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It was delightful when I was first shown BAR W on The Atoll. I have returned several times, usually sailing there from Catocala.

“A drinking establishment on the beach. Please set your windlight to an evening windlight to enjoy the ambiance the way it was meant to be enjoyed. And thank you for not making us ban you! No nudity allowed.”

The nature sounds are soothing and I really like the music stream.

The lighting is indeed beautiful, when using an evening or night setting.

I especially enjoyed the use of the art collection in this setting. The decor details are spectacular, although not all textures would rez on my weak graphic system.

There are gorgeous pastries in the bakery in the back, and avatars can wander around the kitchen.

I recognized a unique item that a friend had made, began clicking on objects to see the owners, and realized I am acquainted with some of the avatars involved, not including the owner, Johnnie Wilde. So I contacted one of the group to learn about the background.

“Yeah, very relaxing place, coffee cake place in the back or bar up front. It’s like a reverse mullet — business in the back, party up front.” ~ Kitty, owner of Kitty’s Love Shack and Voodoo Bar  

Bar W is participating in the MadPea Summer ’19 Fishing Tournament which runs until September 15, and so fishing avatars might pop in and out.