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In mid-April, the Art Park turned five, quite a while in SL years, and even RL years considering all the changes, and the pace of that world. Several of the artists and participants have contributed consistently since the very beginning. I see my roles as Park Ranger, Documentarian, Role Model for Persistence, and Artist.

_Wanderlust Art Park Mar-April 2021_009

The photo above shows my work on the ground floor of the gallery building at Wanderlust Cafe and Art Park Expansion, owned by Minty Vanilla, who has generously shared the parcel for the past five years.

_Wanderlust Art Park Mar-April 2021_008

The Cafe currently holds some pieces by Klaus. These photos are of the March and April exhibit, and over the next week and a half the works will shift to the next two months.

_Wanderlust Art Park Mar-April 2021_007

On the 512 Wanderlust Art Park parcel, there are two virtual photos by Kate Silver, taken at Orange by Livio Korobase, which is closing at the end of this month.

_Wanderlust Art Park Mar-April 2021_006

This piece is by Quinn, who has hosted the Art Park for the past five years.

_Wanderlust Art Park Mar-April 2021_005

On the left, digital art by Elle Thorkveld, and a virtual photograph by Veyot. They’ve both been consistently supportive with their work, and adding to the sense of community.

_Wanderlust Art Park Mar-April 2021_004

Klaus has been a contributor since the beginning, not only with images, but also with the written word in the form of original Art Park Essays, and sometimes quotes which can be received via notecard. He is also a handyperson and sounding board.

_Wanderlust Art Park Mar-April 2021_003

My digital piece is on the left. Wheedle’s art, on the right, is actually for May and June. I didn’t get to the park with my camera in time for his previous piece. He has consistently updated his art since the beginning, and has also gifted us with creative posters for Wanderlust, and for Second Life.

_Wanderlust Art Park Mar-April 2021_001

Klaus’ Art Park Essay is notecarded in the image on the right. Veyot’s lovely Owl photo is on the left, which was preceded by a photo of one of Cica’s Saxophonists, echoing Klaus’ saxophonist. The colorful, digital art in the middle is by Amy Inawe, who has shared a wonderful variety of pieces over the years. She is also a poet.

All kindly avatars are welcome to visit. Anyone interested in showing their art or writing, please contact pearlgrey resident.