Eggs by Klaus

It was a very different world four years ago on April 17th, 2016 when Quinn Leilani obtained a 512 parcel in Quentin, Sansara with a new, bargain, three month Premium membership. He offered the use of the land to some artists who’d been exhibiting work in the old motel at Lollygaggers, as long as I was willing to take care the project.

springtime dream by Veyot and The Authentic Girl Collage by Pearl

I invited a few people to participate and was delighted when two days later LiL Mint (SAULGOODIE) bought the parcel next door and set up WANDERLUST Cafe and Art Park Expansion.

by Wheedle, Klaus, and LiL Mint

It was a lab experiment in exhibiting art, intended to be relaxing, and to encourage avatars to keep creating and showing their work. We wanted to forego the parties and events, and instead hope that the group members would take an interest in the creations and activities of each other.

by Elle Thorkveld and Quinn

Elle Thorkveld has one of her colorful digital art pieces for this round and Quinn chose a photo of the neighboring parcel on the Cafe side. Many neighbors have come and gone during the last four years. I miss the lighthouses, but not the banlined Correctional Center.

The Tango Club next to the park is quite lively, and often filled with dancers.  The landscaping next to the Cafe is restful, with Monkeypod trees and a beech forest. Perhaps the Quentin region will be somewhat stable for awhile.

by Amy Inawe, Klaus, and Myra Wildmist

Many of the group members appreciate the Mainland, and there are posters with landmarks to their cafe’s, galleries, and other public parcels.

For those who like to read, a brief, timely essay is available on a notecard in the piece Klaus props against the fence, as shown in the middle above.

3D collage by Pearl Grey

We began by changing the art every month, then realized it was more sustainable to show the exhibits for two months. Many of the artists have been consistently exhibiting for the entire four years.

Pulsar sculpture by Elle Thorkveld.

Part of the experiment had to do with changing the  “curator” role. I consider myself to be more of a park ranger, and an initiator instead of a “leader’.

LiL Mint has created a very pleasant space with the Cafe, and the courtyard which can hold 3D pieces and other installations. There’s a gallery on the parcel too.

by Zia Sophia

New, and very welcome to Art Park, and exhibiting in WANDERLUST Cafe is Zia Sophia (Zia Branner).

by Giselle Seeker

Giselle’s colorful works are on the ground floor of the gallery, and LiL Mint’s graphic art is on the top floor.

Real Life and Second Life are both unpredictable. At this point, I am planning to have another exhibit for May and June at Wanderlust Bench Art Park.