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On the continent of Jeogeot, is the village of Seogyeo, which is currently decorated for the holidays.

“Come visit our lovely first-annual Christmas fair set in the scenic Welsh countryside! Many booths to shop and visit, Christmas trees, treats, and even a skating pond! Located on the Zany Zen Railway and near Seogyeo Station.”

Upon my arrival, I was greeted by a Constable, who was a real, “live” avatar.

After looking at the booths, and wandering around the area, I explored the village until I found the Zany Zen Railroad, Platform 2.

There was a grand opening on Tuesday, the 13th, and the festivities will run until January 4th. The group notice said there is a Christmas special bus service. When I disembarked the train at Station 1, the Constable asked if I wanted a ride somewhere.

I had boarded the Santa Special train at Station 2, and enjoyed the ride. The landing for the Seogyeoshire Christmas Fayre.