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A mysterious old man has been reported invading a room in Kowloon, and there’s a game event which opened December 2, in which you can attempt to repel the intruder. It doesn’t take long, isn’t too difficult, and you can win a cool prize.

The board near the landing has instructions in Japanese and English. You select a weapon. The “weak” weapon is free, and works fine but takes longer to repel the mysterious man. The medium weapon is 3$L, and the strong one  is 10L$. Select your weapon, wear it, and teleport to the  room.

I got out my camera and attempted to stay out of the way as my traveling companion prepared to battle the intruder. He used the free weapon, and the intruder kept arriving at a reasonable pace, through the window, fireplace or door. After a predetermined number of hits with the weapon, (stand within 1 meter from the intruder and right click), the prize is received, and you can exit through the door. Please bring your sense of humor with you.

The prize is a high quality, animesh micro robot. It has a dedicated HUD that allows for color change, and controls to open/close the canopy. It can be attached to a miniature avatar. It’s amusing to watch running around; the sounds are well-done too.

If you need a miniature avatar, there is a micro rabbitroid available for purchase for 30L$. (I was unable to locate the avatars via the SLurl provided in this blog post.)

Exploring Kowloon has always been enjoyable for me.