The Handwood Aquarium is located near the SLRR in Taeniatum. For those who haven’t been in the area for awhile, it’s located across from I J Designs Depot, a unique gothic build that has been there for years.

There’s an area displaying fossils. I really like the ones on the wall and spent time looking to see if they are for sale anywhere, and it appears that they are not.

The building takes up most of the 6320 sq m parcel. Behind the coffee shop is a wooded area, and there’s a small park next to the aquarium on one side.

I’ve not seen a building like this before, but I can’t imagine it being modded to hold the elaborate aquarium. It was created in 2013 by Doctor Zimberman.

There are pixel fish swimming in the tanks, with information plaques nearby. Benches are conveniently located, and there’s a selfie opportunity area.

The land description: “Come see fish and marine life as well as some reptiles. Come explore and enjoy”  The parcel is owned by M & G Land Holdings.

The stairways into other areas aren’t obviously apparent. Walking through the aquarium is a subtle immersive experience; I could easily imagine the slightly chilly, damp air.

The gift shop appears to be a work in progress. At my most recent visit, there was 136 Li left to work with.

Attached to the aquarium is a reptile conservatory, with crocodiles in the water.

Walking under this creature isn’t so unnerving in a virtual world.

Outside the conservatory is a small park with a bench to watch the koi and ducks. It’s nice to be “outdoors” again after the enclosed spaces of the building.

Coffee, tea and desert are available in the shop next to the park. There’s another building next to this that looks to be empty at first, but it connects to the aquarium and I soon got my bearings inside the building.

I enjoyed my visits and consider this a fine addition to the region.