Niamh’s Journey of Dreams


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Recently I made time to enjoy visiting Niamh’s Journey of Dreams with a friend. The installation is a collaboration between CeaKay Ballyhoo and Cybele Moon.

There’s information at the landing, including windlight recommendations. I chose region settings on the Lab viewer and we set out on the path. The landscape is a 3 dimensional watercolor by CeaKay Ballyhoo inspired by the photography and a story by Cybele Moon 

The storyboards show a photo which inspired the landscape near it. You can click on it to get a notecard for easier reading. They are numbered, up to 23.

There are several portals to click on during the journey through the installation.

I was intrigued by the texture of the water and delighted to find that the bluebells could be purchased from a little shop at the end of the journey.

I enjoyed the views in every direction with the light settings on the Lab viewer. The planning for all the segments of art to follow the story flowing around the sim is very well done.

For links to other blogs about Niamh’s Journey of Dreams see CeaKay Ballyhoo’s blog.

For Cybele’s wonderful storytelling, see Tales of the Tuatha.

Another personal favorite of the landscaping is this wall with window.

I believe the installation is up through June. It’s a wonderful example of what can be done in virtual worlds.


Sacred and Profane ~ Burn 2


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Burnal Equinox, Sacred and Profane is open April 28–30. It’s in the destination guide and shown on the Lab viewer log in page. (edit: The builds will remain up after the events through May 7.)

Shown above is Fires of Humanity: Sacred and Profane by Athene Forder.  An excerpt from the info card: “Once you reach the apex consider the concept that humanity holds all of the sacred and profane in balance, not only within oneself, but between each other…all equal and all different…and all important.”

by Slatan Dryke

The Sacred, Profaned by iSky Silverweb.  An excerpt from the info card: “Throughout human history, we’ve seen over and over again, individuals who claimed to know some great wisdom, some secret, an answer for an unanswerable question. ”

by tomm pye

by Theadreem

Near the landing are greeters, information, schedule of events and gifts. There were a few afk avatars at the landing this afternoon (SLT) and I experienced lag issues but practiced patience and found it to be worth it.




Opal Flight


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There are about three more days to visit Fantasy Faire 2017. I haven’t got much further than Opal Flight, the Arts and Entertainment sim by Haveit Neox and Lilia Artis. Two friends and I spent a magical time exploring it and postponing our other plans. Here are eleven photos of the build.

It’s enjoyable seeing the fantasy avatars every year.

Fantasy Faire is open through Sunday, April 30th. For more information, see the official blog.   

La Maison d’ Aneli; Virtual Holland; April


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Five artists are showing work at La Maison d’ Aneli in an exhibit that opened about two weeks ago in Virtual Holland.  Shown above are pieces by Lelvett Amat on the ground floor.

The landing is on the second floor.

Art by LeMelonRouge.

Sculptures by Silas Merlin, in a cave on the ground floor.

Mistero Hifeng.

DameKlaudia Demonia

The exhibits are up for a month. When I returned to the gallery to check spelling for this post I had the pleasure of meeting Aneli Abeyante, gallery curator.  In charming English she told me:

“Through my gallery I’m trying to expose all forms of creative rl or sl. The world can not progress without the creation, but he must discover a wide audience. I put my gallery in the service of artists, so that the world can be better, exchanges and meetings probably contribute even though it seems to be particles. So I invite you to see and meet the artists, discuss, share in my openings, to emphasize the friendship in any language and enjoy your visit.”

American Icons and World of Details Exhibits by Melusina Parkin


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Melusina Parkin has two current photo exhibits. Recently opening, American Icons displays 29 images of close-ups of Americana symbols in Second Life. The exhibit is located in the Marfa Contemporary gallery shown on the right in the above photo. The landing point for The Last Forever sim is across the street, shown in the right of the photo.

The Last Forever is a new sim/full region inspired by Marfa, TX. It’s an excellent location for Melusina’s photos.Information about the exhibit and the artist bio is available near the entrance.World of Details opened about three weeks ago at Delmonico’s Art Space in Time Portal. The photos are representative of the era.Delmonico’s is described as “New York’s finest restaurant, in its golden age; the 1930s.
Come over for a drink, dance, chat and the best steak in SL.
Wonderful music.”




The Enginehouse, Pavonia


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High on a hillside on the Atoll stands an old enginehouse close to the sim border between Sabre and Pavonia.  The Route 6 Rez Zone in Sabre is here for vehicle rezzing.

I don’t recall seeing vehicles on the High Mountain Road; I like it for riding on horseback or walking. It is reasonably easy-going until a covered wall which has some holes I’ve needed to teleport out of.

