Burn 2 ~ I Robot part 2


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Burn 2 is winding down. Due to Sunday’s log in issues, the Temple Burns were postponed. The Leave No Trace deadline is Thursday, November 1st and there’s still time to enjoy some of the builds.


There’s a Bunny Ride Tour rezzer, just past the gift tent, after you walk a little ways from the landing.

Machine Wall by Elle Thorkveld

I enjoyed this years Burn 2 and appreciate all that the  builders and volunteers put into it.

The 11th Principle

There is a timely build with reminders about consent.

There was much more to see here, during this busy season with Halloween in SL, RL seasons changing and elections in the U.S. Well done.



1 Biennale ~ Opensim ~ part 3


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In this post I am sharing photos of the work of three of the artists participating in the 1Biennale, currently located on the Metropolis Metaversum grid in opensim. The first five images are of All the Songs We Never Sang by Blue Tsuki.

“All the Songs We Never Sang” is intended as an elegy. It touches on themes of memory and loss…..”

The scope of 1Biennale is huge, and I find it best to first focus on the “artists cubes”, installations created by the participating avatars. Other builder/artists created pavilions. Each pavilion can hold one cube at a time. The pavilions, with selected cubes, can be rezzed whole in “landsets” which contain either two or three of them. They were assembled by Juliette Surreal-D. Juliette also created the landscaping for them. The scripting was done by Art Eames.

Immersing in this installation felt poignant.

In future posts I can show photos of the pavilions and perhaps of the inworld tours.

The second set of five images is of Reflexion by Louis Wu Cyberklon, who is know for his Lichtbringer performances. The floor of the cube glistens, and the animated 3D art swirls around. Juliette added figures to the scene.

I did a little filming here. WizardOz Chrome is making a machinima of the project, which will be available to view. For those who want to know more, there’s a book, Living in a Coded World, and you can look through all the pages online as well as order it or an instant pdf version.

1Biennale is the contribution to the Digital Section IMMERSIVIA of Santorini Biennale 2018, in the real world. The machinima, Touching Reality, by WizardOz Chrome will premiere.

I’ve enjoyed experiencing this project and was pleased to learn there is a CC license for sharing it, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

These photos have been cropped, and I’ve kept the lighting as I viewed it.

Precession is the cube installation by FreeWee Ling. The photo above is a still shot of the swirling ceiling.

The floor is rotating, as well as the spheres.

There are glimpses of images in the spheres and I had to be quick to capture my favorites.

This will be better experienced by viewing the machinima, or better yet, to immerse in it.

A glimpse of the pavilion across from this one can be seen through the open door.

I appreciate the valuable assistance given by Elle Thorkveld so I can do these posts.



Burn 2 ~ I Robot


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It’s a busy time of year in both lives and I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this year’s theme for Burn 2I Robot, as much as I have. One of my favorites is XD Robotics by Daark Gothly and Xiija. You must see the changing expression on the robot faces.

Behind XD Robotics, on the Time Machine sim, is Boxanne by Elle Thorkveld. I would like to include landmarks to each of these builds but it isn’t working for this post.

This year, there are also smaller installations scattered around the playa. The chillbots above, are by Elle Thorkveld.

Another small exhibit shows drawings by Enola Em. Her drawings are done in pencil, pen and ink.

Another build nearby is called Unemployment Line. It’s very large and green.

You can rez an art car and drive inside, or walk. I chose the Root Beer Float to drive; there’s also a Martini car.

At TumbleCat Playground, a small robot kitty chases a colorful ball around. The characters higher up on the structure are spinning around.

Next to the TumbleCat Playground, and across the road from Boxanne is a colorful build by Midori Rotoru.

This build by Kerryth Tarantal is called Therefore I dance. It’s nearby on the Don’t Panic sim.  I’m sharing photos of builds I can photograph more easily but am enjoying the interactive builds.

This build, Dean4225, is further away, in Alkali. It was satisfying for the pleasant time I had sitting with a friend on top of the modular habitat and drinking pixel beer.

Back In “Don’t Panic”, this build is quite beautiful. It has an I Robot Censer, in which you can leave a message. There’s a teleport to easily get up into the center.

In front of the modular habitat in Alkali is a Post-Singularity Sleep Deprived Survival Unit by serra Qendra on which you can pose. The tree that shows up as blue in the  photo is color changing inworld.

Also in Alkali, is the Psy ROBOT build. There are dances and it’s great for photography.

