a remodel since I last visited.  Located in Fivepenny, the 3072 parcel is owned by Henry Rowley.

_Pine Hill Coffee Fivepenny_001

The Coffee Shop sits atop a small rolling hill, looking down through the trees at the road.


The detailed decor is inviting.

The land description reads: “Rustic coffeehouse, waterfall, walking path”

The winding path goes past a hangout space.

Everyone is welcome here.

Wanderlust Bench Art Park ~ Fifth Anniversary


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In mid-April, the Art Park turned five, quite a while in SL years, and even RL years considering all the changes, and the pace of that world. Several of the artists and participants have contributed consistently since the very beginning. I see my roles as Park Ranger, Documentarian, Role Model for Persistence, and Artist.

_Wanderlust Art Park Mar-April 2021_009

The photo above shows my work on the ground floor of the gallery building at Wanderlust Cafe and Art Park Expansion, owned by Minty Vanilla, who has generously shared the parcel for the past five years.

_Wanderlust Art Park Mar-April 2021_008

The Cafe currently holds some pieces by Klaus. These photos are of the March and April exhibit, and over the next week and a half the works will shift to the next two months.

_Wanderlust Art Park Mar-April 2021_007

On the 512 Wanderlust Art Park parcel, there are two virtual photos by Kate Silver, taken at Orange by Livio Korobase, which is closing at the end of this month.

_Wanderlust Art Park Mar-April 2021_006

This piece is by Quinn, who has hosted the Art Park for the past five years.

_Wanderlust Art Park Mar-April 2021_005

On the left, digital art by Elle Thorkveld, and a virtual photograph by Veyot. They’ve both been consistently supportive with their work, and adding to the sense of community.

_Wanderlust Art Park Mar-April 2021_004

Klaus has been a contributor since the beginning, not only with images, but also with the written word in the form of original Art Park Essays, and sometimes quotes which can be received via notecard. He is also a handyperson and sounding board.

_Wanderlust Art Park Mar-April 2021_003

My digital piece is on the left. Wheedle’s art, on the right, is actually for May and June. I didn’t get to the park with my camera in time for his previous piece. He has consistently updated his art since the beginning, and has also gifted us with creative posters for Wanderlust, and for Second Life.

_Wanderlust Art Park Mar-April 2021_001

Klaus’ Art Park Essay is notecarded in the image on the right. Veyot’s lovely Owl photo is on the left, which was preceded by a photo of one of Cica’s Saxophonists, echoing Klaus’ saxophonist. The colorful, digital art in the middle is by Amy Inawe, who has shared a wonderful variety of pieces over the years. She is also a poet.

All kindly avatars are welcome to visit. Anyone interested in showing their art or writing, please contact pearlgrey resident.

Glory Bank ~ Effingham


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Glory Bank 6Just off Route 13 in Effingham, Glory Bank is a sweet little coffee and dessert shop on a pretty 2560 parcel. The owners have a happy photo of their February opening this year, located on a wall among cat prints.

Glory Bank 1 

There are lots of sparkles at Glory Bank. You can walk to Route 13 easily, but the establishment isn’t discernable as a public spot from the road. As I approached it, I noticed the welcome sign.

Glory Bank 2

There’s seating in which to contemplate or read, and more chairs at a counter for a small party. 

Glory Bank 3

There are cakes and pies on the counter, with more in a glass case;  the careful attention to detail is impressive.

Glory Bank 4 

The backyard has whimsical elements, with more wildflowers and sparkles.  

Glory Bank 5

The owner profile says they don’t speak English. This was a delightful find to happen upon.  

Whimberly – Spring 2021



It’s seeing the photos of the fields of gold at Whimberly that cause me to make time for my seasonal visits, even when I’m busy with my projects, and neglecting to explore.


The landscaping is superb; I especially like the trees and rocks. This visit was made on foot; some seasons there are more trails for riding horses.


A spa retreat is available on the grounds, with two pools, and outdoor lounging for soaking up the sun. There’s a massage room with all the appropriate amenities. Wouldn’t we love to spend a week here in real life.


There’s also a well-appointed kitchen. Whimberly is rated Adult, but no nudity is allowed.


There are many seating areas to choose from, especially on the shore. The photo above shows my favorite.