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Serinea’s Boat Dock and Visitor Center; Hikuelo

Hikuelo is a region in the continent of Sansara. Serinea’s Boat Dock and Visitor Center is a pleasant, minimalist build open to the public on the water with a 5 minute autoreturn.

It’s especially convenient for waiting, before setting off on an excursion with several avatars.

The Center is set up by Serinea Askold. The land description reads: “Visitors and suggestions welcome.”

The build is Pergola Pavillion by Abiss. Most of the parcels in the area are private residences, some of which have been here for a long time. Nearby is the SL Coast Guard, Hikuelo, and next to that is a wedding shop.

The Linden Road above to the right, is simply called Protected Land. It’s quite winding, looping around on itself with sometimes high hills to the side.

Nearby is another rez zone that will also let you access the road.