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Early this summer, The Moon Stew Cafe Revolutionary Cook Book was published in Second Life. “Comforting Foods for Discomforting Times”, the 10 recipes include Sun Ra’s Original Moon Stew, which was a major part of the inspiration for the Café in Patagonia.

The plant-based recipes are healthy, and fairly easy and economical to prepare, and best of all, they were contributed by fellow food-loving avatars Elle Thorkveld, Haveit Neox, Marie Beedit, Veyot and Zoe Foodiboo.

You can pick up a copy for yourself for 0L at Moon Stew Café in Patagonia. There is also a reading copy on the bar near the large giraffe.

The cookbook was set and printed at Cricket’s Comfort and the North Keswick Press in Jiminy. “Visitors are welcome here at Cricket’s comfort where The North Keswick Press is established, producing a range of books, posters and prints.”

The press was originally located in North Keswick in the former Coniston area.

You can also pick up a free copy at this location.

I took the photos for the cookbook, shot in various Last Drop Café locations, Wanderlust Café, Weeds Vegetarian Public House in New Toulouse, Moon Stew Café, and some of the wonderful food and dining scenes at ACC Alpha.

The project was fun, and we persisted through the ink shortages, paper shortages, and waiting on delivery delays due to driver shortages, and new drivers on new routes.

“Keep creating!”

There are reading copies displayed at various locations. The one above is in the reading room at Shipton Rest Area.