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Recently I was travelling on the road in Shinda below Inspire Space Park. It had been awhile, and so I don’t know how long the current public places have been set up as they are.

I grabbed a LM and returned a few weeks later, beginning near a sign by a caravan.  I explored nearby, and then moved further on to Area 51 which is quite noticeable from the road. Huge boulders can be seen bouncing up and down, and there are a couple of animesh aliens lurking about.

There are a few signs scattered along the road indicating the public is welcome. Vehicles can be rezzed near the large balloon. The land description says:  “Inspire Space Park & surrounding neighbors have joined together to create an enchanting & magical land filled with flowing streams, waterfalls, ponds, lush forests, tropical retreats, gorgeous beaches & so much more!”

There are teleporters to get to specific areas; some are for the sky locations. It had been quite awhile since I’ve encountered a one-day-old avatar, but this one didn’t walk into me repeatedly so may have been an alt.

“Explore a part of Inspire that will completely enchant the senses & imagination. Visit our all new Steam Punk themed park with flowing rivers, waterfalls, romantic beaches, nature & more! Relax & enjoy!”

The 8192 parcel has been owned by Virtual Life Media since 2011.

Part of the Roadside Nature Reserve has items from Mindgardens Creations.

“Mindgardens Creations _ Fantasy Landscaping Trees, Grass & More, Butsu”  With some sleuthing, one could find a shop or marketplace for the creations.

The different parcels blend nicely, and the land descriptions seem mostly up to date. I was unable to find an original art collection mentioned, but enjoyed exploring the area.

There’s more to see across the road from Inspire Space Park Nature Reserve Roadside.

There are places to linger near the water at Papa Primbee’s Diner. And there’s another crash site.