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Well over a month ago I was traveling through the Chilbo area on Jeogeot with a friend. We came across three parcels owned by Rah Rehula.

The first parcel, closest to the road in the direction we were traveling was The Happy Hat. 

“See Rah’s latest hats! Kick back and enjoy…There are often changes to the sound, the scenery and the inventory to suit Rah’s mood ;-)”

I went inside the Hideki Forest Cabin, a build I really like, and found welcoming spaces plus Rah’s art.

I’ve very recently returned to make sure these parcels still exist, and noticed the differing windlights which aren’t evident in these photos.

Close to The Happy Hat is Movie Time. “A flick place.”

It has the amenities for watching media.

I was impressed with the variety of the animal kingdom on the properties.

There are rabbits, pygmy goats, and an animated great horned owl among other creatures.

This parcel is called The Home of Imagination. The shared environment light is lovely, and quite different than what is shown here.  When I took these photos around the end of April, I thought this light lovely.

“The Storyteller Manor became Rah’s home quite some time ago. Please enjoy time spent here. Relax. Meditate. Read. Write. Snap some photos. You may find some crazy stuff…”

I poked around in every nook and cranny and believe I didn’t miss anything.

I didn’t stay as long as that reader though.