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“The dragonfly symbolizes transformation in the direction of self-realization and living for the moment. Dragonflies flit across the surface of the water, bringing awareness to what lies in its depths. Enjoy watching the dragonflies at our sanctuary pond.”

First, the pavilion appeared in Neumoegen at the former location of Wrong Way Books. Wrong Way Books, owned by Thea Donovan, has moved on to it’s third home, I believe.

The pavilion has a formal, yet welcoming feel. You can leave by the door shown in the left of the photo, and take a very short walk up to Neumoegen Station to catch a train, or a pod on Robin Loop. Or you can walk down the hill a very short way, and catch a pod on Route 1.

About a month ago, the formerly abandoned land next to the pavilion had a pond dug as the beginning of the lovely sanctuary. The trees and wildflowers surrounding the parcel are effective in giving a sense of retreat from the nearby parcels.

The benches and blankets around the pond offer pleasant views and nature sounds.

A cottage that complements the nature area is also on the grounds.

The Dragonfly Sanctuary