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Virtually Feminine is the name of the photography exhibit showing currently at Elle’s ArtLot in Rivulet. New photos by Myra Wildmist are on display, as well as a few retrospective pieces by her from Elle Thorkveld’s collection.

I really enjoy seeing art in outdoor settings, which is something that can be easily implemented in a virtual world. There is much to see on the rest of the grounds at ArtLot, with teleporters to more areas in the sky, after viewing Virtually Feminine. 

Elle curated the exhibit, selecting some photos from Myra’s Flickr.

Myra Wildmist has exhibited her work in many virtual locations. She has generously shared what’s she learned, including in Kultivate Magazine, and on her own blog.

I enjoyed decorating inside the gallery, and watching the process of the exhibit unfold. One of Myra’s earlier photos, from about four or so years ago, Q is for quiescent mind, is displayed indoors, shown on the right in the photo above.

Pixel Crescendo, a friend and virtual photographer, was commissioned to help document the exhibit. All the photos in this post are his work.

You are invited to view Virtually Feminine by Myra Wildmist at Elle’s ArtLot.