Burn 2 is outstanding this year, (and I had really liked the Da Vinci Burn a couple of years ago). The sense of humor and mostly light-hearted approach to the theme is much appreciated. There are plenty of places to peacefully sit, and also places to dance, which I usually don’t take time to do. (Yes, there’s some lag during times of events.)

I intend to do at least one more post about I Robot, but having fun comes first.


Nature’s Way


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Roots, Wings, Shells, and Lights. The four digital collages on the walls at Nature’s Way represent these four aspects of nature.

Avatars are invited to use this virtual space for reflection, drawing, journaling, and staring into space in this room in Another Coffee Shop in Another Town.  More detailed suggestion are given in the notecard from the image on the easel.

Roots ~ What grounds you?

Wings ~ What lifts you?

Shells ~ What protects you?

Lights ~ What guides you?

Nature’s Way will be available through the end of October, at least. The images, prompts and room were created by Klaus.

There are other rooms in Another Town plus a coffee shop. Located in Pahto.

Meadow Rose, Neverland



One of the destinations I’ve visited more than just a quick one-time look around is Meadow Rose. The 65,520 square meter sim is rated Adult.

The land description includes the statement, “Meadow Rose is just the start of the story.” It sounds inviting to couples but I found it not to be exclusively so.

On my return visit, I brought my horse and my camera.

At the landing is a fence with info about the usual Flickr, Group Joiner and such, plus an info giver for Kismet builds.

I have distant, fond memories of the huge Kismet home owned by a weird family of vampires that took me in somewhere around 2012. I was delighted to see the same build is used here. I recalled that it had a secret room. I found it, and that is where the adult stuff is on the sim, whether you want to find it or avoid it.

On my second visit I noticed some paranormal activity in the local cemetery.

I most enjoy the paths around the sim and the use of wildflowers. Textures rezzed quickly for me, unlike many other places, and I noticed less lag.

A friend mention one of the gazebos or pavilions was an older build, and was pleased to see it in use.

I noticed a few other avatars on horseback too.

There are several scenic areas to sit and spend a little time. No one living or dead bothered me on my visits.

Bench Art Park ~ Sep & Oct


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Wheedle, Klaus, Pearl Grey

These are photos from the September and October exhibit at Bench Art Park in Quentin.

Elle Thorkveld, Quinn

Several artists and photographers are showing their creations in the current exhibit. There has never been a theme, and it always works.

Kate Silver

For the upcoming exhibit in November and December, those who enjoy prompts can create around Kurt Vonnegut’s essay on the Six Seasons, particularly Locking Season.

art screen by Lynette Trinity

“Here is the truth about the seasons: Spring is May and June. What could be springier than May and June? Summer is July and August. Really hot, right? Autumn is September and October. See the pumpkins? Smell those burning leaves? Next comes the season called Locking. November and December aren’t winter. They’re Locking. Next comes winter, January and February. Boy! Are they ever cold!”

Amy Inawe, Klaus

Amy is our newest artist and we’re pleased she’s showing her work here. Clicking on the digital collage by Klaus, you’ll receive an essay on Consequences.

Art Oluja

The park has seating; the sun rising and setting is lovely. No wine has been sloshed on the digital art piece propped against the fence.

Veyot, serra Qendra

There’s been a lot of building activity in the neighborhood over the past few months, and the park remains a pleasant place to hang out.

Seraphim Placebo

Many of the photographers and artists have galleries and current exhibits on the grid. You’re welcome to get landmarks from the destination posters or check the avatar’s picks.

The posters on the wooden fence at Wanderlust Cafe and Art Park Expansion show some of the activities; many are on the mainland.

In the courtyard by the cafe, is a 22 texture essay in pictures by Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell. It links to a couple of web pages and you can pick up a copy of this display which was distributed by J J Drinkwater.

Lynette Trinity

The cafe is open 24/7.

Giselle Seeker

We’d love to have you visit.




Deco Marina, Rossa


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Close to the water, in the snowlands of Sansara, is a 1520 sq m parcel called Deco Marina. 

The land description: “Vintage boats, ticketmaster, and music. Free canoe rides in snowy canyon river. Music from the 20’s and 30’s. Fireplace scene. Aircraft posters. Sea airport. 52m, 3 mast sail boat.”

Pod boats go by on the river about 17 minutes after the hour; I’m guessing they run every half an hour. I’ve ridden the Pod, and had some trouble as it rounded the coast; it turns into a land pod and returns to the station in Durango.

