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6 Ways to Upcycle a Bottle, an installation by Art Oluja, has recently been added to the 3D Eco Art pieces at Ecoscape, InterstellArt.

“6 Ways to Upcycle a Bottle” is an non-literal experiment that I created by “upcycling” textures I had made from previous works, including deliberately misused uv textures and stripped alpha layers from my lenticular works.”

“The idea of this piece is to consider that as humans we have a part to play towards our planet, as overwhelming as it may seem that we have a role in what has become of it, and what might become of it (the good and the bad). But there are little things that we can do, collectively, consciously. Sometimes its the little things that make the biggest difference. So maybe upcycle a bottle or two, but more importantly, coexist with nature thoughtfully, approach life creatively, treat the world and its inhabitants kindly.. Perhaps upcycling our inner natures may be the most important part we play towards caring for mother nature?”

“Click the Bottles and walk around the green “waves” to hear the audio. I created all the music / sound effects using Endlesss (an iOS beta platform), by blowing into water filled bottles and mixing the recording with some rhythms and textures I made to layer on top. Happy to share more information about that creative process and how to join the beta program, contact me if you’d like to talk.” ~ Art Oluja

The clickable sea flower near the installation holds a bio of the artist and a boxed, mini version of the piece. The rezzed art is unlinked so as to keep the scripts working.

6 Ways to Upcycle a Bottle is a wonderful addition to the Ecoscape project.