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Created by Fleming Helfenstein, Hill of Crosses is located in one of my favorite virtual places, Verdigris. The classic Verdigris windlight is used in the build; I’ve lightened the exposure on these photos.

At the landing point is an info board with welcoming notecard.

Hill of Crosses is inspired by a Real Life location in Lithuania. The notecard contains a link to the Wikipedia page.

“This is not a graveyard, but a quiet place of peace, introspection and tranquility.”

“A sense of melancholia lies over the small hill, and it can be a site of mourning and longing. The items and plants – even the layout of the ground – are often symbolic, but instead of telling too much I would like to invite visitors to create their own meaning and story here.”

“Please feel free to explore the parcel, there are many hidden (non-adult) corners inviting to rest and relax.”

I found Hill of Crosses to be a lovely, restful place; the music stream is appropriate for the sim. I enjoyed the pathways and the spirit of contemplation.

A Flickr group is listed, and contact info for those who want to rez their own cross.