I’ve also paddled their vintage canoe on the river.

Most of the surrounding parcels are private residences, but there are two public places above the marina, a greenhouse and a snack bar a little above, connected by stairs.

The area looks great at all times of the day and night.

Rev. William J Barber 11 ~ Quotes on a Prim


Rev. William J Barber 11, has been awarded a MacArthur Foundation genius grant in recognition of his whole legacy of activism. About the time he was learning of this award, he was being arrested in Chicago, for protesting on behalf of higher minimum wages in front of McDonald’s corporate headquarters.

I have an old school, personal sky gallery on my (group owned) land, Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You Down Gallery. It is always a work in progress, with random objects I’ve made, plus some quotes that are important to me.

Two such quotes are by Rev. Barber 11. I’ve just made them copyable, if anyone would like them. Yes, there are typos in his name, but there’s enough accuracy that someone could look further into his work.

Sometimes I log on at the gallery, after a day of living my best in a world that desperately needs changing. I stand there and read the current quotes. I kick the balls around. Then, I move onto something uplifting as best I can.


1 Biennale in Metropolis ~ Opensim ~ part 2


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Lampithaler ~ Naked Pyramid Players

These are some photos, with lightened exposure, of Lampithaler’s artist cube at 1 Biennale in Metropolis. The artist cube was one of three featured on a tour yesterday, out of a total of nine artist cubes. I posted photos of the works of Elle Thorkveld and Rory Torrance in part 1 of this series.

Lampithaler 2

This installation title is Naked Pyramid Players. Again, static photos can’t show the dynamic beauty of the changing lights, animated parts and avatar immersion into the 3D environment.

Some of the focus on my post today is about my experience getting into Metropolis Metaversum. There’s info on creating an account in part 1. (Also, in the first comment for that post, there’s a link to the book about this project.)

Lampithaler 3

Viewer, Account, and Navigation

First, I downloaded the Firestorm Opensim viewer; I don’t use Firestorm in SL. I already had a Metropolis account, and had not logged in for 3 years or so. I had my avatar name, e-mail for the account, and it was straightforward getting a new password. I chose “last location” and arrived at ChapTer Kronfield’s art gallery, which still exists.

Depending on what time you log in, and many other factors, experience can vary. I had trouble finding the 1 Biennale sim on the world map, and I was unable to connect with the region the first few times I attempted it. What worked, was typing VISIT 1Biennale into “region” on the viewer, when logging in.

I obtained a landmark when I landed and have had no further troubles finding the region since. The LM is important because when I venture/fly to the edge of the sim, I get stuck in a limbo and need a LM to get out.

The region next to Visit 1 Biennale is in Onawero. You can see it when you open the world map. The Url changes according to the landsets rezzed. It held the pavilions by Hyde Hackl, Una Ceriaptrix, and Art Eames, that is until WizardOz Chrome changed the landsets for filming purposes. Then the Url was called 1Biennale Citadel PGVB, Onawero.

Lampithaler 4

Tech, Scripts, Etc

The round, clickable prim, to link from inworld to Lampithaler’s page on the 1Biennale website, had not working for me. At the tour yesterday, my AO would or wouldn’t work, seemingly randomly, at different times in different areas. This is fairly typical.

I have found opensim to be run by dedicated volunteers, with busy lives and/or having health or other issues. As we all know, wealth distribution on the planet is messed up; I am not complaining about some frustration I experienced. I believe they are doing their best with what they have available. No one is guaranteed a smooth visit.

Lampithaler 5

The Metropolis tours are available every Thursday in October. More info in part 1. Many of the avatars involved in this project, have been/are active in Second Life. I am simply an interested observer and blogger.

The pages available for viewing on the website have changed again. Right now, there’s a page with an intro about the 1Biennale 2020.




1 Biennale in Metropolis ~ Opensim ~ part 1


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Rory Torrance ~ The Space Between the World

It had been about three years since I’d ventured into open sim. Recently I became aware of a project that has been at least a year and a half in the making, 1 Biennale, which can be visited in Metropolis Metaversum. Many of the artists involved are avatars whom I’ve heard of, in Second Life.

Rory Torrance

At first, I simply wanted to visit once, to see if I could find it. At some point I began to get drawn into wanting to share my experience of it.

