Fire Moon ~ Burn2


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view from build by John Brianna

view from build by John Brianna

The theme for the current Burn2 event, January 27–29, is Fire Moon. The first New Moon of 2017 was Friday the 27th of January; the Chinese New Year is the 28th, which ushers in the Year of the Fire Rooster.

(The above photo was taken when John’s build was unfinished; I really like the look of it. The finished build is great too.)

by Daark Gothly

by Daark Gothly

The colors for the builds are gorgeous, lots of fire and roosters; near the landing are boards with events listed.  Most of the info is there, way more than on the blog.

by Fauve Aeon

by Fauve Aeon

There are some interesting things to interact with. The builds will be up for about a week after this weekend’s festivities.

by Mazie Halpern

by Mazie Halpern

by Molly Nakamon

by Molly Nakamon

by Veyot

by Veyot

by Fly (15minuteflygirl)

by Fly (15minuteflygirl)

These photos were taken a few days before Fire Moon opened so I could enjoy just being at some of the events.

The circular picture shown in the middle of the above photo now has text: “New moon is a time to create your visions, setting new intentions and goals. It is the time of a new cycle and bringing focus and awareness on positive and loving intentions, raises your frequency and allows you to create what you dream about. Start fresh and positive.”

by Herbie Haven

by Herbie Haven

Steampunk is represented.

by Daark Gothly

by Daark Gothly

As are aliens.




Spotlight on Two Established and Three New Venues


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The ever changing mainland has numerous welcoming and interesting spots. One such place is Cafe Klaus, in Patagonia on the Atoll. “A roadside joint and arts venue on Route 1 in the South Western Heterocera Atoll region. A place to relax with friends in surroundings vaguely evocative of the colonial era, enjoy a morning coffee, a sundowner or cocktails and jazz on the verandah.” Cafe Klaus is always open.


Regulars to the Sundowners Events often show up via one of a variety of rides, (I like to ride a scooter to and from). Sometimes there are spontaneous road trips to check out some new development of interest.

“Sundowners is served on Mondays and Thursdays from 3 to 4pm (SLT). Do drop in to enjoy the evening light, sip a cocktail and engage in casual conversation as the shadows grow longer. Klaus will be around to make you welcome and you may even make some new friends.”  This time of year one arrives in the dark and we watch the sunrise until the time changes and it will once again be cocktails and chat while the sun goes down.


Also on the Atoll, IRN + WINE Restaurant and Hangout is a new place in Ethmia.


“American Style GastroPub, created by SAULGOODiE. Relax. Enjoy the Stream.”


For well over a year, Art Study Group has been meeting, lead by avatar Tiffany Mosienko. It began at Art Farm in the latter half of 2015, met in a variety of places afterwards, mostly at the former Artist Colony in Deimos and has now been meeting in a lovely spot at Community Virtual Library, Bradley University.  The topics are related to art using 3D avatar worlds. Some recent field trips have been to Michael Wright Fine Art Museum, UTSA ArtSpace and Lichtbringer.


The group meets for about an hour. Mondays at 6:00 p.m. SLT in text chat. The light changes beautifully while avatars have discussion around the fire. Notices are posted in VB Friends group. All are welcome. 1_21-blog-9

I’m enjoying reading the storytelling about The Sail Inn Motel in Askja.

“Fine dining and lovely rooms.
No vacancy, but visitors welcome.
Occupied by imaginary guests.”

If you visit, the door you go in looks like the one in these photos.


There are about fifteen or so short Tumblr posts with photos about the stories taking place regarding the Sail Inn Motel, beginning here.  1_21-blog-1

A new cafe has opened on Satori on a 512 parcel simply called Wyrd. Rocking chairs have been added out front since the above photo was taken. The Greedy Greedy game on the roof has been quite popular.


Otherwise, it’s a quiet, pleasant place to talk or do some work.

Should you go and find the game table occupied, the established (and recently landscaping upgraded) Saul’s Place nearby has a Chalkboard Pictionary Game, Connect 4, Chatterbox sets and Greedy Table for everyone to enjoy.

