Route 2 ~ Epione to Emmelia, Heterocera


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Having finished a series of posts focused on the virtual infrastructure of Route 10 in Jeogeot about a month ago, I am resuming on Route 2 in Epione on Heterocera.

I am beginning where Route 2 meets Mock Heather Road. These photos were taken about a month ago so I am checking the route again to make sure that no huge craters or other disasters have happened to make the area unrecognizable.

Moving from Epione to Siona, I discover that the wonderful land that was for sale last month has been sold but there is a security orb.

That is wonderful Drongolia shown in the background.

The bridge looks like this on the road.

Entering Gnoma, I couldn’t help but notice the terrible proliferation of sage grass and disrepair.

I walked through Ridens, Viciae, Albulata and Brithys. The road had fewer sage bushes in some stretches.

I called in map-reading backup here in Brithys where there is a road to the left. (Route 2 veers sharply to the left a little further on.)

A few steps further straight ahead we entered Emmelia with the Emelia Rez Zone on the left.

And to confirm we were going in the right direction.

You can buy the Linden Department of Public Works Manhole Cover for L$0.

A little further on, still in Emmelia, is a bridge.

The bridge from the side.

Many times there are interesting things to see under the LDPW bridges.

Including under water.

It’s just after this bridge that Route 2 turns sharply to the left.



Art Project 3 at Blue Orange


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Art Project 3 opened at the Blue Orange on October 15. The SLurl will take you to the music club. Glancing around, you’ll see the poster on the wall, as shown above. It’s important to click the poster for the notecard which has LMs in case you get lost. (I needed them.) Also there’s a heads up about flashing lights in one of the exhibits. Blue Orange is located on the Adult sim of Empire State Island.

Shown above is DONE by Rebecca Bashly. I found it by walking through the opening in the wall as shown in the right of the top photo. The Art Corner has had a renovation since the last project and there are different routes to get around.

Art by Ini.

I enjoyed the presentation of the art and the care put into the gallery ambiance. From the notecard: “No pressure about advanced lights and WL, but it could help.” I don’t recall changing anything to take these photos.

Shown above is work by Xirana Oximoxi.

I walked through a couple of installations and then didn’t follow through into the hallway with the pulsing lights, located in the area shown in the center of the photo above. The area can be approached from another direction too, where I saw non-pulsing pieces by the artist, Nevereux.

Back tracking, I looked into a room behind a blue door and found this vibrant installation by Tubal Amiot.

This is another hallway leading to more art.

By Nevereux.

Mind Game by NicoleX Moonwall and Gitu Aura. NicoleX has created machinima of Blue Orange installations and events which can be seen on the vimeo channel, Gumbo Productions.   

Before the end of my tour, I needed to check the landmarks on the notecard to find the areas I missed. Other artists in this project are Jadeyu Fhang, Theda Tammas, and Chibbchichi.

Bryn Oh installation 51, Photos By You All, is shown above. I’m pleased that I didn’t overlook the note card info about the installation and Bryn’s talk on Not Possible in Real Life.  The hall with the photos, photographers names underneath, is to the left of where I began, shown in the top photo.

There is much to see here.



Sailing Trip from Coniston to Calleta


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This is an account of a sailing challenge I accepted a few weeks ago, departing the Wheedle Gallery in Port Langdale, with the destination being the Wheedle Gallery in Calleta. The journey was made in two separate trips. I prepared by getting my camera out and finding a good map reader and boat navigator to laugh with.

The boat chosen was a [TUFF] Old Rustic Brown Sailboat v 1.1. The challenge was published in the October edition of the Greater Coniston Courier and is also copy/pasted at the end of this post.

We sailed past shipwrecks, a volcano. the Linden Village in Pooley, into Maryport where we stopped for donuts and coffee and then through a narrow channel.

Sailing from Sansara to The Atoll, we were fortunate to make a couple of stops where we have rez rights. We kept lookout for public rez zones such as this one in East River Community, past the bridge in Kirkstone.

There were crashes, a difficult run-in with the junction of four sims plus at least one shocking ban line jutting way out into the water that wreaked havoc for a few moments. Fortunately there were also some land owners with temporary rezzing on plus enough Li available to rez our little boat.

