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Moon Stew Cafe in Patagonia is open and welcoming all the times. For October and November, the establishment is decorated for the season.

“Welcome to Moon Stew Cafe, where we are celebrating the music of Dr. John (1941-2019) through October and November.

Also known as Mac Rebennack, Dr. John was a well-loved, sometime controversial, larger-than-life practitioner of all things New Orleans and, in particular, his gumbo of syncopated piano shuffles.”

“Not unlike Sun Ra, the patron saint of Moon Stew Cafe, Dr. John lived by his own rules and was partial to a flamboyant outfit. When he died in June this year, USA Today described him as ‘a living symbol of New Orleans and its vast musical heritage.’ ”

“There are things to do, so please feel free to immerse.

– The Doctor is on the parcel stream; you might need to toggle it to get it going.

– The two media panels are showing live footage of Dr. John in concert. You’ll need media turned on and then click the panel (sometimes twice) to load the videos.

– Play Boogie Woogie on the piano! If you sit at the piano and click on the decorated panel in front of you, you’ll be amazed at your boogie-woogie powers. Click it again to stop the music.”

“- Get a prescription from the Doctor. Touch the crystal ball on the bar and check local chat to hear from the man in his own words.

– Watch out for alligators!”

“The staff at Moon Stew hope you enjoy the music and feel a little closer to him here.” ~ Klaus