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Ecological Histories of a Synthetic Future is an installation that you may have seen at SL18B in June. It was one of my favorites. Our world here is of an ephemeral nature, and we can miss out on many things. I was delighted to point friends in the direction of the build while it was rezzed.

Now, I’m happy to share that the creator, Poppy Morris, has been invited to set up the visual and audio art installation once again.

The location is in the Maryport region of Sansara, a visitor and newbie friendly area with some long established parcels.

Poppy built the bunkers that holds her 2D art pieces.

“As an artist, I am concerned with the interplay between class, economics, and environmental collapse. Thinking about our place in history and our possible future trajectories, I consider our relationship to freedom and our submissions to the controls over our time while the environmental casualties pile up around us. Since the period of the Industrial Revolution, our modes of labour and production have radically transformed the way we relate as humans, to each other and the land. I think it is of critical importance to observe the differences between competition and mutual aid as it relates to the organization of societies while considering ourselves in community with the natural world. “
“The music heard on the parcel are the recordings of the real life artist behind the avatar Poppy Morris. These recordings are from two albums being released in the summer of 2021. The sounds are created using contact microphones and effects pedals on a weaving loom and spinning wheel as well as vocals, and light activated drone machines built by the artist (drone machines can be heard on the track titled Persistence Beyond All truth). Poppy Morris performs in world using an exact replica of her weaving loom and effects pedals built by Bounce Greggan.
Debut album FORMS released in 2019 was voted number one on the top ten noise albums of 2019 list by Magnet Magazine.”
The link to the artist’s bandcamp can be found on the notecard from the nc giver on the parcel.  The guestbook is located next to the weaving loom.

I had the pleasure of attending an inworld performance July 3rd on the rooftop of Infinite Art Gallery in Bembecia where the artist exhibits her work for sale.

“Poppy Morris is an avatar representation of a real life Canadian artist beginning her art career working in paint and has since expanded her practice to include textiles, new media and sound. Exhibiting and performing internationally, she currently exhibits installations featuring textile, sound sculpture, and video and performs live as a sound artist. In her practice she looks at the human’s relationship with technology through employing early technologies such as weaving and dying with plants, to building machines using electronics and micro controllers, to most recently developing an interest in creating worlds and machinima in the virtual world.”
A zipline runs from one of the bunker tops to the park-like setting below. The parcel is owned by Prokofy Neva.
I especially enjoy that the installation is located on the mainland.  There are other places of interest in the area.
The hangout area with the campfire is especially lovely at night, with the parcel’s ambient nature sounds.