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Serra Qendra, Elle Thorkveld, Kate Silver

The late spring, early summer exhibit is open until June 30 in the park, and Wanderlust Cafe and Art Park Expansion next door.

Wheedle, Klaus, Lil Mint

The art changes every two months, often new works, and some of it is available for purchase.

Pearl Grey, Art Oluja

Ranging from virtual photography to rl watercolor, as usual there was no hard theme or guidelines.

For those participants who like prompts, a poem entitled A Charm Against the Language of Politics by Veronica Patterson was offered.


Several of the artists chose to respond to the prompt.


Nothing was harsh. The above poster is free.

Amy Inawe, Klaus

An essay called Grounding, written by Klaus, is available on a notecard; just click on the art photo.

Seraphim Placebo

Virtual photography taken at Mophire.

Lil Mint

Digital art on the  top floor of the gallery at the Art Park Expansion.

Serra Quendra

Serra has an installation in Wanderlust Cafe. There’s still plenty of seating outdoors.

There are 3D sculptures from a private collection scattered about, as well as posters with landmarks for current exhibits and destinations.

We’d love to have you visit.