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When the Warriors Return” by Pearl Grey is on exhibit at Montara Bridge Works January 15 – April 2019. The exhibit shows nine photographs, each with a notecard telling part of a story.

The three parts of the story are:
1. When the Warriors Return,
2. Clamoring for Tyranny,
3. When I Return.

There’s an info notecard in the poster near the landing.

Each part of the story has three photos, taken at Isle of May in December 2018, to illustrate.

The consecutive order to read the story is to begin near the landing, and go in a clockwise direction. Then the same is done upstairs, clockwise from left to right.

Free copies can be had for some of the photographs. Upstairs, there’s a free book of the photos and stories that can be rezzed, or worn as a HUD.

The story was recently published in three parts on “Pottering While the World Ends

part two 

part three