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This will conclude the series of infrastructure posts about Route 2 on Heterocera. Route 2 is one of the more interesting mainland roads. I began in Epione on November 5, 2017. The last post was on October 1 of last year, when I arrived at Satellite Market.

The Satellite Market Square Rez Zone has a 2 minute autoreturn. “You can rez your vehicles and goods here.”  When you right click on some of the items in the market, you’ll find you can take a copy, including a 14 Li pink flamingo by Eric Linden.

There are palm trees, as well as the cypress trees shown in the photo above. Bushes and grasses are scattered about the area. Copies of the fence, shown on the left, can be picked up too.

I jumped the fence to look at the train station and benches which are part of the infrastructure. An old copy of Mole Times has been left on one of the benches.

There are some publications in the station, a travel magazine and a Moley Bible.

I jumped back over the fence, then continued walking. There are businesses, and ad signs close to the road. Just before arriving in Snout Point, I snapped a photo of the wall, letterbox and lamp.

The sea is on the left of the road. A picnic bench is on the right.

A little further, another rez zone with a bench, trash can, sign and lamp.

Another convenient rez zone on the road is located near the warning signs.

Finally, we arrive at the end of Route 2, or the beginning, depending on which direction we’re going.

Moving closer to the water, and looking back, these are the steps leading to and from the dock.

There’s a five minute autoreturn.

This completes Route 2 infrastructure on Heterocera. I’ve also posted an infrastructure series of my traveling Route 10 on Jeogeot beginning here.