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Piles of Stuff by Rachel Breaker

It’s summer in the northern hemisphere, and I’ve been feeling the laze. Artists keep creating virtual pieces for us to look at, and I’ve been making time to gallery hop so as not to miss too much. These four exhibits deserve their own post, of course, and perhaps some of the many fine art bloggers have done that for us.

The first photo shows part of an installation by Rachel Breaker called Piles of Stuff. It’s located at the G.B.T.H. project, and is the first installation opening there since they moved to a full sim. Opening on June 30th, it’s located at exhibition pavillion # 3.  The entrance is in the back of the room at the  teleport landing. The poster states: Piles of Stuff: Depression, Hoarding, Nostalgia, Escapism.  (I took in the whimsical, creative aspects of the installation.) There are fascinating notes on the wall about the techniques and influences. A side room off the landing area houses a gift shop, and I was delighted to be able to take a piece of art home.

by Paula Cloudpainter

See Stars in the Clouds is an exhibit of new paintings by Paula Cloudpainter at Visions of Beauty Art Complex. I especially liked the pieces pictured above. A gallery party was held on June 26.

“Paula looks deeply into the world around her & sees order in the universe as she looks upwardly. Observation and connection to her source supplies a flow of images & concepts brought to life with watercolor, graphite and digital paint. She extracts vision from her surroundings as she looks into the natural pallet of the sky.”

landscapes by Myf McMahon

A series of landscapes by Myf McMahon is on exhibit at Club L.A. and Gallery. I like the choices of subject.

Refuge by Vihma Kass

On June 28th, a new installation was launched at Flossify Gallery.  The three story gallery has been transformed by Vihma Kass into a “Refuge” for nature.

“We are making this transformation in acknowledgement of the UN’s 2019 report on the ongoing 6th Extinction, one of the largest extinction events in the last half billion years… created by humans.

We are spreading the word and showing you how you can take action.” ~ Joss Floss & Rachelle Tremmor

The nature sounds are lovely; you can ride the elevator to the different floors, or fly.

These have already been open awhile; best not to wait too long.