*Energy* LEA 9


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Energy by Asmita Duranjaya opened officially a week ago at LEA 9. Near the landing are info cards about the installation which is open through the end of June. You’ll find yourself standing on a teleporter used to reach the other layers from the Transformation layer.

“The basic layer shows some possibilities of transformation, which the mankind has used
during the history to produce physical energy.
The utility poles refer to the electrical energy, which is won by transforming water, wind, sun or terrestrial heat.
The base-texture shows the center of a nuclear fusion-reactor, which might be used to transform energy for a future generation. ”

“My sim-wide installation ENERGY is a piece of conceptual techno-organic art.
I try to visualize the term in five layers, from the simple physical aspect to the philosophical aspect of looking beyond the physical boundaries.
The conceptual strategy allows me to enhance my own installation with art-pieces of colleagues in Second Life. Some pieces are from my art collection and some are contributed by invited artist-friends in concern of the topic.” ~ Asmita Duranjaya

My favorite layer is the Movement layer. I especially enjoyed looking at the art pieces on the walkway.

“Second Life has a lot of options for movement, be it in dance-animations or by using scripts to let textures move.
Vehicles and even bot-avatars can be setup to move repeatedly on a certain trace or to roam free and according to the control of a person behind the screen.
The layer MOVEMENT shows some of those possibilities and how they can be used to produce especially animated art pieces.”

Above movement is the Energy=Interaction layer.

“The layer INTERACTION provides opportunities for the visitor to trigger visual events by collision or by touch. In the corners he can create his own fracticle-show (fracticle=fractals as particles) by touching the round buttons.
In long black tubes collisions trigger not only visual but also sonic events.”

Shown above is the Energy=Love layer.

Contributing artists are: Jaime Poutine, Merit Coba, Kolor Fall, Scottius Polke, Finny Yates, LouEct, lalie Sorbet, Aloisio Congrejo, bachi Cheng, Frantz Catteneo, Louly Loon, Sylver Piccard, Elle Thorkveld, Kyoko, Vonnie Fox, Wintergeist, OHE54, Natsha Lemton, and Nish Mip.

“The layer TRANSCENDENCE leads the visitor into another dimension beyond reality and virtuality. The mind can become unified with the eternity …

Take a seat in one of the capsules and let you elevate to the transcendence-sphere;
sit on one of the yellow moving objects and take a bath in color, shape and sound …”

Placebo Gallery


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Seraphim Placebo, curator

Recently I returned to one of my favorite galleries in Second Life, the Placebo Gallery in Jormundgandr. The curator was on the premises, having just acquired two more pieces.

The gallery has always held an excellently curated personal collection of art for as long as I’ve known of it. Located close to Circuit La Corse, it has been expanded and updated during the last six months or so.

To the right of the landing, in an enclosed courtyard, are the welcoming home and gardens of the curator. There are many amenities which are also a wonderful collection of pixel creativity. Digital pieces by the human behind the avatar are displayed in this area.

The great eye for design is evident everywhere. I wanted to linger even longer but also intended to do this blog post in a timely manner.

More art is displayed inside the home along with quirky, wonderful objects.

In the first display room of the gallery is a photographic exhibition by ReadMeri.  Her photographs, usually seen online, look great on gallery walls.

I kept meaning to count the number of floors, maybe seven, but kept getting distracted.

I like there to be plenty of seating in galleries, especially one this huge, for when my avatar has to park for a few minutes.

It’s interesting how the floors and rooms are configured. There are works from years past plus very recent pieces I’ve seen around our world.  And I always like to see an avatar supporting the arts in SL and taking an interest in what others do.

For an interesting and well-documented history of the gallery, see this post.

I looked out one of the windows on an upper floor and could see one of the huge buildings nearby.  In years past, after visiting the gallery I would hop on a pod and tour the area, looking at changes. It has been more populated of late and seems to attract vampire clans although I haven’t had time to explore more closely.

And up on the rooftop—more stuff to look at.

Drawbridge Garage, Drawbridge


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“Public rezzing area, 5 minute auto-return.
No gas. If you have to stop here you should have planned better.”

Drawbridge Garage is a 240 square meter parcel just off the road in Drawbridge, Sansara.

The calendar page in the garage is from February 1950. The place is clean and there hasn’t been a lot of vandalism. It looks cared for.

There’s a path leading down to the next parcel, Stony Cape. “Gateway to the Sea of Fables.”

But that’s a post for another day and for you to explore in the meantime.


Catching up with [Draftsman]


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Earlier this year I looked forward to the Draftsman event; I had been anticipating the one that was to be Victorian themed. That was back in January, I believe. Recently I made time to check it out again.

I learned it is now a monthly event, opening on the 20th of each month and closing on the 15th of the following one.  And instead of being called An Architectural Event, I see Home Decor, Garden & Architecture in the SLurl.

Shown above is a glimpse of the inside of the Palace Movie Theater by Kraftwerk. I’d first seen a copy of this building near the landing of The Last Forever.

This round, I found it easier to get around. At the landing you can choose to walk past some buildings, etc to the center area which holds the decor and garden vendors or you can teleport to the center.

