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YellowDots “Chatty Cafe” is a friendly, social establishment for avatars including new and returning residents. It’s located on a 3072 sq m parcel in Stanlee at the end of the West Coast Road on Jeogeot.

The open air cafe is in a park setting and rated Moderate.

“Welcome! Seeking friendly people? Like to chat? We want to meet you. Stop in! Join YellowDots group: Rez objects, set home to here. Sandbox, Changing Rooms, Hobo, Lonely, Friends, Coffee, Tea, Old, News, Art, Help, Returning, New, Date, Games”

The Cafe owner, Ann Forbes is currently working on the website, and also finds time to keep up to date with available tours, discussions and events.

There’s space for art exhibits on the fence. Currently there are pieces by Fau Ferdinand shown.

Pods travel by the area, and there are bike rezzers withing a short walking distance up the road at Jonson Springs in Ezquerra.