We paused in Edgerley to look at the map, then sailed a huge expanse of water before getting dumped in Uba. The photo above was taken near the broken bridge in Fujin.

We took a detour to leave the boat at my place in Montara and resumed the trip another day.

We passed the rez zone in Harvey while sailing the L-Shaped Lake.

Eventually we reached the Wheedle Gallery in Calleta and enjoyed looking around the area.


“The Calleta or Bust Challenge

The Wheedle Gallery has had the privilege of having one of its galleries located in Coniston on the waterfront for some time now. A much larger Wheedle Gallery is also located near the water, far away in the historic sim of Calleta. An interesting fact is that waterways connect both art galleries. It is possible to successfully travel from Coniston to Calleta by boat. I have done it twice now. The question is, “Do you have the time, patience and willpower to make the trip?”

The rules are simple. Boat all the way from the Coniston Wheedle Gallery,,

to the Calleta Wheedle Gallery,,

successfully. If along the way your viewer crashes, you accidentally get ejected from private property or you lose your boat in a sim crossing, simply backtrack your route until you find a convenient rez zone and then continue on your journey. If for some reason your trip is interrupted, simply landmark the spot where you currently are and when you have the time, backtrack from your spot to the nearest rez zone and continue on your way again. Once you arrive at Calleta, be sure to take the time to explore Calleta and the surrounding community.

May you have fair winds and calm seas.


If you have read this far and accept the challenge, let us know how you did in the comments below. Or you can drop a notecard in the mailbox at North Keswick Press.

Wyrd Watchtower


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Here are photos snapped yesterday at Wyrd Watchtower on the continent of Satori.

“A gallery based on the saying that one picture is worth a thousand words. I used one picture to decorate many surfaces.”

Wyrd Watchtower is owned by Veyot and has housed several projects.

The teleporter will take you to outdoor seating on the roof.

There are other interesting public spaces in the area as well.

Radical Ritual ~ Burn 2 October 2017


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Radical Ritual continues through October 29. For more information, see the Burn 2 website.

In years past I’ve posted about Burn 2 and have even done some filming. If there was ever to be a year for me to participate, this is the one. A friend and I enjoyed building Sojourning Outpost, constructed of elements meaningful to us.  Our gifts can be found by clicking on the tapestry as well as in the gift area near the entrance.

This year I just want to enjoy exploring as well as enjoy the lovely real life weather while it is here.

We are fortunate to be right next to artist and friend, Elle Thorkveld.

“Radical reuse and remixing of art in celebration of the annual ritual of creation and destruction at Burning Man.”

Her gifts are available on her parcel as well as the gift area as well.

Also nearby is Cult of the Playafish.

“Observe the levitated fishes in the air going round the Great Playafish – walk the piers if you dare. A gift awaits, don’t let the fishy scare!”

One of my favorites this year is watching avatars use the shopping cart transportation. The first avatar pushes the cart; if there are two, the second one rides in it.

Wanderlust Art Park and Cafe ~ September and October


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There’s been some great changes to the neighborhood around Wanderlust Art Park. Recently a few seasonal decorations have been added as well.

From left to right, the 2D art is by Klaus, Pearl Grey, Veyot and Saul Goodie. Scarecrow sculpture by Silas Merlin.

From left to right, screen by Lynette Trinity, digital art by Elle Thorkveld and collage by baker Bloch.

First life photography by Adriana Biziou. The 2D piece on the right is by Klaus and contains a notecard quote on compassion.


Works by ChrysTeRox, serra Qendra, Melusina Parkin and Wheedle.

Also on display is a Tesla Wireless Phone by Kimika Ying in the park side and a Victorian Crossing Signal on the Cafe side; both can be purchased.

Both levels of the bird house display works by serra Qendra.

Four works by the talented Seraphim Placebo (Chris Attwell).

At least three of the group members have builds at Radical Ritual, Burn2 which opens Saturday, October 21. Landmarks to their plots are contained in the poster.

The lower level of the gallery at Wanderlust Cafe Extension holds a sculpture by Silas Merlin and art by Giselle Seeker.

Kate Silver and Mango Lassi are also exhibiting. Upstairs, there is digital art by Saul Goodie.

The vase is by Lynette Trinity, near the Victorian Crossing Signal.

