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The photo above was taken in Metropolis last autumn of Eye pavilion by Venus Adored on the left, and People pavilion by Cica Ghost on the right.

One of the artist cubes exhibit in Eye by Venus Adored (Netherlands) was The Hive by Cherry Manga (France).

A static photo cannot do justice to the changing lights and movement of the immersive installation.

I was assisted by Elle Thorkveld as her Metropolis avatar, showing scale in the photo above.

This installation is shown in the machinima, Touching Reality by WizardOz Chrome, mentioned in previous posts in this series.

Cherry Manga has created installations in Second Life and FrancoGrid.

The animated figures following a question mark are part of the People pavilion by Cica Ghost (Serbia).

Walking inside, there is a choice of two entrances to immerse in Isometrix by Gem Preiz (France).

Again, Elle provided a reference in the photo. She is standing on a clear walkway.

Gem Preiz is a fractal artist and has created many installations in Second Life.

Isometrix is beautiful and disorienting as the fractals can be seen in every direction.