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A lovely homestead nestled between Sparquerry and ACC Alpha, qeddoq has been created with heart over several months, beginning some time last early autumn.

The efficient, fun rail system will transport you to and from Port of Sparquerry on one side of the island. The house in the left of the photo above is phantom: the walls are covered with sketches.

I was delighted that I’d intrepidly poked around into so many details, finding these sketches by Haveit Neox, the creator of qeddoq.

There are nature areas, with seating for lingering, and whimsical touches including a miniature village.

The underground caverns are restful. Exploration will yield the discovery of a piano, a throne, and a bathtub.

There are artistic elements that hold memories.

The courtyard holds tables for dining with an abundance of flowers, plants, and fountains. There are two lovely outdoor pools on each end of the small village, and more dining and dancing on the outdoor terraced landscape.

Follow the arrow down to more dining below the courtyard. And the washroom is well worth seeking out.

I find qeddoq to be wonderfully complimentary to Port of Sparquerry and ACC Alpha.

And it has its own unique beauty and charm.

The train system will transport you to and from ACC Alpha on another side of the island. It could take weeks, even months to explore all there is to see on these sims by Haveit Neox.