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“Some Portraits” features collages by RL artist Bump Squeegee at Red Dirt Studios in the historic Virtual Chelsea Hotel Gallery District.

“What makes collage compelling to me is exploration of symbiotic relationships between images that have traveled through time and space to arrive, together, in a new environment. An environment that gives those images new context and meaning.”

About the “digital prints”:
“As with RL prints, all editions are limited. Each of my digital images are numbered and limited to ten. Which “print” and how many are denoted with a fraction in the edit panel. for example, 3/10 indicates that this is the third of 10 prints. Only 7 more would be available in SL.”

The process:
“These digital assemblages are derived from a number of sources. Scans from old books, magazines, the web, as well as scans of original photos and drawings.
After that, it’s digital gumbo.”

First sentence of the artist bio:

“Bump Squeegee is a living, breathing, working artist and art educator from Oklahoma, USA.”

More of the bio in the 2022 gallery card on the bench.