If you like to look at real life oil paintings in the virtual world, as I do, the current Pi Gallery exhibit is of art by Eiko Catnap.

“Catnap’s abstracts follows the style of the lyrical abstractions. It is part of the French modern art movement that reflects the style of American Abstract Expressionism – expressive, spontaneous, reacting from within.”–Gallery 24 in Second Life Blog, 2016

I have enjoyed looking at these pieces up close and from across the room. There are many of them I like; the paintings with lots of oranges, and the ones with subtle, neutral tones I especially like.

The Pi Gallery in Marybank is owned by Pietro Eberdardt.

When I stopped by Blush Response in Basilisk recently, and spoke with Pi, (Pipilotti Winslet), complementing her on the impressive exhibit, I learned she was “unaware I have another gallery.” 🙂 Apparently I hadn’t been the only visitor who was confused.