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The current exhibits at Wanderlust Bench Art Park continue through the end of the month. Zia Branner has a delightful selection of her artwork in the Wanderlust Cafe, and on the cafe rooftop.

The surrounding parcels have stabilized for the time being, and the cafe and park are a pleasant summer destination.

Owls watch over the outdoor dining area, including a digital art piece by Klaus, and a collage by Pearl Hyacinth.

One of my collages is exhibited next to a drawing by Wheedle in the park.

Colorful pieces are propped up against the wall – an animated digital piece by Amy Inawe, and a digital image containing an essay, by Klaus.

A photograph by Art Park owner Quinn, and a trompe l’oeil by Veyot are on the fence at the parcel border near the tango club.

All kindly visitors are welcome, and there is room for more art to be exhibited. Above from left to right are pieces by Klaus, Minty Vanilla, and Elle Thorkveld.