The autumn season exhibit at Bench Art Park and Wanderlust Cafe and Art Park Expansion holds 2D and 3D art, writing, and posters for events and destinations.

The previous box/collection of destinations from May 2017, had 6 of an original 18 landmarks remaining current, which is good in SL. A new, updated box of posters is available, with a folder of the posters/landmarks in a free box, or individual posters from the wall.

Myra Wildmist contributed a photo using projectors.

Digital art by Amy Inawe and Klaus. A timely essay is on a notecard in the piece by Klaus.

Elle Thorveld

By Wheedle, Klaus, and Lil Mint.

By Veyot and Pearl Grey.

The Reverent Fear is a story by MBeatrix set in Innsmouth. The book links to the story on Tumblr, and a collection of photos is exhibited nearby.

By Seraphim Placebo

Wanderlust Cafe is holding photos by Melusina Parkin from a private collection. There are 3D pieces on the roof and in the courtyard of the cafe.

The ground floor of the gallery has an exhibit by Giselle Seeker. Lil Mint is showing digital art on the floor above.

You’re welcome to stop by and enjoy the art, park, and cafe.