The Forgotten Railway Station is located on a 1152 sq m rental parcel in Bhaga. It’s been there for a little while, and will likely be around a little longer. It’s an interesting place to hang out and to use as a base to travel from, being close to the tracks.

“Weeds have taken over this abandoned station. A rusted train car and some structures built by wanderers stand beside a small pool which has attracted some rare wild cranes.”

Besides the cranes, there are goats, a cat with a rat friend, and a touch of fantasy.

Even though the station is called forgotten, it has been cared for. With fresh bouquets of flowers, a lovely art collection, and places for wanderers to rest, it is inviting. There are a couple of books to read as well.

The watchtower also offers a comfortable place to rest with great views.

The trains are close by, and there are other public places in the area.