hhh_003A silent auction and photo exhibition is running through May at Hope Haven Heroes Gallery through the end of May. It’s easy to bid at Visions of Hope. There’s info next to each photo that shows the current amount. You can click on the title boards to increase the bid at least L100. The auction is to benefit Relay for Life of SL.hhh_004The photographers are Serei Guena, Bijoulee, Bear Silvershade, Morganistik, Skippy Beresford, Trinity Yazimoto, Dru G. Eiren-Mineaux, Ricco Saenz, Tomais Ashdene,Em Larsson, Randy Firebrand, Hills, Ziki Questi, Boudicca Amat and Pusher Gearbox.hhh_005You can read more about the auction on this blog post by Ricco Saenz, who organized the auction with the help of numerous people.hhh_006There are three floors of photographic art. The above picture shows one of the views from the rooftop. The gallery is in an A rated region.hhh_007