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It was during mid-April three years ago that I was offered the opportunity to care for a small parcel in Quentin, on Sansara, where avatars of all levels of experience could show their work. When I was asking around to learn who might enjoy participating, Lil Mint offered to purchase the adjoining parcel; Wanderlust Cafe and Art Park Expansion has been around for the almost three years as well.

The digital art above is by Klaus Bereznyak, and contains a timely, written piece on a notecard.

There is a collection of destination posters with landmarks, most are places located on the mainland. The projected was curated two years ago, so the posters have dwindled; an updated set is under consideration. The art photo is by Veyot.

The pieces above, from left to right are by Pearl Grey, Wheedle, and Klaus. The exhibits change every two months, and several of the artists change every month. Wheedle rezzed his poster the beginning of March, and I asked him to leave it through April too, to allow more people to pick up a free copy if they so wish. It is a full perm poster.

From left to right, by Lil Mint, and serra Qendra. Both are active with other SL projects, as are most of the creatives participating.

The digital art on the left is by Elle Thorkveld, and the photo is by Kate Silver.

Wheedle’s new piece for April.

This exhibit is running until the end of the month, and we’d enjoy having you visit.

The decorative screen is by Lynette Trinity, and the digital art by Amy Inawe.

There are several 3D pieces on the way to the Cafe. The two-sided one above is by me, the others are new from private collections.

Photography by Seraphim.

Vase by Lynette Trinity.

Serra Qendra has a photography exhibit in Wanderlust Cafe.

A colorful exhibit of digital painting by Giselle Seeker is located at the ground level of the building on the Wanderlust Cafe parcel.

And upstairs, new graphic art by Lil Mint.

Bench Art Park