Set between The Atoll Coast Road, and the sea, “Do small things with great love” is a parcel that welcomes visitors. The textures on each side of the wooden fence complement the respective parcel.


“Welcome friends! Please feel free to take a break, meditate, do some tai chi, play with the turtles, or just chill above and below the waves Please help yourself to drinks and snacks. Enjoy your day on the Atoll!”


The land is a 512 sq meter, and is owned by virtual christine, who has at least one other place on the grid welcoming visitors. It’s located in the snowlands near the end of the train route.


A Mer clam bed and swimming turtles are located underwater. The sound of waves and wind chimes can be heard, whether resting on the sand or the sea bed.


The seagulls, which are often very noisy elsewhere, are thankfully quiet here.


The parcel is fairly new, for those who haven’t travelled The Atoll Coast Road for awhile. It was claimed November 4 of last year, and has had at least one remodel since.


On the other side of the wooden fence, you can rez your vehicle. The parcel is called BORING BUFFER 3.


“It’s here, welcoming open space,
harmonizing natural terrain,
independent to neighbors’ free space,
without claim for own business.

Cherrys are blossoming currently, have a fun!”


The small parcel adjacent to BORING BUFFER 3, owned by the same group, “If we are truly the music”, is called “Act honestly for all, not chant great words for own.”

There’s a vehicle rezzer; the picture of the car looks like one of those fast ones I can’t control on the roads.

“For your driving :3
Anyone can use here without any properties!”