The Cafe has indoor and outdoor seating.  The outdoor area plus cafe rooftop is showing Pockets of Light, blogged here.


Halloween at Tickety-Boo


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Autumn is my favorite season. I’m not really into Halloween but I don’t mind people enjoying it. Recently I made time to check out Tickety-Boo when I saw they made a destination at their place in Cristat off Park Way.

There are lots of rats, mostly in the creepy motel, with some gory scenes there and in the old mansion.

The demo area for the brand’s builds is on a sky platform. I have several of the builds, including The Wizard House, and have decorated spaces in some that my friends own.

They’ve been in this location for years but things change and move around on the ground; I like visiting.

There’s also a gift, a pumpkin house!

The new outfit I’m wearing is a Hunt Prize from Cog and Fleur in the Antique Grid Show Autumn Hunt going on through October 21.

Graphic Halloween Story in Coniston


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For a limited time of about three weeks, a graphic Halloween story set in Coniston is on exhibit at the Rox Oil Gas Station just off the Linden Road. It’s an alternative option for when you want to be in the festive spirit but don’t have much time or want to decompress from gore and fright. The story is a collaboration of Klaus Bereznyak and me.

Leaving the building and going right on the Linden Road, reaching the end and taking a left into Port Langdale, you will find a large pirate ship in the harbor.

Coniston is an interesting area to explore further. There are also pods that pass through the area, transforming into a boat when leaving the pier.

Autumn in Olde Lapara Towne


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Autumn season is well underway in Olde Lapara Towne. Halloween decorations are scattered about to just the right degree. I first discovered the town several years ago while riding the train on The Atoll during the winter. It travels right past.

In one of the parks, the Wanderlust Art Truck has camped for the month of October. This is the 11th stop on the tour which began in March of this year.  The landing is in a small gallery with directions to the nearby park.

The current land description for this area: “Olde Lapara Towne hosts the Wanderlust Art Truck this October. Paintings and sculptures in an outdoor setting. Trains connect to the rest of the town. Halloween decor is in the Grand Lapara Hotel. The Coolest Town on the mainland!”

Here is a view looking in the direction of the train tracks.

“Old Lapara Towne is the best city on Second Life.  We are located at the top of the atoll, near the mainlands highest peaks.

The town is seven years old, consists of four layers, including subway and elevated rail lines, plenty of roads, parks, buildings, and walking trails.

In addition, maintenance work, and upgrades are continuously being applied to the city and its infrastructure.

The town does not follow a strict theme.  It is my homage to days gone by.  Originally founded to be a steampunk, and then a 1920’s sim, it morphed and probably follows more of a 1950’s to 1970’s atmosphere, where you will see an old car, and a more modern vintage car in the same area.  Once in a while, a steam engine will make an appearance.”  ~ Levi Clownski

There is much more detailed information on the Olde Lapara Towne website.


The photo above was taken on the upper level of Clownski’s Window Art. You can do a Viennese Waltz and then get something to eat.

“Monument to the original department stores. Come and maybe catch a show at Clownski’s! Gawk at the authentic window displays! Easy Tram access to downtown Lapara.”

Halloween Haunted Hotel

“Take a stroll through scenic Old Lapara Towne; envelope yourself and your speciel someone in the romance of early 20th century America. The ORIGINAL mainland tram train streetcar city; accept no imitations. Ghostly Hotel!!!”

Lapara continues to be an inspiration for creativity for other avatars, including as a subject for several blog posts by Veyot.

Grand Lapara Ballroom

Olde Lapara Towne has also been a main setting for a graphic novel just completed in September by baker Bloch. A page with six links to each of the six parts can be found here.

The Bodega Market on the southwest corner of the town currently holds a collection of collages by baker, on exhibit now.

“Red door bar in back.
Art Gallery Upstairs
Teleporter inside door”

The infrastructure in Lapara is amazing. There are numerous vehicles and ambient sounds, including Halloween for the season.

If you get lost, just hop into one of the many moving vehicles.

Olde Lapara Towne is a fine example of the imagination and dedication of Second Life avatars that I so admire. There’s much to see here; make some time to let things rez.

I will be filming for the documentary series I’m doing for all the stops on the Wanderlust Art Truck tour at various times throughout the month. Volunteer actors welcome.