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Deliberare Humanum Est (Because Pretending We’re Not seeing it is Diabolical) by Marina Münter, is open until December 12 at G. B. T. H. Project. It opened November 11th, prompted by a recent election in Brazil. The setting is a favela. Near the landing is a cart, with a folder including a notecard about the installation.

“Deliberare Humanum Est (Because Pretending We’re Not seeing it is Diabolical) actually brings more questions than answers. Inside, there are two rooms: one with a possible reproduction of a home in the favela and other with laptops open with a few real reports in English about Bolsonaro, the military and some of the real damage caused by them.”

The room with clickable laptops for news reports.

The G.B.T.H. Project, (Grab By The Horns), is a concept gallery curated by Marina Münter and Megan Prumier. The installations change monthly.

“We believe that Second Life is a powerful creative platform and try our best to make use and learn at our own path the tools available in it.”

Deliberare Humanum Est is Marina Münter’s fourth solo exhibition. An artist bio is included in the folder available from the cart near the  landing.