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The ever changing mainland has numerous welcoming and interesting spots. One such place is Cafe Klaus, in Patagonia on the Atoll. “A roadside joint and arts venue on Route 1 in the South Western Heterocera Atoll region. A place to relax with friends in surroundings vaguely evocative of the colonial era, enjoy a morning coffee, a sundowner or cocktails and jazz on the verandah.” Cafe Klaus is always open.


Regulars to the Sundowners Events often show up via one of a variety of rides, (I like to ride a scooter to and from). Sometimes there are spontaneous road trips to check out some new development of interest.

“Sundowners is served on Mondays and Thursdays from 3 to 4pm (SLT). Do drop in to enjoy the evening light, sip a cocktail and engage in casual conversation as the shadows grow longer. Klaus will be around to make you welcome and you may even make some new friends.”  This time of year one arrives in the dark and we watch the sunrise until the time changes and it will once again be cocktails and chat while the sun goes down.


Also on the Atoll, IRN + WINE Restaurant and Hangout is a new place in Ethmia.


“American Style GastroPub, created by SAULGOODiE. Relax. Enjoy the Stream.”


For well over a year, Art Study Group has been meeting, lead by avatar Tiffany Mosienko. It began at Art Farm in the latter half of 2015, met in a variety of places afterwards, mostly at the former Artist Colony in Deimos and has now been meeting in a lovely spot at Community Virtual Library, Bradley University.  The topics are related to art using 3D avatar worlds. Some recent field trips have been to Michael Wright Fine Art Museum, UTSA ArtSpace and Lichtbringer.


The group meets for about an hour. Mondays at 6:00 p.m. SLT in text chat. The light changes beautifully while avatars have discussion around the fire. Notices are posted in VB Friends group. All are welcome. 1_21-blog-9

I’m enjoying reading the storytelling about The Sail Inn Motel in Askja.

“Fine dining and lovely rooms.
No vacancy, but visitors welcome.
Occupied by imaginary guests.”

If you visit, the door you go in looks like the one in these photos.


There are about fifteen or so short Tumblr posts with photos about the stories taking place regarding the Sail Inn Motel, beginning here.  1_21-blog-1

A new cafe has opened on Satori on a 512 parcel simply called Wyrd. Rocking chairs have been added out front since the above photo was taken. The Greedy Greedy game on the roof has been quite popular.


Otherwise, it’s a quiet, pleasant place to talk or do some work.

Should you go and find the game table occupied, the established (and recently landscaping upgraded) Saul’s Place nearby has a Chalkboard Pictionary Game, Connect 4, Chatterbox sets and Greedy Table for everyone to enjoy.