My first visit to Sessy’s Grassland of Contemplation was prompted by seeing photos such as the one above, which was taken near the landing. It’s a beautiful setting, with tai chi and meditation activities near the tree.

I was content to spend quite some time exploring, and a few days later returned with a friend to collect some photos. The lighting in the water was gorgeous too, and I found a nearby cave that I was too tall to walk into.

I don’t recall enjoying the look of red mushrooms anywhere else as much as I did here.

From the land description: “Fox Sanctuary: Welcome to fox sanctuary, part of the fox sims! everyone is welcome here, furs, humans, whatever you like to be in sl, it’s the home of Daesa’s fine art studio, none better anywhere.”

I never did find the fine art studio, but I saw what looked to be a glass walled media room perched on the side of a mountain. Crossing over this bridge, I wandered uphill on a path that led to a sunlit area.

There were ruins, floating trees, and crystals over a pool of water. When I cammed down, I could see a club underneath the area, but couldn’t find a way to enter from this location.

The five different sims have different names, with different land descriptions.  “Fox Grove a place of ruins, a place of mountains and caves, for some a place to relax, for others a place of exploration, for a few a place of spiritual commune, but in any case a lovely place to be and come to; all are welcome!”

I found the cave entrance to the club, “In Heat”. There are signs outside so it isn’t really hidden. “A club for everyone! Furs, humans and anything in between! Unity is the name of the game here, good music, good friends and good fun, all night!”

There’s a music/party room behind the area with the game tables.

Higher up, there are autumn trees, and views from the mountains. I fell through some of the areas, but my friend teleported me out. It isn’t a problem really, and these sims are way less laggy for me than I find many to be.

The sims are created by Victor Kenzo and Sessy Karu. There were a few other avatars around during the times I visited, but I had plenty of space and peace.

Fortunately, flying is allowed. There was someone inside the mountain cabin both times I visited, so I haven’t been inside yet.

“Bridge of Sighs, Fox Landing ahh fox landing, a place of heights and valleys, a place to take in the mountain air and relax with a loved one or climb the ancient hills.”

“Fox Hollow Welcome to fox hollow the volcanic tropical zone of the fox sims; there are a few caves and other things to explore here as well as the other five sims.”

Sessy’s Grassland of Contemplation and the adjoining Fox Paradise sims were a pleasure to explore and photograph.