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The November AiR at InterstellART is Elle Thorkveld. Her exhibit Signal Jam is open through the end of this month.

“Signal Jam presents individual stills from experimental video art. Many of the images shown are a form of glitch art based on manipulation of the source video. Original videos were created using generative processes, machine learning or machinima.”

“They were modified using video processing software in creative sessions, often set to music and captured in real-time. The selected images reflect my love of color and form. They capture fleeting moments in playful creation.” ~ Elle Thorkveld

About Elle Thorkveld ~

“Digital artist who works in a variety of media including: video, generative art, glitch art, music, virtual worlds art, sculpture and installation. My art focuses on the use of color, novel combinations, movement, randomness & unpredictability.
I have exhibited in numerous Second Life galleries and festivals, in Open Sim and in real life venues.”

The exhibit contains a wide range of colors, composition and forms. It’s difficult to choose favorites. I am more drawn to the warm colors at this time.  When you’re done enjoying the Signal Jam exhibit, there’s plenty of other interesting art on the InterstellART sim.