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The current art at Wanderlust Bench Art Park will continue to be exhibited until the end of February. The view has been changing with neighbor’s renovations, land sold and abandoned and some recent weird terraforming on abandoned land which might be coding errors or some strategy on the part of the Lab.


Joining us is Ani Jung with three beautiful nature photographs.

The piece propped against the wall to the left gives a notecard with a timely philosophical quote.


From left to right, by ChrysTeRox, Saul Goodie, Lynette Trinity, Elle Thorkveld and Mango Lassi.


Soon we’ll have been here for one year. I’ve learned a lot taking care of this place and enjoy hanging out with friends here so I don’t begin to associate it only with working and communication tasks. Behind us on the wall to the left are the current destination posters with landmarks and then photography by Pixel Crescendo and Mr Kaplan, the park owner.


Kate Silver, Princess Muse Rose, Wheedle and RMarie Beedit.


Adjacent to the park at the cafe there is a collage by baker Bloch and posters for ongoing events as well as current exhibitions.


The gorgeous kaleidoscope is by Kamika Ying.


I’ve made some shadowboxes and this one came in handy when I needed something to exhibit here. There’s a photograph on the back of it. An animated sculpture by Elle Thorkveld is nearby.


There are some home decor pieces too. The vases like the one shown in the left of the photo get changed more often than every two months.

The large birdhouse contains a couple of 3D Cylents and a quiet lounge.


Saul Goodie has begun putting some of his designs on men and women’s clothing for the new STYYLL FASHION brand.


To help keep things enjoyable, a friend and I are doing a related side project, the Wanderlust Art Truck Tour which will be stopping at various small parcels on the mainland for about 10 — 14 days each. The soft opening was February 1st and film clips have been collected of some of the visitors so far. The exhibit will be in Rosieri through the 9th and will open in another location on the 11th.

There are five more locations penciled in. A poster is on the cafe side at Wanderlust with current locations. If you’d like to participate by contributing low Li art, being in the documentaries or hosting the truck please contact me, pearlgrey resident.

This first location isn’t usually a public destination. I accidentally auto returned my home while filming the truck, which is difficult to drive, as it entered the yard. After the shock, I found it hilarious to edit a (less than two minute) video of it.