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No NAME Cafe is a cute establishment with an abundance of baked goods in Cliffoed, off Route 7, in Gaeta. It’s on a 1024 parcel, with 350 of the 351 allotted Li in use. The land description is in Japanese, which I don’t read, but the welcome to travelers is evident.

The cat-shaped building appears to be from a gacha. I don’t have time to keep up with shopping and commercial activity in SL, so I don’t know if the full set of items are set up here, but if so, many other treats have been added.

The landscaping has been carefully arranged too. I found it after being dumped from a balloon, then setting out on foot. The balloon ride and gondola ride in Jeogeot, by the same company, had previously dumped us, so we tried the one in Gaeta which worked a little better. Just another mainland adventure with someone’s dream of providing activities and entertainment for other avatars.

After visiting the cafe, you can take a right and the rides will be on the left side of the Route 7, a little ways off the road. There’s a sculpture garden not too far.