“Hand” by Bryn Oh at Immersiva


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I’ve visited Bryn Oh’s Hand at Immersiva at least five or six times. I use the Lab Viewer on a low-end laptop with an often poor internet connection. Also I have a serious chronic illness that affects my experience in world. In the past I’ve found Bryn Oh’s sim exhibits to be inaccessible; I simply wasn’t up for dealing with them.


Many of the posts on this blog are about art exhibits. Often the avatars I chat with bring up Bryn Oh’s name and they hold her work in high regard. I’ve listened to them, looked at Flickr photos taken at Immersiva and left the visiting and posting to others.

One of the avatars on my contact list, a lovely sort whom I met at one of Squonk’s exhibits some years ago, is on the list for the sole reason of an offer to help me navigate a Bryn Oh installation should I ever wish.  I felt satisfaction in having a brief exchange with her on one of my visits to this installation as a friend and I explored the apartment building the same time as she.


I found Hand to be a worthwhile experience even with my above mentioned challenges. My first visit was (accidentally) before it officially opened, having seen a photo and link on Flickr. The lack of a crowd helped me ease into looking around.


I needed to accept an “experience”, something I’d not done before. To visit Bryn’s Immersiva, that only needs to be done once. The HUD has shown up again when I’ve returned and disappears when I teleport out.

I did need to turn my graphics up higher to see the particle ball that would teleport me in to the exhibit; I believe I left it on high for these photos. I chose sunset or midday light on the Lab Viewer so I could best see.


The sim isn’t more laggy for me than I’m accustomed to elsewhere. I didn’t click on every single thing but everything I did check out was made by Bryn except for one HPMD bird in the apartment building. I am amazed at all the different media that went into this project. Somehow all the pages of the story arrived in order; I was less interested in the narrative than in the immersion into the world.


I did need help navigating. After falling about 15 times attempting to get into the apartment building I asked a friend to teleport me onto each floor. (Some of them I could manage on my own once in the building.) We had an interesting conversation about accessibility and the rights of artists to create as they wish.hand_005

I enjoyed my subsequent visits and feel I can suggest it as a destination for first time visitors or for those without the recommended set up.  Photos of how the sim is meant to be seen can be found online as well as blog posts in which Bryn Oh has given information to the blogger.

I do believe that of any creations that might still exist of our virtual world hundreds of years from now, Bryn Oh’s art would be among them. It (Hand)  is a little too dark for my personal preference lately; I’m glad I checked it out.

Some doubt as to the future of the Immersiva sim has been expressed; you might want to visit before the end of this month.


Donations can be given. This avatar chose to go out of control playing the gacha machine instead.


“Just Pics” at Montara Bridge Works


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Now on exhibit through the end of February, Just Pics is a series of ten photographs by Pixel Crescendo.  Taken in Second Life of places Pixel has liked to spend time, they focus on subtle details in a way that leaves them open to interpretation.


Pixel is a contributor to the art collective Cybertwigs.

In world he has accepted invitations to do private projects and to exhibit at Wanderlust Bench Art Park. This is his first gallery show. The photos are not for sale but copies may be taken.

Merry Christmas 2016


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Merry Christmas to you, my readers. Whatever way of reflection and celebration is meaningful to you this time of year, may you be blessed.

We want the same things, right? To live in a peaceful world where we and our loved ones have health and the opportunities to express ourselves and earn a fair living. For those who want respect and appreciation to receive them and for those who want their basic needs met to have them met.


May we be able to look back on yet another tough and often discouraging year and see where some good things did happen and that we did rise to many occasions to give our best.

May the coming year find more people waking up, moving more gracefully and with easier and faster processing than we did. May more become aware how archaic and passe that inflammatory speech, snark, disrespect and violence really is. May more be lifting their bowed heads up from their smart phones, looking around and asking themselves what new and better ways need to be created and how they can contribute.


