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“Shells” is a collection of digital collages inspired by the entire chapter on the subject in Gaston Bachelard’s Poetics of Space. The exhibit by Klaus Bereznyak is open through the end of March at Montara Bridge Works Gallery.

Klaus “instantly connected with the author’s words as a long-time collector of shells and fossils and a lover of the diverse forms of habitable space.”

“On the first floor are five works in square format reflecting on the primal meanings I associate with shells.”

“On the second floor are six large-format pieces in a coherent sequence, each leading to the next.”

“Put together these would create a whole picture, yet each stands on its own. It is for the watcher to simply enjoy the ideas that arise in the mind in response to this sequence.”

Montara Bridge Works Gallery is located in the sky on Sansara. A teleport leads to the beach below, near the Hooper Bridge.