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Hallway Lingerers is a unique installation at Undertones in Catocala. Five artists have set up connecting spaces for several months.  There will be a new group of artists in the future, and you’re welcome to visit the current exhibit, then explore the 10,528 m parcel.

The land description: Undertones by Art Oluja. Hangout, Art Gallery, Audio studies, Prim/mesh tests, live performances, yardsale, Rez Zone and free artwork. All friendlies welcome!

Elle Thorkveld @ Undertones

Elle chose a space looking out into the parcel.

Klaus Bereznyak @ Undertones

Klaus has created a space to linger and write or sketch.

Pearl Grey @ Undertones

I’ve set up a space for dreaming.

Serra Qendra @ Undertones

Some of Serra’s 3D pieces happen to be placed outside, and can be seen from the window of her hall.

Veyot @ Undertones

Veyot has creatively complimented the view of the parcel across the water.

Upon leaving the Hallway Lingerers exhibit, you’ll find a fascinating sim of architecture, landscaping, spaces, and art.