Rory Torrance

The project seems very complex to me, and the scope of it is more than I can cover in this one blog post. The 1 Biennale website is confusing and I don’t understand some of the language being used. Many of the pages are not seen online; rather are accessed by clicking on prims, on location in Metropolis.

Rory Torrance ~ Pie in the Sky

I am willing to see how I can present this in a series; by no stretch of the imagination am I a virtual world, art scene insider. Elle Thorkveld, one of the artists, has volunteered to help me with info for blogging, and I’ve been told that Juliette SurrealDreaming may be available to answer my questions when she’s online.

Rory Torrance

The installation by Rory Torrance is dynamic, with moving pieces.

I intend to share how I got back into Metropolis after about 3 years away, as well as help guide in the direction of setting up a Metropolis Metaversum account, shown below. Avatars from Osgrid and other opensims can visit 1 Biennale.

Rory Torrance

But first, there is a field trip tomorrow, October 4, at 1:00 pm SLT. This is the second field trip, I believe, the first having been the grand opening on Thursday, September 27.

Rory Torrance

“Each Thursday through October, Art Blue will be premiering one to two landsets. Both he and Juliette will be in attendance, as well as hopefully the specific builders/artists of what is being shown, to share about the landset in a walk about in opensims at Metropolis Grid: Visit 1Biennale.”

Elle Thorkveld ~ Fog in the Machine

Basically, nine artists made cubes, which contain their art, and are shown in pavilions. They are in something called oar files which can be rezzed, and then taken back into inventory. Everything is not rezzed out, all at the same time.

Elle Thorkveld

The “landsets” to be premiered tomorrow are Elle Thorkveld’s Fog in the Machine and The Space Between the World by Rory Torrance. (I will be able to see the landsets of the artists shown last Thursday, by requesting someone with access to the oar files to show me.) My plan is to have at least a few photos of each artist’s work. These landsets have been available for visiting this week.

Elle Thorkveld

The installation by Elle Thorkveld is dynamic, with flashing lights and moving pieces. It includes integration poseballs. Many of us enjoy photographing our avatars, and I did so with my Pearl Grey @ Metropolis avatar, which you can see in some of the photos.

Elle Thorkveld


You can participate in one of two ways:

1. If you can’t attend the actual field trip held in Metropolis Metaversum, you are welcome to join us up in Obscure Hall here at Surreal Gallery for a Screen Share of the event. Same date / same time.” That’s 1:00 pm SLT.  Obscure Hall is #9 in the teleport options.

Elle Thorkveld

Here are instructions from a note card that was shared. (Some of it is different from my experience, which I will write about later.)


2. If you are interested in attending the actual Grand Opening in Metropolis Metaversum, here is the hyperjump to the location:

If you have NEVER been to Metropolis or another open simulator grid, follow these simple directions and we look forward to seeing you there! PLEASE DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO DO THIS. Give yourself a few days incase you need Admin help.

Step 1 – Create your free Metro Avatar Go to: https://hypergrid.org/metropolis/metro_rg_en.php

or if you want an Art Blue Eye Avatar go here to register: http://sb3.hypergrid.net

And then follow the directions just like you did for Second Life. You are advised to use a different password than the one you use in Second Life.

Step 2 – Firestorm Viewer You will need to be sure you have the Firestorm Viewer that is also for opensims. Simply update your viewer if need be.

Open Preferences > Opensim > Grid Manager – under Manage Grids choose “Metropolis Metaversum” – make note of the login URI: hypergrid.org:8002

Step 3 – First Time Login – Type your NEW Metropolis avatar name like this example: Juliette SurrealDreaming @ Metropolis Metaversum – Make sure Grid is set to: Metropolis Metaversum – Location will be normal “Home”

Step 4 – Teleporting to location When you login, you will be at the Metropolis Metaversum Welcome Area, now you will hyperjump to the location for the 1Biennale Grand Opening.

– Go to the WORLD tab at top of screen – Open WORLD MAP – In the FIND area, type: Visit 1Biennale and click Find – Once the map changes and it is listed in the box, simply click TELEPORT”

Elle Thorkveld

This project looks to have been an enormous amount of work, and I’m not complaining that it appears to not be visitor-friendly. It seems to be more about presentation for the real world and long-term preservation of virtual 3D art. There is a purchasable book involved, and a grand opening on Santorini, November 1st.

Elle Thorkveld

Again, more details and lists of names can be found on the 1Biennale website. I will organize my posts here as I’m able.

edit ~ Lampithaler is included in this landset tour; there’s more info coming soon.