There are fewer buildings. Some are alongside the walk to the center; the others are on a demo platform in the sky. Shown above is the inside of Unit 254A skybox by Thistle Homes.

On the demo platform is the Steampunk Floating House by Pillows. The top photo of this post shows a detail on the roof of the tiny build.

Draftsman is connected to the Builders Box quarterly subscription.  I first heard about Builders Box in my Schultz Brothers group; I appreciate the masterful work of Jogi Schultz.

My Second Life is full of diverse interests; it’s mostly a consciousness lab for me. Shopping and events are only a small fraction of it. But I subscribed to Builders Box soon after reading about it and after seeing only two teasers. There were ten builds in the box which was delivered on May 5th and I am delighted and impressed by the value. There were only two that I consider just OK and about six of them I really like.

This is a personal blog, not a sponsored shopping blog, so more detailed info will have to be researched elsewhere.  Not much has been on my radar about this at all.

I own several different mainland parcels, none larger than 1024 sq m.  Some of the buildings are a bit large and high Li for those but often I fill spaces with just art and minimal decor.  I am very much looking forward to using most of these buildings and the whole experience has been enjoyable for me.  I consider it very well worth the lindens.

Fade Away


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Opening today at Noula, Fade Away is a monochrome installation by Cica Ghost.

Some of the figures, do indeed, appear and then fade away.

The ticking of clocks can be heard as you explore the installation.

”Some people seem to fade away but then when they are truly gone, it’s like they didn’t fade away at all.”

Bob Dylan

I enjoyed my initial visit and will return.

The photos here are cropped and otherwise raw. I don’t derender and considering all the avatars on the sim, I’m pleased with getting some photos I like.


Tristizias Garden, Hooper


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Along the roadside in Hooper, on the continent of Sansara, Tristizias Garden has a bakery cart and seating that first drew me in to the property as welcoming to visitors.

A path beckoned me up the steep hill. To the left of the Tristizias Garden parcel is land called Tristizias Home. Seeing a closed gate at the bottom of the hill and another at the top, I didn’t enter.  There was a cute critter that kept popping it’s head out of the trash can at the bottom of this property.

The grounds are very well cared for, with lots of spring flowers and wildflowers.

It isn’t overly manicured; there’s a sense of wildness and established naturalness to the land.

There’s seating around the rock pool as well as at the very top of the hill.

I hadn’t been by this parcel for several months. I’m guessing it’s been there for a while but seemed more private without the bakery cart.

To me, this whole parcel looks especially well put together.

The sunroom of the house and the small greenhouse next to it, look really good next to the garden parcel.

Niamh’s Journey of Dreams


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Recently I made time to enjoy visiting Niamh’s Journey of Dreams with a friend. The installation is a collaboration between CeaKay Ballyhoo and Cybele Moon.

There’s information at the landing, including windlight recommendations. I chose region settings on the Lab viewer and we set out on the path. The landscape is a 3 dimensional watercolor by CeaKay Ballyhoo inspired by the photography and a story by Cybele Moon 

The storyboards show a photo which inspired the landscape near it. You can click on it to get a notecard for easier reading. They are numbered, up to 23.

There are several portals to click on during the journey through the installation.

I was intrigued by the texture of the water and delighted to find that the bluebells could be purchased from a little shop at the end of the journey.

I enjoyed the views in every direction with the light settings on the Lab viewer. The planning for all the segments of art to follow the story flowing around the sim is very well done.

For links to other blogs about Niamh’s Journey of Dreams see CeaKay Ballyhoo’s blog.

For Cybele’s wonderful storytelling, see Tales of the Tuatha.

Another personal favorite of the landscaping is this wall with window.

I believe the installation is up through June. It’s a wonderful example of what can be done in virtual worlds.


Sacred and Profane ~ Burn 2


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Burnal Equinox, Sacred and Profane is open April 28–30. It’s in the destination guide and shown on the Lab viewer log in page. (edit: The builds will remain up after the events through May 7.)

Shown above is Fires of Humanity: Sacred and Profane by Athene Forder.  An excerpt from the info card: “Once you reach the apex consider the concept that humanity holds all of the sacred and profane in balance, not only within oneself, but between each other…all equal and all different…and all important.”

by Slatan Dryke

The Sacred, Profaned by iSky Silverweb.  An excerpt from the info card: “Throughout human history, we’ve seen over and over again, individuals who claimed to know some great wisdom, some secret, an answer for an unanswerable question. ”

by tomm pye

by Theadreem

Near the landing are greeters, information, schedule of events and gifts. There were a few afk avatars at the landing this afternoon (SLT) and I experienced lag issues but practiced patience and found it to be worth it.




Opal Flight


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There are about three more days to visit Fantasy Faire 2017. I haven’t got much further than Opal Flight, the Arts and Entertainment sim by Haveit Neox and Lilia Artis. Two friends and I spent a magical time exploring it and postponing our other plans. Here are eleven photos of the build.

It’s enjoyable seeing the fantasy avatars every year.

Fantasy Faire is open through Sunday, April 30th. For more information, see the official blog.