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Last Drop Cafe in Montiaur

For those of you who travel the mainland, have you come across a Last Drop Cafe? It began with one, and now there are nine. They are operated and decorated by different avatars, and are on at least four continents. The parcel sizes range from 192 – 1024 square meters.

The Cafe in Montiaur is operated by MBeatrix and Veyot. “Oh no, that lady at the Cafe is moving furniture again! But, come in and have some coffee and a sandwich.”

Last Drop Cafe in Craggen Maw

This shows the inside of the Cafe in Craggen Maw. The low Li, small footprint buildings were given to us by the builder, MBeatrix. Veyot and she operate this shop. There’s a gorgeous garden on the grounds with spring flowers and trees.

“Take the Last Drop Challenge! Can you visit all nine cafes? You can drive to the one at Chapala if you study the map a little. Take the free car or the bike outside and travel!”

Last Drop Cafe in Chapala

The shop in Chapala is on the smallest parcel – 192 sq m. It is operated by Klaus Bereznyak and me. One weekend, a large group of avatars did indeed travel from Craggen Maw to this location. Some of us continued on, while the rest of us sat and chatted.

Soon, there will be a notecard with a route mapped out to travel from this location to a different type of Cafe in Stanlee, at the end of West Coast Road, owned by Ann Forbes. The notecard will include rez zone landmarks along the way, and will be located inside a jar in the front yard.

“Cafe near rez zone. Art. Posters. Welcome. Get landmarks for the other Last Drop Cafes from the news vendor machine.”

Last Drop Cafe in Leafminer

The Coffee Shop in this location is part of Xiraz in Leafminer. It’s located near Leafminer Park and Mole Mart. There is a taxi rezzer out front. Avatars can travel be road to and from the Coffee Shop in Rustic.

Last Drop Cafe in Rustic

The Coffee Shop in Rustic is owned by Dawnie Macarthur. There’s seating out front overlooking the water, and pod boats go by at 8 minutes after the hour.  “Have your coffee on the deck by the water.”

Last Drop Cafe in Wyrd

The Last Drop Cafe at Wyrd is located on the continent of Satori, and gorgeously decorated by Seraphim Placebo. “Always open. Watch for our cafes wherever you travel.”

Zoe’s Last Drop Cafe at Shoshin Lodge

This is the only snowlands coffee shop so far. It’s located at Shoshin Lodge in Kendall. The Lodge, owned by Zoe Foodiboo, is open to the  public too.

“Welcome weary travelers! Come in, relax, warm up, make yourself something to eat. Rest up before you continue on your journey through the snowlands of Sansara.”

Last Drop Cafe in Taeniatum

The SLurl for this Cafe at Cultured Goats will take you directly inside the building. It is located on a very steep hill. You can climb down a ladder to a small park in front, or use the teleporter to access the treehouse art gallery above. The High Mountain Road is very close by, above the gallery. The parcel is owned by Elle Thorkveld, and the cafe is decorated by Klaus and me. “Art + Goats + Cafe”

Last Drop Cafe in Rosewood

This location is on the rocky land in Rosewood, just off Circuit La Corse.  It’s operated by Klaus and myself, and there are other things to look at and places to hang out on the small parcel called Last Drop Cafe and Dimensional Way Station. The black news vendor shown out front in the photo above contains a notecard with all the landmarks to the other locations.

“Welcome kindly avatars. Last Drop Cafe. Art. Hedda Sterne & William H. Johnson exhibit in sky gallery. Teleporter on outside wall in back of the parcel.”

My previous post is regarding the exhibit in the sky in Rosewood.

Veyot and MBeatrix have been inspiring with this project I’ve enjoyed the last month or so.