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This is likely my last post of 2018. I had wanted to share more about what I like in our world during the last few months. Shown in this post are some simple, cropped photos taken yesterday evening at Art at Home Sceneries, a space recently opened at InterstellART.

I had wanted to do posts on two LEA sims before they go away at the end of the month, The Tarot Garden at LEA 17, and Echoes, Metaphysics of Frequencies at LEA 24, which now has a bonus level in the sky, if you haven’t been since the few weeks after it opened.  

Most of the artists who exhibit at InterstellART, have created a scene, each with different style decor, showcasing one of their works. There are some lovely gifts to pick up, plus teleports to galleries where each artist exhibits.

Those who know me, will recognize this as the sort of project I like, and in which I like to participate. During the past year I’ve had the pleasure of participating in Veyot’s Another Town and co-organizing Wanderlust Art Truck 2018. Also, I am a caretaker at Bench Art Park which has been exhibiting the creativity of various artists for over two and a half years. 

People get involved in the Second Life art world for all different reasons. Some of them chat with me sometimes, and I’ve heard it mentioned that avatars don’t buy art because many don’t have, need, or want, homes. Some of us are collectors and support the arts in SL. 

I’m not up for investing in whatever it would take to be included in the SL art scene, whatever that may be. I remain a believer that it’s crucial to treat others with kindness, to appreciate those who DO support one’s work as best they can, and to find healthy outlets for frustration and bitterness.

The scene shown above is by Sanjeewa and Sujeewa Kumara, whose gallery exhibit is well worth visiting.

Other scenes and/or teleports at this location are by Celestine Ghiardie, Fluer Heartsdale, Ilyra Chardin, Wintergeist, artandsoul Constantine, Jaime Poutine, Ramsa Luv, June Clavenham, and Claude Belgar.

I intend to keep posting to this blog in 2019, although I am going to run out of free space at some point. I want to finish my Route 2 virtual infrastructure series.  LEA is on hiatus, and there are great blogs and other resources informing us about some of the things happening inworld.

I have three, more focused blogs which I’ve collaborated on during the past year. Two are public, and the third is an art blog which is private for now.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed The Trip in a Virtual World, which is about travelling around the mainland. Then, in late August I was invited to participate in the Blue Orange Library; it’s open for a few more months and I want to write about soon. A link to a website or blog was requested, and thus Pottering While the World Ends began.

Then there’s my human’s Real Life. It matters. What each of us think, say, and do, matters.

I appreciate my regular readers, and those who stop by occasionally.

Happy Holidays and have a Blessed 2019.