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This post contains photos of the artist cubes of two more of the participants in 1Biennale 2018, SecondHand Tutti and Tryad Destiny. The first set of photos is of the Tea Time With Tutti installation.

This is one of a few of my favorites from this project. Made entirely of prims, I love the use of color and design.

Walking down a hallway, I saw photos of the installation on the wall.

Entering the room, I saw teacup trees, cups with tea spilling out, and spoon characters.

SecondHand Tutti is in Ireland; she is known by the same avatar name in Second Life.  She is prolific as a creator in SL. I have seen her work at Raglan Shire ArtWalk, Kultivate, Burn 2, and galleries across the grid.

I enjoyed her July – December 2018 LEA 17 installation, The Tarot Garden, which was “a virtual analog of Niki de Saint Phalle’s sculpture garden in real-life Tuscany,” I liked it so much that I managed to collect all 22 days of Winter Gifts, no easy task during the busy holiday season.

She includes a small, animated blue character in each of her installations, which is not evident in these photos. She even finds time to post occasionally to her blog.

Perhaps replicas of some of the 1Biennale installations will find their way into Second Life.

This artist cube was housed inside the Pavillion created by Bryn Oh.

The second set of photos is of the paintings by Tryad Destiny (England), in an exhibit called Mensch.

An avatar is shown viewing the paintings. Other 3D figures in the exhibit had swirling color surfaces, which can be seen in the machinima, Touching Reality. The link is included in the previous post.

Tryad Destiny’s human alt is Paul Stephen Dixon. Some of his works are on Saatchi Art.

This artist cube was in the Pavillion by Uan Ceriaptrix, (Mexico)

He calls the Pavillion a green singularity device.

“Singularity as a technological goal of the century, plants, animals, fungi and other living beings as a priority for the conservation of our own species in a potential world of love and wealth for all beings that populate the earth.” – Uan Ceriaptrix.

The landset for the Pavillion is by co-curator, Juliette Surreal-D.