There’s a collaborative building project happening in Kowloon. A 100 story building has been constructed, with a variety of avatar tenants who’ve each installed a room.

Magnum Yoshikawa, the sim owner and project manager has created this wonderful activity that’s enjoyable to visit, and also in which to participate.

There were a few changes since the building began about two weeks ago, and the space has filled quickly. The “floors” were purchased, and coordinates were given to stack one on top of the other. Available Li ran out, and the original 22 Li floors were updated to a 10 Li version.

An avatar can walk up all the stairs in the back, some of which have been personalized.

Flying is allowed, and one can be selective of which floors to further explore.

The textures inside can be changed, and with one click. reset.

There’s a good number of bars, lounges, and snack rooms. Some holiday season decor is included, and even a welcoming space for vampires. There are at least two corpses in the building last I checked.

The protocol was fairly easy, – purchase a floor, click on a sign to request admittance into the group, wait for the invite, and rez the floor on top of the last one. Many of the notices during the changes had English instructions, as well as Japanese; Google translate worked great.

Numbers have been placed on the side of the building at each 10 stories to help with getting bearings. There are 102 floors as of right now.

My floor is fairly close to the ground. I put some art pieces I’ve made, and then removed one to help with the overall primmage.

This build will come down sometime in mid-January, and then another will go up for those who couldn’t participate this time. More information can be found on the Kowloon blog, which has a post in English text, as well as Japanese.