Bellefleurs has been on the SL Photogenic Destination Guide for quite some time by now. Months ago, I was asked to go with a friend who wanted to visit, and I took a lot of photos. Photos pile up, and I delete many, but I lightly processed these and have been unable to discard them because I find them restful to look at.

I’ve returned a few times for some moments of peacefulness; I usually like the music stream too.

The house is huge, and interesting to wander in, but it’s the grounds that I enjoy.

“Bellefleurs was first built in 1591, and has been the seat of the Duchesses of Ominum ever since. Built in the High English Renaissance style, it has been a crossroads of history and played a unique role in a secretive past. As befits its “backstory”, Bellefleurs houses a collection of art and portraits from various periods, some rare, some personal. The larger, Bellefleurs estate is also home to the Canning Circle or the House of Sakura Courtesans. A nearby sign offers more information and a TP.”

“Bellefleurs offers a variety of public events, such as it’s legendary Salon Music series hosted on Sundays, dances, lectures, and other gatherings. Details about the history of the estate, the mysterious duchesses of Omnium, and the origins of the Canning Circle may be found in the book in the entrance hall.

Please enjoy your stay, and wander the house and grounds. Try to catch a glimpse of the elusive duchess, fence at our En Garde game, or dance with a friend by the sea.”

The sim, at Twist of Fate, is rated Adult.

The poppies are my favorite area.