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Armageddon in the Biosphere by Melodie Heart and Eriko Lecker

Ecoscape is an environmental art project at InterstellART. Opened in March 2019, it displays 3D installations by various artist contributors in a desert setting.

The Tree Hugger Trail by Asmita Duranjaya

New installations replace some previous ones at intervals. The Tree Hugger Trail is de-rezzed at the current time, A notecard with info and pictures can be obtained. All installations will be included in a book that can be purchased for 0L and worn as a HUD.

The book can be obtained at the info area. The large pages exhibited, display an introduction, The Early History of Environmental Art, The Emergence of Land Art Installations, Considering the Environmental Impact, Environmental Art as Eco Art, and Contemporary Environmental Artists.

The Disappearance by Lalie Sorbet

There are teleports at the installations, and a glider with instructions can be obtained at the info area. And of course, an avatar can stroll in the sand.

Overpopulaton by June Clavenham

The installation by June Clavenham also has a colorful area expressing a pristine earth.

The Day on the Beach by Kala Kaiuwa Kuveni

The photo above shows one of the scenes that can be rezzed via clicking on a multi-scene changer.

No Ark in Sight by Elle Thorkveld

There are spaces for new installations that are being created now, and return visits are suggested.

Energy is Precious by Claude Belgar

Energy is Precious is an animated piece that is one of the newer installations.

Toxic Threads Inc by Pearl Grey and Klaus Bereznyak

I welcomed the opportunity to collaborate on this project with Klaus. The subject of clothing fibers found in fish, plus other damage from the fast fashion industry had been a topic of discussion between us for some time. Clicking on the posters will give notecards with links to videos with more information about the impact of fast fashion.

How Now Brown Cow by Betty Tureaud

A colorful, methane producing cow.

You Decide by Duna Gant

“This work is a small personal homage to Lucio Munoz (1929 – 1998) Spanish informalist artist who used natural materials such as wood and paper in his works.”

A previous installation titled How to Survive the Time After by Silas Merlin and Asmita Duranjaya can be seen in the book.

InterstellART is owned by Asmita Duranjaya.