Thanks to my readers who “like” and comment on my posts and to my lurkers who come forward and give me appreciative feedback inworld.  I enjoy publishing a non-commercial blog celebrating and sharing what some of our creative avatars are doing whether it be in galleries, exhibition sims or in the welcoming and interesting spaces on the mainland.


The photos were taken at The Cruelty of Peace by Lilia Artis at LEA 6 which remains open through the end of this year.

The Brother’s Tale


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The Brother’s Tale, an exhibition by Silas Merlin at Pica Pica, is open just a few days through the 27th of this month.


The original purpose for the exhibit was for Silas to experiment and play around.


For best viewing, set Advanced Lighting Model in graphics tab in preferences. I also ticked Atmospheric Shaders in the Lab viewer. With the windlight (Annan Adored’s Dusty) and the terrain textures in pastel medium, the exhibit is quite magical.


Many of the figures are giant versions of characters from The Storybook gacha available at The Silas Gallery, Babbage Square and also in Ville de Coeur.   There are two new sculptures, The Wonder and The Brother’s Tale which will eventually be at the gallery.


Haveit Neox has made a wonderful video filmed at this exhibit, The Brothers Tale: Art by Silas Merlin.

The Wonder

The Wonder

Silas also has work at Vision of Beauty Art Complex and Holly Kai Park.



:: L [o] L :: ~ Library of Landmarks


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Between now and the end of the year, the very new Library of Landmarks, :: L [o] L :: is accepting donations; donors will have their name placed on a Patron Plaque. Located in Wyrd on the continent of Satori, the library has been a dream of Saul Goodie’s for a while and just recently seemed to spring up in a brief amount of time.

Of course, donations will always be appreciated after that; the Patron Plaque deadline is the end of the year.


From the information notecard:

“Thank you for visiting the Library of Landmarks, a public project created and curated by Saul Goodie. The mission of this library is to collect, organize and feature quality locations from across the Second Life grid.

Please enjoy the selection of Landmarks; each category has 4 featured landmarks with quick links – simply use the map to teleport! Click the FOLDER button to receive a folder of Landmarks related to the category of your choosing.”


“If you feel you have a Location worth admitting to the Library, please attach the Landmark to a notecard with an explanation and drop in the Suggestion Box on the Library Front Desk. We encourage submissions of all types, even if they do not fit the displayed categories.

You can also use the Suggestion Box on the Library Front Desk to: recommend new categories, report dead or inactive landmarks, request feature spot highlight, or request landmark removal, and misc. questions.”


Current Displayed Categories :
ART **

** = Under Construction


The library is next to Saul’s Steampunk Cafe on Route 8B.

The Chair Conservatory ~ Sedge


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The Chair Conservatory, an exhibition on a sky platform in Sedge on the Atoll continent, has been used as a set for a music video.  The chair project grew out of a casual conversation about inventory, collections and creative expression being the right of everyone who so wished.


Simply, chairs from a couple of inventories were rezzed and settings were made to show them. It was amusing and fun to work on.


A Sitting Party had been planned for what turned out to be a difficult week in the U.S. after a harsh and draining season. Some of us carried on.


Avatars were encouraged to wear costumes and snap photos.


A project like this is something almost anyone can do, not requiring a lot of time and hours and hours of learning software.


Some people have lots of lamps. Some collect animals.


Auto return was turned off for a while and avatars rezzed favorite and/or silly chairs.

I made a 4:07 slideshow of the Sitting Party.


The Chair Conservatory is still open with sets changing from time to time. The public are welcome; photography and filming encouraged.

The Joy Formidable


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This is a reminder that continuing through the end of December, The Joy Formidable by Livio Korobase can be found on the ground level of Berg by Nordan Art.


You can ride paper airplanes, pose with cats and slow dance with a friend. joy-2

There’s a teleport sign near the SLurl landing from this blog up to the gallery to view L’avion en Papier by ◦⊱ Mi ⊰◦, also closing at the end of this month.  joy-5

The audio stream is a beautiful balance to much of the noise and music out there at this time.