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The Cisthene Open Book Gallery sits on a 512 parcel off Route 5. There are six Open Book Galleries, three in Sansara, and three in The Atoll. The unique buildings resemble open books, and most are elevated onto viewing platforms. The current building is by K & H Store.On the top level of the viewing platform in Cisthene are a couple of chairs, a fire pit, and a heron to share the view.

{Note — there is currently a problem with the SL Map recognizing the SLurls, except for the Spangle location which is the last one listed in this post. This happens occasionally and usually sorts itself out. The landmarks are in a folder which can be obtained inworld.}

Many of the galleries are close to roads, train tracks, or waterways with Pods passing by. A bicycle can be rezzed in Cisthene. The project is by Pearl [pearlhyacinth] and her partner Thistle Sifter. The parcels are between 224 — 512 sq m at excellent locations.

There’s a map like the one above at each location that can be bought for 0L. It can be rezzed, then clicked on to receive a folder of the six landmarks. I intend to place one on the posters wall at Wanderlust Cafe and at some of the parcels I maintain.

The current art exhibit in Cisthene is by Melody Owen (RL), titled Actresses and Insects. The pieces are hand cut collages in prim frames. The collages are well curated into a set at each location. Five of the locations offer one free collage, well worth the visit, while the other pieces are very reasonably priced.

Actresses and Insects by Melody Owen.

Most of the locations have indoor seating with drinks, as well as outdoor seating on the viewing platforms.

The Grindlewald Open Book Gallery is also on a 512 sq m parcel.

I really like the collages.

The Minna Open Book Gallery is also on a 512 parcel, close to The Ivory Tower of Primitives.

The Mokualii Open Book is on a 416 sq m parcel near water.

Another heron shares the view in Sweetbay.  The 496 sq m gallery near train tracks looks to be another great location from which to set out exploring the mainland.

Last, but not least, I was unable to get inside the Spangle Tiny Open Book. It’s located on a 224 sq m parcel in another great area.

I enjoy this project, and am pleased it’s been created for us on the mainland.