disclaimers & disclosures

The terms ‘Second Life’ and ‘Linden Lab’ and ‘SL’ are copyrighted by Linden Research Inc. The author of this blog is not affiliated with or sponsored by Linden Research Inc. No infringement is intended.

This is my personal blog and does not reflect anyone’s  opinions and ideas other than my own. I receive no compensation for this blog.

When I cover art and art events I use my best judgement regarding how much of the art to show in my photos. 

I enjoy virtual photography, socializing and exploring Second Life. I claim no credit for the creation of the items in my photos. I support venues, sims, performers, artists, musicians, fashion, home and garden stores to the extent I’m able.

When it’s part of the story of the journey of my avatar, I’m willing to mention shopping information as well as identify locations that I explore. This isn’t a shopping blog; I’m not available as a minion for anyone’s self-promotion. Take my support for granted and watch what happens.

I am not a photographer; I take photos. I crop and fix exposure in free online software.  Sometimes I post raw shots. It isn’t intended for anyone to expect to see what I see on my viewer or to find the virtual world to look exactly like my photos. How you choose to do it is right for you.  

The clicks on links and SLurls in my posts are indicated on my stats page; they are few and I feel no obligation to include them, although I often do.

In first life I’ve taken a lot of damage from environmental toxins and other trauma to my organs and neurological system. That isn’t what this blog is about; I’m the authority on managing my time, energy and attention. I have a right to enjoy my hobby no matter what my grammar skills or memory issues.

I respect the privacy of others and am kind and considerate about what I share regarding interactions and activities I’m aware of in virtual reality.

June 16, 2016 ~

It’s been three years since I’ve updated this page. The world has changed a lot. Most of the petty bullying I experienced here has ceased. I’m still blogging.

When I choose not to publicize someone’s cause, it doesn’t mean I’m against them. If you think it does, your immaturity is showing.  It is amazing what people feel entitled to without showing any regard or consideration to others.

June 2, 2019 ~

Another update. This page is information about my preferences and how I manage my own blog. It isn’t about criticism or judgement of anyone else. If you perceive that I am saying it is the Right Way or the Only Way to approach things, you are sadly mistaken.

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