Near the Enginehouse is a rusted, old vehicle which with the magic of pixels continues to produce steam.

A peek inside the Enginehouse.

There are a couple of privately owned cabins in the immediate area which appear welcoming to travelers.

On the other side of the Enginehouse is Pavonia station where you won’t have to wait too long for a train.

Or you can sit for a while if that is enjoyable in your Second Life.

Slumberland Sculptures by Silas Merlin


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Slumberland is a set of fourteen sculptures from The Silas Gallery. They are currently available from a Gacha at The Chapter Four through April 20th. Shown above is Dreamer.

Hare (03)

The Slumberland Gacha at The Chapter Four is located in the room on the left; the machine is the fourth one on the left. Some time after the 20th, the Slumberland set will be available at The Silas Gallery.

Pastel Monster and Mutant Stool

The cute Pastel Monster is holding a dagger behind its back.

The sculptures in the photos above can be seen on the ground level of Elle’s Art Lot through the end of this month. (Reached via teleporter from the TV Room.)


For a fascinating glimpse into the process using 3D modeling software, Silas Merlin filmed Grow Work in Progress.  The eight and a half minute machinima was edited by Glasz DeCuir.


This digital sculpture is based on a painting by artist Alexandr Chernitsky. The original painting can be seen here.

The Adventurer

One of the rare pieces in the set is a large cave.

The Minion

The photo above was taken at La Maison d’ Aneli where Silas Merlin is exhibiting along with four other artists.

The Mentor



Wanderlust Bench Art Park; March–April


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There’s still almost a couple of weeks left to see the work by a variety of artists at Wanderlust Bench Art Park and Cafe.

Today also marks the one year anniversary for the park side of Wanderlust.

The sculpture in the foreground is by RMarie Beedit.

Melusina Parkin was gracious in sending me some things when I requested to exhibit some of her work.

Work by Kate Silver, Wheedle and ChrysTeRox shown above.

Kimika Ying contributed the piece on the left. The photo in the middle is by Klaus Bereznyak and contains a quote, one in a series.

Myra Wildmist is exhibiting one of her works using projectors.

From left to right, work by Saul Goodie, Lynette Trinity, Elle Thorkveld and Mango Lassi. Sculpture by Silas Merlin from my collection. 

Photo by Art Oluja (next to the tree) and a black and white photo by Mr Kaplan, the park owner who started this whole thing.

Posters for destinations and exhibits are encouraged and kept up to date. Arden Grendel did the work on the right; her first piece shown at Wanderlust.

A copy of work by Savage Taurus is shown on the Wanderlust Cafe side.

I really like the sculptures by Silas Merlin and have been including more from my collection the last few rounds.

There are vintage prints for Quelques Choses on two levels inside the large birdhouse.

Saul Goodie exhibits some of his graphic designs on the fence.

The Saul Was Here exhibit is in the sky above, March through April, which I posted about here.

A vase by Lynette Trinity sits near the teleport door the the sky exhibit.

The collage in the center is by baker Bloch.

A documentary machinima of the March-April has been uploaded to Vimeo.

I don’t know if we’ll still be here next year but we’ll likely have new work shown for May and June.

Silver Islands


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My last ten posts have been about exhibitions; it’s true, art is a very important part of my Second Life.  I still enjoy exploring the mainland and destination sims even though I haven’t had time to blog about them.

For the past couple of weeks or so, a fellow explorer and I have been spending time at Silver Islands. There’s much to see and do on this six sim region by Lola Lionheart.  It’s a sort of wandering break for me. The Old Town, shown above, is my favorite area.

From the land description at The Old Town: “A near forgotten village hidden in the mountains of Silver Island.
Old world, music, entertainment, rentals, community, family, land, vacation, resort, hotel, camping, explore, mermaid, market, scuba, underwater, villa, home, parcel, tier, rent, buy, own.”

There are obviously secure rentals but also plenty of places for visitors to explore.

There’s much to explore underwater too.  There is a website for Silver Islands with detailed information.

Another favorite place is the Palace and Resort. From the land description:

“Silver Islands very own palace made into a resort for vacations and travel.

holiday, sirens, mermaids, scuba, romance, hotel, rooms, rental, villa, full region, live music, restaurant, dining, family.”

The Imports Wine Bar has live music. Information can be found on Silver Islands Facebook.

Group vacations are available too. Again, it is a great place for visitors as well as being residential.

It really gives me a sense of getting away from it all.

Many of the places are open.

Of interest to me is what appears to be a film set, complete with dressing room trailers on the Tonal sim of Silver Islands. It was still under construction when I visited.

The above photo was taken near the Country Club.  Avatars need to sit and chill too.