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left to right – by Veyot, Pearl Grey

This exhibit in the park and Wanderlust Cafe next door remains open through the end of the month.

by Kate Silver, Wheedle, Klaus

Some of the artists and photographers change their work every month.

by Lil Mint, Lynette Trinity, Serra Qendra

Lil Mint has established a club; the landmark can be found on the event poster wall. She also has a Cat Cafe nearby. Lynette Trinity has a gallery down the road, which I discovered on a late evening wander. Serra’s piece is one in a series, the rest of which are in Wanderlust Cafe.

by Elle Thorkveld

I requested that Elle leave her 3D Locking piece from the previous round rezzed; it looks perfect for the setting.

by Quinn

Quinn is the owner of the 512 parcel, and can sometimes be persuaded to contribute a photograph.

by Amy Inawe, Klaus

Amy has returned with art that works perfectly in the setting, and would almost anywhere. There is a thought-provoking essay on the notecard written by Klaus in his digital piece.

by Seraphim

Seraphim has set up a satellite gallery; the location can be found in her picks.

by Lynette Trinity

Lynette’s vases and pots often have matching room screens which can be found on the park fence.

by Lil Mint

Lil Mint’s work is on the upper floor of the gallery building. She owns the Wanderlust Cafe and Art Park Expansion.

by Giselle Seeker

On the event poster wall, you can find a landmark to Giselle’s exhibit at Visions of Beauty.

by Serra Qendra

Serra also has a landmark giver on the  poster wall for her live-in studio on Nautilus. The installations there have been changing often.

The Art Park and Wanderlust Cafe and Art Park Expansion have outdoor seating. We love having visitors.